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  1. Lately im struggling with a snoopi coded website designed by Strain! I have some errors on my website and my Castle Status is not working - i dont receive my vote coin at my player and i cant register a new account! I can log in with my existing account i can change password etc but still some feautures is not working on the account panel! Help please ! Im paying paypal x)
  2. I have a coded php site with acp pvp/pk/ castle status and more And i cant connect it to my server database, i wanna know if the coding is incorrect or if im doing something wrong! Paying paypal!
  3. As im finishing a big project after 4 years l2j epilogue im looking for a client editor to help me with some accesories stats / armor addapt / custom glows? skype: xmapatokarpouzi
  4. Hello Gfx Im looking to change little bit my league of legends stream and make it more beautiful can someone help me with new logos,banners,overlays for lol hud and more? paying paypal x add me skype: xmapatokarpouzi
  5. Hello guys im looking to open my epilogue server again and im searching for the best company for ddos protection and which dedi tou reccomend! Whats my pros and cons thanks!
  6. I mean the only forum with skilled members or at least "some" serious people to make a question is MXC so id like to ask is there anyone skilled to help me create a social media like site? (nothing to do with lineage2) Im paying well! thanks! dont pm me for static stupid stuff..it has to be something huge! https://www.facebook.com/doctoranko -> facebook messages will be easier cause im there all day everyday cause of my job!
  7. me deksi klik panw sto l2j den exei export wizard prepei na klikareis tables gia na kaneis export!
  8. backup tin db mou na tin parw gia na tin valw sto dedi..alla to localhost arxeio einai locked kai den mafinei na to dw kan! dld ekei pou ine to backup file!
  9. Giati einai kleidwmeno? kai giati to vlepw mono etsi otan pigenw C:/Program Files einai aorato to localhost? Please help guys!!
  10. [Gracia Epilogue Client] L2JServer Hello i need a small help i want to take the infinity weapons and make them top tier custom weap for my server! i did everything correct but the only thing i want to change is the glow! i dont want the regular white hero glow but i want hero glow with the enchant color of the server! like this
  11. PM ME OR ADD ME SKYPE: xmapatokarpouzi Assap!
  12. I need a good client editor to adapt me some armor and weapons and create me some more!!