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  1. I would like to thank you all my business partners: @r33team@PUFA@AdenaVIp and all my customers i had since year 2007 and Abyssx3 C3 times when srated this business. It was great adventure, started on L2Enraged and Paradise Eureka in 2005, great fun, and a lot of lose time and kind money 🙂 My life changing and im quit from Lineage deffinitelly. I wish everyone the best, thx Daniel for last purchase 12Eur ❤️
  2. Official Essence Rose 1KK = 0,77Eur Feel free to contact me info in first topic.
  3. Bump Our team coming to new 4game servers Rose and Pink!
  4. WTB Adena on Official server Lineage Essence EU Pink and Rose 1KK = 0,36 Eur Skype: live:asioradena Deliveries everyday between 9:00- 23:30 GMT +1
  5. Bump 13.02.2021 +Big Update for L2 ProjectEssenceClub x3 - L1000 0,35Eur - L8000 2,5Eur - SG Cube 2,5Eur - PA Ticket 2,5Eur
  6. New price ProjectEssenceClub x3 = 1KK = 0,2Eur (from server its 0,33) New price Essence BLUE= 1KK = 0,06Eur BUMP 12.02.2021
  7. New price ProjectEssenceClub x3 = 1KK = 0,25Eur Bump 07.02.2021
  8. New price ProjectEssenceClub x3 = 1KK = 0,33Eur Bump 05.02.2021
  9. Bump 03.02.2021 New price Mordor ROhan x4 = 1KK = 0,3Eur New price ProjectEssenceClub x3 = 1KK = 0,7Eur