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  1. I have 0 knowledge in editing interface.
  2. I find that topic. But isn;t completed explicated. So i can;t cntinue. It is hard for me because i never trying to do this.
  3. Bad moves. I put interafce by celestine in clean client, and boom, logo disappear instantly.
  4. i use retail system for hi5. And anything i try, doesn't work. Maybe this function should be enabled from interface, i don't know...:(
  5. Hello folks ! How i can display dmg on screen for Hi5? And it is possible to change style of dmg? I try with L2lige, but....unsuccessfully... this settings..: See my settings. Thank you !
  6. Fixed, deleted interface + system. replace with clean!
  7. on enterworld isn;t any problem. i don;t find text. I searched whole project. nothing find..
  8. Tell me celestine with what tool and how can be changed. Thank you !
  9. L2jsunrise high Five I searched 5 times. I don't change it from interface. This was on last server. . But i forget how i changed....
  10. Hello folks, how i can change this blue title? I've tried to change from systemmsg-e. But isn't there. please help. thank you !
  11. Hello, i need help to make multisell available on TopBBSManager.java. I do something, but won't work. My code looks like this! else if (command.startsWith("_bbsmultisell")) { if (activeChar.isDead() || activeChar.isAlikeDead() || activeChar.isOnEvent() || activeChar.isInSiege() || activeChar.isCastingNow() || activeChar.isInCombat() || activeChar.isAttackingNow() || activeChar.isInOlympiadMode() || activeChar.isJailed() || activeChar.isFlying() || (activeChar.getKarma() > 0) || activeChar.isInDuel()) { activeChar.sendMessage("You cannot use this now!"); return; } StringTokenizer st = new StringTokenizer(command, ";"); st.nextToken(); TopBBSManager.getInstance().cbByPass("_bbstop;" + st.nextToken(), activeChar); int multisell = Integer.parseInt(st.nextToken()); MultisellData.getInstance().separateAndSend(multisell, activeChar, null, false); } separateAndSend(content, activeChar); And bypass of button: bypass _bbsmultisell 90500 Project: L2j-Sunrise 2021 ( Latest Update ! ) Fixed by @Psygrammator. Many thank's for this DEV! "DEV" Because it is like one! Real! +1 bro!
  12. Rolo_bt_slph.HtmlWnd_BTN01 * for exemple..:) I find.
  13. Name of buttons? Coplete BACK and FORE? Where i can see?
  14. Your Image My Image. Za question is: Why i don't see as yours? ?
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