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  1. Experienced Lineage 2 player (Over 13 years of experience) Price: 4 Euros = 4,77 USD / Hour About the service: - Can play any chronicle/ any server - Quests/chains, farm spots will be at your will ( with discussion and previous information) - You keep everything that drops Service Methods: -We set the appointment, how many hours and when to start -We procced to the payment, and the share of account information -Screenshot every 30/30 min, or 1/1 hour to prove active farm For more details add: Cr4wd#
  2. WTS 68kk - 20e if you buy total or 0.40€ - 1kk PM HERE or DQ#1465
  3. Kamael archer lvl 68 Kamael Doombringer lvl 68 Super cheap, pm if you are interested or DQ#1465
  4. and in some days u have http://l2oo.com/
  5. Atleast you dont come with bullshits! Gz! but i think the problem is that server has no advertise Gj on the work anyway!
  6. sure u can buy 1 car with +29 wep axaxaaxaxax