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  1. Want Selling Baium +10, DB +14. PM
  2. WTB adena beyond x3 new Classic (offer me good price) PayPal FF only trust seller or middleman.
  3. Hello https://prnt.sc/t3rcdz Ragnar, i am not owner this item, i have a suppliers i send all proofs moderators, full epic set etc. Dont worry bro all fine :)
  4. Hello guys i send all proof Global Moderator, @Celestine check my proofs and talks with this guy. I also demand block him delete msg and restore my reputation. Regards Gas.
  5. do not waste your time say hello from nekys, retards. gl
  6. fuckoff bastard send me a proof if i am a scammer Go suck adm d*ck.
  7. Hello anyone. Main: Archer (Sub Destro 80+) Tezza Baium AQ Zaken Antharas DB +7 (Passive Duel Might) Draco Set +6 Also: Full support 80+ Price: 450-500 euros. Discord: Gas2005#6780 Regards Gas. ( I do not show random people screen character only old user maxcheaters and good reputation. Please do not wast time, use middleman service. )
  8. Καλησπερα αγαπητο Maxcheaters ψαχνω bot προγραμμα εκτος απο l2 tower net walker θα ηθελα για c4 l2 elite αμα ειναι πληρωνω κιολας ευχαριστω!
  9. Dn mporw na to valw m leei kati gia quest