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  1. Server seems really awesome. Really nice work!Downloading so i can check it now keep up the proffesionalism u already provide!
  2. Hope u are ready for DDOS attackers and stuff like this...and we are gonna have a normal Opening....
  3. really promising project. Hope this wont be like the others servers....
  4. really interesting project and seems like u work hard. Any ETA? good luck and keep up the good work!
  5. So what? whoever is busy doesnt answer other ppl? u might get free time in a year...what he should do in ur opinion? When u agree on something u must keep ur promise and ur word. End of story
  6. server was empty when i tried yesterday...i was alone in xp zone alone in Giran. Anything changed?
  7. full ru community once again...?
  8. server is alive?how many online?
  9. lets see and then judge it ppl...at least we can give a try! It seems really interesting!
  10. but kinda dead server for a low rate...admins even disable .online command?
  11. no bad...if is balanced it can work pretty good!
  12. Happy birthday dude! keep up the good work...
  13. nice stuff :) is there any other way to learn news except discord?
  14. what about an open Alpha (not even beta) so ppl get familiar with classic client and get a feeling from ur server in the middle of august?