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  1. Hello, I'm selling Lvl 80 Treasure Hunter (Adventurer) DS + 8 +8 Drake Leather Set 800~ kk in pocket A lot stuff in eq. (Worth 100++kk). ------------------------------------------------------- lvl 61 Spoil with Zubei hvy set. ------------------------------------------------------- lvl 73 Bishop (no eq) For more info contact me on skype - xdonalfonso
  2. Hello! WTS ADENA 5e - 100kk (20zł PL) Server L2Classic.ws x20 Ask for items! Connact: Skype - xdonalfonso
  3. Any info about antibot? or its maxcheters so max cheating for everyone :D
  4. That's true :) DP has nice price atm, but not for long imo
  5. Hello! WTS ~ADENA~ Adrenaline script for alt+b autobuffer of your Scheme - 5 euro + personalized autorestock(shots/mp pots/etc.) + 2 euro Delusion Chamber autobot(with autobuff) - 15euro Noblesse Q (soon) Autofarm 1-55 (soon) Captcha ALARM included creating other scripts on demand. works 100%, for more info pm or skype. Connact: Skype - xdonalfonso Paypall // Allegro To all scammers: Dont try to trick me on fake statements, im too old for that
  6. WTS ADENA L2 WARPGATE CLASSIC x5 1kk - 1e / 4zl - Paypal 6zl - Allegro.pl Contact Skype : xdonalfonso 50kk+ in bank atm. Some spellbooks, items aswel U can negotiate price!