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  1. I want to remove re-enter for "x" instance. And i want to create item. ANd that item if player have on inventory, to block specific instance. Pm me for price Tank you !
  2. How i can change the enchant delay? Than you!
  3. Well, works, but for admin no. Normal players get drops....
  4. Why when i start Squash Event this work just on announcement? And drop no? Maybe @`NeverMore help me here? I set id of item and i don;t get drops. Original XML <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <Event ID="Squash Event" Active="4 Dec 2009-30 Dec 2014" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="../../xsd/faenor.xsd"> <Droplist> <AllDrop Items="6391" Count="1,4" Chance="20%" /> <!-- Nectar --> <AllDrop Items="10640" Count="1,2" Chance="3%" /> <!-- Cloned Squash Seed --> <AllDrop Items="1064
  5. πŸ“£ Join L2-Dety!! πŸ“£ πŸ“† BETA Launch on 01-01-2021 20:00 GTM +2 ⏱The clock is ticking! Don't wait ! πŸ‘‰-AUTO-CREATE ACCOUNT! πŸ‘‰-Boost Runes Drop-Sp-Xp πŸ‘‰- Custom Items πŸ‘‰- Custom Buffs πŸ‘‰- 1 h buffs πŸ‘‰- Retail Olympiad πŸ‘‰- Community Buffer πŸ‘‰- New players starts with level 40 πŸ‘‰- Alot of farm zones πŸ‘‰- Custom Community Board Status Info πŸ‘‰- Character Control Panel ( Community Board) πŸ‘‰- Master Buffs πŸ‘‰- Custom Potions πŸ‘‰- Custom Edits πŸ‘‰- Max Enchant +600 πŸ‘‰- Custom Enchant System πŸ‘‰- NOBLESSE MANAGER IN GIRAN πŸ‘‰- SERVICE MANAGER * AND MUCH MORE. ENJOY L2DETY'S SERVER AND YOU WILL BE THE BEST! 🌍- WEBSITE http:
  6. Thank you ! Can close topic. Happy New Year
  7. It is a bit absurd but how i can clean all table characters from database? I use host from Contabo and i don;t know how to do it. Thank you !
  8. Fixed. The "mul" don't support "order="0" for items.
  9. i wanted to add additional stats direct in item, and i make item <mul stat="pAtk" val="1.10" />, but after rr char, player have 1000 and after re-equip an item, stat decrease πŸ™‚
  10. My pack it is L2jSunrise I would like to know how can be edited xml with stats? <mul stat="pAtk" val="1.10" /> This for 10% or <mul order="0" stat="pAtk" val="1.10" /> This for 10% ? Which one is correct!? I don't know where it is this stats are specified. I don;t have a documentation inside of folder Items. An exemple of stats. As existing items with stat, there are with SET instead of mul. Mul i see just on skills.
  11. How i can solve a problem on status? If mage or fighter equip eny kind of armor, and 1 item are re-equipped, status is changed. For exemple. After restart full items equipped, mage have 1000 m atk, if mage re-equip a item, status is changed +- ( 1245 or 9xx). What cause this? Someone meet this error?
  12. Hello, i add scroll to remove time from instance but i find a `bug`. I don't know if to call this a bug. But i add reuse 3 hours of scroll. But player can restarts his character and if he buy scroll from shop again, he have reuse 0. I can solve this by xml? This is xml from item. <item id="23047" type="EtcItem" name="Instance time remover"> <set name="icon" val="BranchSys.icon.br_xmas_miracle_i00" /> <set name="material" val="PAPER" /> <set name="is_tradable" val="false" /> <set name="is_dropable" val="false" /> <set name="is_sellable" val="f
  13. `NeverMore Thank you Thanks all of you for answers!
  14. All skills from l2 it's allowed, except my custom skill/master's and some skills from gm. I will appreciate if someone can help me somehow, cuz i don;t know how it's hardcoded. Thank you ! Strange it is, this happend on npc too, not just on alt+b
  15. Hello, i created new skill ( buff ) and i put on buffer alt+b. All good. But when i try to buf, i get jail for exploit. Can someone tell me why this happends? L2jSunrise High Five Pack Thank you !