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  1. It is simple think. If player no have this item on inventory and he get buffs, he get buff time specified on SkillDurationList. If player have this item on inventory and he rebuff or relog, he get time of buffs +2 hours in this case. https://i.imgur.com/szC64yX.jpg Why i get this? I've tryed like this.. final PlayerInstance player = Skill.getActingPlayer(); if (player.getInventory().getInventoryItemCount(17423, -1, false) > 0) { abnormalTime += TimeUnit.HOURS.toMillis(2); } } But i get error on getActingPlayer() ..... This method
  2. Ello folks, i want to ask if this method added on Skill.java do what i want. What i want? A item keeped on inventory by player and for change bufftime to 2 hours in this case. If SkillDurationList it;s 1 hour, with this Item ( 2 hours ) Total i want to be 3 hours. Here it is method. ( I don't know if it's good as method ) P.S.- if player doesn;t have this item, he can get time of buffs from SkillDurationList. Project L2j-Mobius ! Greetings ! if (player.getInventory().getItemByItemId(17423) != null) { if (player.getInventory().getInventoryItemCount(17423, -1, false) < 1)
  3. I have for trade/party/pm and exp. But everything i do, isn;t saved on database. SO i want to pay someone to fix this for me for les than 20 euro
  4. I want to buy menu for characters which contain: Trade Refuse || Party Refuse || Pm Refuse || SS Animations || SS Autoload || Exp Refuse. And i want to be stored on database. ( Same Effect after restart character ) Send me message with price ! For L2j-Mobius High Five Project !
  5. It is false, i should to true? No work...:/😒
  6. on PlayerInstance, isn't void cleanMe() PlayerVariables.java https://pastebin.com/whEbyePd
  7. Hello, i put my ".menu" with trade option. Disabled/Enables. And method work, block trade request or allow. Depends on state. And i want to save this choice of player on character_variables. I put as fallow on .manu case "trade": if (!activeChar.getVariables().getBoolean("trade_off", false)) { activeChar.setTradeRefusal(true); activeChar.getVariables().set("trade_off", true); activeChar.sendMessage("[Blocked Trade]: Enabled !"); } else { activeChar.setTradeRefusal(false); activeChar.getVariables().set("trade_off", false); activeChar
  8. It is. Right. Character_variables but isn't saved !
  9. Hello, i want to ask why isn't saved to database my choice? I want to store in db /allblock and isn't work. I have set variable on RequestBlock.java and pic it's like that https://ibb.co/N1h8gcG If anyone can help. Greetings !
  10. SO impossible to communicate, i ask where i have to put that "if" and i am informed about marketplace, i have to pay for this? Where it is class on L2j-Mobius High Five " Continuous.java " or where i have to put if (activeChar instanceof L2PcInstance && target != activeChar && target.isBuffProtected() && !skill.isHeroSkill() && (skill.getSkillType() == L2Skill.SkillType.BUFF || skill.getSkillType() == L2Skill.SkillType.HEAL_PERCENT || skill.getSkillType() == L2Skill.SkillType.FORCE_BUFF || skill.getSkillType() == L2Skill.SkillType.
  11. Well, i need it for hi5, not interlude... And if i dont have this on hi5, in what method of Character.java i have to put this? if ((creature instanceof Playable) && (target != creature) && target.isBuffProtected() && !skill.isHeroSkill() && ((skill.getSkillType() == SkillType.BUFF) || (skill.getSkillType() == SkillType.HEAL_PERCENT) || (skill.getSkillType() == SkillType.FORCE_BUFF) || (skill.getSkillType() == SkillType.MANAHEAL_PERCENT) || (skill.getSkillType() == SkillType.COMBATPOINTHEAL) || (skill.getSkillType() == SkillType.REFLECT))) { continue; }