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  1. dont know the server , but since when paying clans means corruption?
  2. learn to read bro, it was an explanation for your lawyer above cause he mentioned the unique
  3. But still he didn't mention "unique" he said "good features" and didn't say that for the other 999 servers with exact same features
  4. finally someone who understood exactly what i wanted to point out here... Thank you!
  5. WTF Should i be someone for asking someone about what he said ? Maybe he saw something that i didn't see
  6. didn't say that, if you don't know how to read properly then let me re-write it for you . I asked from him to point out the "good features" that he said ,without telling me that it is a " no custom interlude server"
  7. there is a huge difference between "good features " ( what he said ) and just a typical average pvp server if he doesn't know the difference, how the fuck he is even a global moderator in such a forum, unless he just came to give a "free bump" to his friend
  8. i didn't say something about rules and I am not here neither to judge someone nor to reply to the topic owner .I am just curious what so unique did he find here which he couldn't find in other servers while this server has even less features than the other servers.
  9. no idea why you say about "rule 7" . The "good features " that you mentioned are : no custom interlude server and i am telling you again pretty much every server that opens have these features not to mention that this specific server has even less features than the other servers , this server doesn't even have auto 9v9 event , or the thing that you need to go with a sub class in PVP server to obtain nobls ( lmao ) If i had my own server i would just suggest the server here .So once again, like no joke now, do you really live in a cave to say that this server has good features or what ? I am asking didn't see you say about other servers something . Even if it is a good server could please at least point out the "good features" except saying "no custom interlude " ?
  10. my bad then, i thought it was something like a schedule-post application
  11. bro do you live in a cave ? there are literally more than 2-4 servers EVERY WEEK opening with the exact features you just described