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  1. No, I can not. It is beyond my comprehension
  2. My project it is L2j-Mobius High Five
  3. I don;t know how to make it fixable. I don;t know how i can do xml. I am nor extra-charged. I have problems and i can;t be focused. So i need help
  4. What i should to do to make spoil to work with passive too? I have maked skill like this <skill id="27006" levels="1" name="Spoil"> <!-- Imbues a monster with magic that renders it susceptible to the Sweeper skill. --> <table name="#effectPoints"> -100 </table> <table name="#magicLevel"> 72 </table> <table name="#mpConsume"> 67 </table> <set name="effectPoint" val="#effectPoints" /> <set name="icon" val="icon.skill0254" /> <set name="magicLevel" val="#magicLevel" /> <set name="mpConsume" val="#mpConsume" /> <set name="nextActionAttack" val="true" /> <set name="operateType" val="P" /> <for> <effect name="Spoil" /> </for> </skill> But don't work. Required java edit? Thank you !
  5. I ma not VIP member,if someone can give me pm with link, i will appreciate. Thank you !
  6. Hi everyone, I apologize if I panicked here about distrusting this interface. I settled amicably. I will not make problems again! (This interface is great)
  7. @BadStealth Scammer, i pay for each service ! You can ask eachother form maxcheaters. ou scam customers, not myself developers.
  8. Trust dev. +1 from me. Thank you @Sidereal Day. You make my day!
  9. Th3 best developer ever! All guys must trust him ! +1 @Kara !
  10. As title say, i am looking for a dev which can fix this 2 things. 1: I maked new skill seller npc and if i press to learn skill, skill isn't learned; 2: I maked new instance and teleport doesn;t work when i press on link. For project L2j-Mobius. Message me if you're one of that guy who can fix this and we can talk about price. Greetings !
  11. Yes. I have setted on 12:00 and 00:00, auto restarts. But restart from 12:00 isn;t applied. Just on 00:00. Another issue on Mobius # Scheduled restart schedule. # You can put more than one value separated by commas (,). # Example: 12:00, 00:00 ServerRestartSchedule = 00:00, 12:00 # Specify days that the restart will occur. Values separated by commas (,). # Example: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 (SUNDAY,MONDAY,TUESDAY,WEDNESDAY,THURSDAY,FRIDAY,SATURDAY) # Default: 4 (WEDNESDAY) ServerRestartDays = 1,2,3,4,5,6,7
  12. Also, if i will have 3 k players, how will be? Should be something for auto-destroy when time it's finished.
  13. But item still will stay on inventory untill player rr char. Doesn;t disappear instantly. I think i have to make admin panel to delete from inventory items.