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  1. 10 days left until our Grand Opening Website: https://L2Mordor.com Discord: https://bit.ly/L2Mordor
  2. You love playing Lineage on L2Mordor? You like to stream and get profit out of it? Then this campaign is for you! Participate, stream, bring new players and earn rewards! How does campaign work: Write to admin on the forum with your stream channel and game login account. Wait for Administrators to check and approve your stream - will be added to the home page and discord. Save stream videos for at least 2 weeks (if your channel allowing it) Rewards are being sent to your character every Weekend or two (depending on the number of registered streamers).
  3. Dear friends! OBT is now available! We are glad to invite you to take part in this event to take a closed look on server's conception, its features etc. To take part in testing you will need: Create account Download files Important info: OBT NPC - Giran ( soe in inventory ) All characters will be deleted after end of OBT; All accounts that have been created will not be deleted. You can use them on live server. We are kindly asking you to create a ticket in your Support System regarding all issues or/and bugs that you will face on the OBT server (i
  4. #1. Don't be a Cheat! We consider “bot” and “mod” use cheating, and strongly encourage players to remove any of the aforementioned programs from their devices. Third party software consists of unapproved apps that manipulate gameplay. By altering game functionality, third party software aims to provide unfair advantages while putting your account and privacy at risk. Third party software includes: Hacks, "mods", or programs that unfairly alter game functionality "Bots", or gameplay automation services or scripts Any other programs that aim
  5. Welcome to all interlude fans who have come to enjoy the best of what classic Lineage2 has to offer! The L2Mordor team is excited to finally present to you: Rohan! With low rates, Epic Bosses with a fixed epic respawn time, no exp bonus runes and tons more this is guaranteed to bring back all the good memories of the past! Why you should preffer L2Mordor Interlude server: - Official L2OFF PTS files without bugs - with full support from AdvExt team. - International English based community - Long term project - Instant support and troubleshooting - Instant permanent ban on botter
  6. Gondor is 5 months old! - Exp/SP Bonus +10% until July 10! Bonus for newbie! - Newbie Rune ( +10% Exp/SP/Adena) - Talk to Newbie Guide in the starting city. + New Event! Dear friends! we wanna brighten up your pastime in the game, and give you an opportunity to get small bonuses. So, we have a great news for you, new event "Glittering Medal" Roy the Cat will trade your Medals for a prize of your choice: Give your Glittering Medals to Winnie, and then you will have the opportunity to raise your collector's level. The ev
  7. ⚔️Baium fight right now!⚔️ JOIN NOW! https://l2mordor.com
  8. ⚔️Congratulations to the old and new Heroes!⚔️