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  1. "150+ clans registered" * posts photo of crests from topzone*
  2. I really like the presentation of the server , good job !
  3. Many people are getting paid to play , for example in games like LoL / Dota 2/ CS go etc etc . Some of them are getting paid to play lineage 2 and I don't see something about bad , about being paid to play . Plus it actually makes me more of l2 player since i play it in a competitive lvl . I will say it again , either you are blind or just a bit retarded , because i never said that he is not a thief , i just wanted to point that we players don't care for some logo , we care for the gameplay experience and what community the server will have .
  4. either you are blind or just a bit retarded , i quoted a comment from other person , which means i answered to his comment which was invalid
  5. We are by far one of the most active CPs in the Europe l2 scene :) and you can see that from our fraps
  6. do you really think that we players , really care for logos? :D
  7. Something from La2 Dream :
  8. Hello , I can trade your paysafe cards to paypal (family/friend option for no extra fee ) with 20% fee Contact Info: - Facebook : - VK : - Discord: MrPro#5193 - Skype: alexmanakos
  9. Hello , I want to buy donate coins in the "Main" server of la2dream , you can contact me : - Facebook : - VK : - Discord: MrPro#5193 - Skype: alexmanakos
  10. an pisteueis oti xreiazomai adrenaline kai interface gia na nikhsw , tote brhkes la8os atomo gia na poulhseis trela :)
  11. egw p akribws kollaw edw ? pisteueis fobamai na kanw fight vs zerg?