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  1. Nop, but quest no have x2. I want to create another premium system from 0 and to disable this. This is sh1t system... protected void calculateRewards(L2Character lastAttacker) In this method? L2Attackable.class
  2. Well, i forget to speficy, L2jSunrise
  3. What it is method for premium to get x2 quest drops? And i should make this method on L2Attackable? Or L2PcInstance?
  4. I fixed. Thank you for answer. Please close topic!
  5. HI, i have hi5 Multiskill server. And i have problem with chances for drops. I put for test 100% drop adena. But is not 100%. When i kill mob few times, sometimes i get drop, sometime no, where should be problem? Please help. LIVE server!
  6. Hi all, how i can make a npc which players can learn just 3rd skills from each class? I can do this? If i have to make a new class in java, where i should do? Greetings!
  7. Hello everyone. I want to ask for an opinion. i want tofind a free/open source of l2j high five more stable than sunrise or a good one. I was looking on L2jMobius, but it is unstable. L2jDevs, i think unstable. L2jServer, idk, i don;t test yet. So pls, if someone know a good one. Pls link here. Best Regards!
  8. HI all, I add Drop Runes. (Item stored in inventory for 1 hour. (limited period)) and it is applied just for admin....and for i don;t know how, my ip. Server it is hosted in Germany. I am from another country. I think i have some problems with handlers. I think. Can i get help? Can someone check my L2PcInstance method and where it is methods of this runes? Thank you!
  9. I expect this question. Why 16 kk? Because i have a high status server. It works. Was mediumint and i change with int. And it works. Can close topic. Thank you!
  10. Hi all. I have a problem. With hp. After 16 kk hp, when player restart his charater, he go back on previous location. Can someone help me ple?
  11. IT WORKS!!!!! Thank youuuuuuu!!!!! Close topic please
  12. How can i change announcement color and keep text Announcement? I change from Say2.java public static final int ANNOUNCEMENT = 20; This is yellow and Announcement it is replaced with my name here should be Announcement: New Free .... How i can change this?