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  1. Thank you a lot for your kind words !
  2. "alive" with 50 online wow :D even on big epics like antharas/valakas ONLY 1-2 pts were Pving it , even not pvp for the epics
  3. made his money from elixir , now that elixir is dead back to h5 :D
  4. hAtEr cAn hAtE hIs oWn lIfE !!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. l2netwrok with the fakest traffic ever and the most corrupted
  6. is this a troll ? are you telling me that admin is "banning bots" BUT he takes money to let people "free bot "??? omg xaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaaaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxa
  7. Hello guys , our recruitment is opened for 2-3 guys. We would prefer members who are; 1) able to play almost everyday from 17:00-18:00 GMT +2 till as much as they can. 2) looking for a stable cp to stay in. 3) able to play at least one of the following classes; DD/Necro/Domi/BP.
  8. i just can't believe that people saying something about "500 people in baium" and bs like that . Let me show you few things . In this valakas and baium are about 350-400 people and now your "baium with 500 people" Are you kidding me ?
  9. not playing in the server but i just kinda laughed with this essay . i like how you are saying "this , this , this and this are the pros oh and this is very good too" and then be like "ok now the cons ; well server had some lags but now it is good" seriously wtf is that? You really want us to believe that a INTERLUDE server the only problem it had was just some lag ? won't even mention the biggest nonsense " server has its own bot , but admin is hunting botters"
  10. MYKONOOOOOOOOS maybe he wants the money for another island now :D
  11. so lets reply to each other to make it more "real" ?
  12. i think 32 buff slots sounds better , btw are you thinking to open any craft / craft-pvp or multicraft server in the near future ?