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  1. An 8es swsta interlude files pas mono se luceria einai xilies fores kalutera apo ta alla files pou s protinan.
  2. 1) java=java off= C , kapoia pragmata ginontai pio eukola stn java alla dn ginontai kan sto OFF , to off einai pio "balanced" kai "stable" apo java 2) skills/maps/interface/modifications genika 3) pio pl users sto c6 4) dn exw idea ti einai auto sorry :D 5) google
  3. new fraps from off server :
  4. GlobalAbuse will be there and we are recruiting check our topic : https://forum.la2dream.com/topic/4336-ding-dong-globalabuse-at-home/
  5. our next server : http://l2neo.com/forum/clans-discussions-6/globalabuse/
  6. and it is really sad that i took your attention on forum but not on skype cause i really thought you were a really serious man to do business with
  7. my job on the forum was to take care the questions of the community i dont think it is my fault if they asked very few or too many questions
  8. can't answer on skype since Thursday but able to answer on mxc within 1-2 mins after the post is done .If i get finally paid obviously gonna delete this topic but been waiting my payment for almost a month isnt funny at all
  9. Unfortunately i dont know his account on mxc but this is mostly for the other people to not work with him ! If any mod knows his account on mxc ban him please he is the admin of l2elon.net started ( he wanted me to do first advertise and then he would pay for it so i agreed ) the "ok" the "afk" mode
  10. started 2 weeks later few days ago till today no answer at all