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  1. Hello, why if i edit skill from L2j-Mobius from default i still get effect from default one? Default might add 55 p atk, and i set mul 1.50 for 50%. Why doesn;t have effect with mul? It;s coded somewhere on core this? Retail <skill id="3241" levels="10" name="Item Skill: Empower"> <!-- Passive: Increases M. Atk. when equipped. --> <table name="#magicLevel">46 49 52 55 58 61 64 67 70 75</table> <set name="icon" val="icon.skill3238" /> <set name="magicLevel" val="#magicLevel" /> <set name="operateType" val=
  2. private void storeSkill(Skill newSkill, Skill oldSkill, int newClassIndex) { final int classIndex = (newClassIndex > -1) ? newClassIndex : _classIndex; try (Connection con = DatabaseFactory.getConnection()) { if ((oldSkill != null) && (newSkill != null)) { try (PreparedStatement ps = con.prepareStatement(UPDATE_CHARACTER_SKILL_LEVEL)) { ps.setInt(1, newSkill.getLevel()); ps.setInt(2, oldSkill.getId()); ps.setInt(3, getObjectId()); ps.setInt(4, classIndex); ps.execute(); } } else if (newSkill != null) { try (PreparedState
  3. U right Zake. I have find this on FishermanInstance.java public static void showFishSkillList(PlayerInstance player) { final List<SkillLearn> skills = SkillTreeData.getInstance().getAvailableFishingSkills(player); final AcquireSkillList asl = new AcquireSkillList(AcquireSkillType.FISHING); int count = 0; for (SkillLearn s : skills) { final Skill sk = SkillData.getInstance().getSkill(s.getSkillId(), s.getSkillLevel()); if (sk == null) { continue; } count++; asl.addSkill(s.getSkillId(), s.getSkillLevel(), s.getSkillLevel(), s.getLevelUpSp(), 1);
  4. I have like this: Original - private static final String RESTORE_SKILLS_FOR_CHAR = "SELECT skill_id,skill_level FROM character_skills WHERE charId=? AND class_index=?"; try (Connection con = DatabaseFactory.getConnection(); PreparedStatement ps = con.prepareStatement(RESTORE_SKILLS_FOR_CHAR)) { // Retrieve all skills of this PlayerInstance from the database ps.setInt(1, getObjectId()); ps.setInt(2, _classIndex); My private static final String RESTORE_SKILLS_FOR_CHAR = "SELECT skill_id,skill_level FROM character_skills WHER
  5. I do not know from where, what class, i don't know
  6. So, anyone know a good method to make a server stacksub more simple?
  7. It is stacksub server. Maybe i do wrong code on PlayerInstance. But someone help me. Maybe it's not from there. I don;t know
  8. yes And on class where i learned lv 3, if i restart character, i have skill lv 2
  9. I find problem, but i don;t know how to fix. Well, if i am Titan and i learn Zealot levels 1 and 2, and i change to a subclass and i learn Zealor level 3, i can learn, but after restart, i have skill lv 2 on subclass. I should go back to previous class where i learn levels 1 and 2 and to learn level 3. Then to change subclass. Now, how i can fix this?
  10. Interesting it is, only on Zealot and Appetite it's happend this...
  11. Why True? My server it's stacksub. With this 2 options, i will not stack the skills from subclass # Check players for non-allowed skills # Default: False SkillCheckEnable = False # If true, remove invalid skills from player and database. # Report only, if false. # Default: False SkillCheckRemove = False
  12. Zealot it is added on the fishingskilltree. I delete fishing skills and i added my custom skills. But not the NPC it's problem. The skill on character. I delete the skill from player as admin, and after restart, he stil have the skill
  13. Hello, when i learn the skill from npc fishing skills, i get error on some skills. I learn level 3 of skill. All good. But after restart, skill become level 1. on fishingskilltree.xml i have put 3 levels. Here it's error. https://vimeo.com/548519579 P.S for L2j-Mobius
  14. When i launch command, gameserver it't closed and i have to reopen...