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  1. Is not a problem, i want to know if i should add manually all id's. Thanky
  2. It is possible to make this statuses more than 99? And how? What i should edit?
  3. I understand, but here if (skill.getId () == 1234 || skill.getId () == 1234) I have to put all id's of all possible buffs?
  4. HI, it is possible to make a zone without buffs? On enter and when player is trying to buff to no work. Thanks
  5. Thank you @Rootware But a tutorial with step by step about how to use and what players can download? Thanks again too much "????". English pls
  6. Anyone know from where i can get updater for patch? Please few links to help
  7. So when a player buys premium for a month. For example, starting today. And he goes out for 4-5 days. he just doesn't come in because he can't. And after 4-5 days when he enters, he has no premium. (Buying premium 4-5 days ago for a month)
  8. He don;t answer on Discord. How much you want to fix for me this? Can't be expensive
  9. I don;t know how to do this. This required java edit or just html?
  10. yea. If player play everyday, isn;t any problem. But if player take a break and he off for 4-5 days ( in premium time) when he enter on sevrer, he no have anymore premium.
  11. is not normal Evanthe, player buyed for 1 month, and then he off 4-5 days. When he log again in game, he lost premium :) It is not about expire.