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  1. Thank you guys. The 40033 is a custom ID for a skill, that's right. I'm generating items over time by making players be in a zone. Everything works now, I am using an old but modified l2j pack. Thank you for trying to help me tho! Yes, that was the mistake. Thanks Zake.
  2. Hey guys, currently trying to add a new effect_zone to effect_zone.xml. The zone looks as follows: http://prntscr.com/1t336bj <zone name="darkseed" type="EffectZone" shape="NPoly" minZ="-3300" maxZ="-5000"> <stat name="skillIdLvl" val="40033-1;" /> <stat name="chance" val="100" /> <stat name="reuse" val="500" /> <node X="-45064" Y="78721" /> <node X="-43404" Y="78746" /> <node X="-43539" Y="77435" /> <node X="-45061" Y="77492" /> </zone> There are other manually effect_zones in the xml already which I have added several years ago which work. After I copy-paste another one and simply change the X Y Z, the zone just doesn't get recognized. There are no errors, the other zones are still working, but the newly added one just does not get recognized. When I walk into it, the doesn't show up either. Tried restarting the server several times, tried to make sure it doesn't overlap with other zones (if this is ever an issue.), simply nothing happens. Do you guys have any idea? I remember having some trouble with this several years ago as well, but somehow solved it. I can't think of how I did it now. ___________________________________________________________________ Topic can be closed. I have found the issue. minZ="-3300" maxZ="-5000" was switched up. This is how it's supposed to look like: minZ="-5000" maxZ="-3300" MinZ meaning the lowest point, and -5000 is lower than -3300. This is the second time I am opening a topic and immediately minutes later I find what the issue is. This is like therapy.
  3. Hey guys, this is the error I am getting when I am trying to add a new ID to my itemname-e. - Freya client - happens on starting the game - about 500 already added entries in itemname-e - adding 1 more results in this error - tried deleting not used IDs to reduce the amount of lines to see if that solves it (no it doesn't) - deleting the added entry solves the issue - copying an already existing entry to add as a new and simply changing it's ID also causes the error Does anyone have any clue how to fix this? Or can anyone tell me what exactly the problem is according to the error? Thanks EDIT: Please ignore everything. Topic can be closed. Haven't slept enough and went full retard mode. Game crashed because I didnt add the items to armorgrp, but only to itemname-e.
  4. What chronicle are you looking for?
  5. We shouldn't be hating on the OP, since all he wanted to do is to help future servers with some of his ideas, even if they weren't as helpful as he wanted them to be. I'm sure he tried his best, it's also not easy to see whats on the other side of the forest, as long as the trees are in the way. (incompetent people spamming incompetent stuff, misleading the community and standing inbetween real knowledge and the brain-dead stuff people are used to spam all over L2 and it's forums.) There are a few people out there who know a lot about L2 and are also able to think outside the box, but they are lacking resources. Either financially or the needed technical knowledge. If there would be some way to give these people the opportunity to contribute somewhere...
  6. sandpants, asking L2's community about this is like trying to make a 5 years old kindergarden child write an essay about the universe. 90% of the community is some narrow minded retard who is just swimming with the stream and repeats what others say.
  7. It's nothing against them, its against the people who think receiving an answer one time is a huge accomplishment. That only proves you never had real support.
  8. Excuse me guys, but you PMed 1 GM, received an answer and the GM team is already awesome? People with low standards...
  9. So you randomly joined their forums, randomly PMed a GM at a randomly given time and you randomly received a random answer and now you randomly say their GM team is awesome. Random.
  10. http://maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=230778.0 It is unique, but unfortunately didn't go live.
  11. Obviously you have to fight with a heavy language barrier, I cannot find anything which relates to something like "I'm looking for someone who can host this pack from his private PC". You are trying to educate the wrong person. It's like you start teaching your own teacher but you don't have anywhere near the knowledge he has. Can we stop this here? You are making a fool out of yourself.
  12. Stop being a retard, I'm not looking for a kiddo with a PC, I'm looking for someone who is willing to host it on a proper machine. Jesus, people these days. I bet you haven't even read the description, you think I would put that much work into a 5 people home-made server? Not sure if you are simply stupid or just trying to increase your post count. Gtfo.
  13. http://maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=230778.0 I really want to see it live! You can have the pack, the patch needed for the descriptions, strings, armor and weapon textures, I don't care. Just HOST it! Your server, your donations. You can continue to work on it, there is still plenty to be done. I can help you with my creativity. All I'm asking for is someone who is willing to launch it.
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