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  1. mporeis na m peis poio paketo exeis kai poso plhrwneis ?
  2. you can participate here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/liiservers/permalink/2395294593839438/
  3. if you are interested you can join : https://discord.gg/8Emjatw
  4. should i feel butthurted now or something like that ?
  5. That's why i still love MxC
  6. A project worth giving a try !
  7. It is pretty much exactly the same as it was 1 year ago , with just few extra classic projects being opened
  8. As i player i will say : 1) do i really have to "click" all the time just to move down/up? cause there is no way as i player i will waste my time by clicking 2) after top 5 i have no idea who and how many pvps/pks they have , since my eyes are kinda fucked up without any lines to help me with 3) and what top PVE is ? the guys with the most killed mobs ?
  9. Well I gave you a warning but seems like it wasn't enough , have a nice day .
  10. please watch your language
  11. they can be added to an interface only if the server has activated the drop list to be visible ( like alt + shift ) or even without it ? what i want to know exactly is ; if a server hasn't a working alt + shift which means that you can't watch the drop list , can you still edit your own interface with the drop list and it is gonna work without any problem ?
  12. please watch your language