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  1. I really like your presentation . GL with the project
  2. No, didn't join . He scammed me for 50 euros , you think he wouldn't be greedy with his own server ?
  3. GlobalAbuse CP is lf for skilled and active people . for our first H5 server . Our topic : https://forum.l2supreme.net/index.php?/topic/66-globalabuse-😈-first-time-h5/
  4. I am really glad the way you answered. Wrote such a big essay in which the 90% says about my advertise and 10% they you bought access to realm project. 0 proofs about my "fake advertise with fake clicks" as you are saying. Lies about our agreement : that I agreed to advertise for free ( wtf 😅) 0 answers about corruption and fake clans In general so much of misleading stuff, without any proof about all of your sayings.
  5. I did a comment on L2TheGame post and it got deleted without a single warning or the reason behind it, so lets try a post to discuss it ? :) Before you join this server , let me tell you few things really fast since probably he will do his best to delete this comment : 1) " + 10.000 Euro for advertisment and attracting new users! " 10.000 euro for advertisEment ( can't even spell it properly ) but don't have enough money to buy his own site or to pay a designer for the features of the server ? Site taken from L2Realm : http://l2realm.com/ , see the differences ? NO?!!?
  6. I am not even a dev or a server owner , still huge thanks for that !