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  1. new fraps from l2nirvana
  2. updated with extra info : Skype : alexmanakos Facebook: Discord : MrPro#5193
  3. good luck with the project !
  4. In case you didn't know you can get Grand Theft Auto V , for free ! link : have fun :)
  5. amazing answer, thank you :)
  6. low rate = low exp rate interface is just an interface and the knowledge of l2 isn't knowing/googling where to exp/where to take mats and how to craft , but it has to do with skills and gameplay style
  7. There is no server without bots , but even so it is not such a big deal botting in a PVP SERVER , i mean you can easily make items that's the point of pvp server.. Sorry that you gonna hear this from me but... ALL SERVERS ARE OPENING FOR MONEY ! Just some admins like the admin of extreme take it as business ,which means he puts a lot of time and effort in his "business" to be a successful one and that's something you don't see from every admin . Lineage 2 WAS NEVER A SOLO-based game . @WarningX Gl with your project , totally recommend it .
  8. a really quick report post his profile : * probably his 2nd profile not sure * He is the same admin of noobwars and thegame proofs : links: He was even readying the messages without answering . Few things about the admin if someone is interested : 1) corrupted admin, providing items to cps/clans 2) opens noobwars and puts same patch to login to l2thegame ( smart af tbh ) 3) wouldn't recommend someone to work with him since he is really gypsy all the time asking for lower price , which i provided and he still didn't want to pay hope he gonna get ban from here and later I might post some stuff about corruption too .
  9. if valakas doesn't provide fire resist then either sorc will be really good or just good balance probably sorc gonna be op :D