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  1. This forum not made for crappy corona. I think this topic should be deleted.
  2. Now when we all know that Warland is shit who can't effort buy protection from interfaces and other crap, lets move on on new projects. Anybody knows any good projects comming out ??
  3. L2Warland is shit, total corrupted server what I heard from people who spend there lots of money, I suggest concentrate in new servers which will come, forget about l2dex , warland and other crap and don't spend any cent, and look for servers which announce that no need to pay to win. To put some donation is OK where you can buy hats and other stuff or you can easy to farm it. I never saw L2 as a life earning stuff so i am pretty sure that is a lot of people who works hard regular job earn them money and just want normal server where Admin doing the same. 4Fun servers always rules.
  4. It was regular L2OFF server same as other random L2OFF's really nothing special. I been palying in Low raters like L2Dawen BFD and others, L2Mordor was nothing special. make it x15 max and people will come, x35 is too much buddy :)
  5. L2Mordor <- according them 2k online but didn’t last even 5 months ( no donations = no server). La2Club. <- You can play there alone soon as you pay no problem, but soon as you got some good gear You Must Donate to avoid Ban and server close. L2Raptor. <- I played for 2 weeks only but manage get ban with all clan soon as you fuck his clan in the ass😂 Admin have mental issues there 4 Sure 😂
  6. It’s another fake shit made in lab, virus evolution from animal base on human base need at least 700-800 years, all this shit was made in lab, its another flu virus. By do way cocaine helps prevent virus.
  7. Hello folks, I wish to hear the players and not only them opinion about skill Flames Of Invincibility timing increasing from 30 sec to 1 min for more longer and intense pvp on LOW rate server. Please free hit your opinion here its good or bad idea ! :) Thank You ! :)
  8. Administration please close this topic coz it total spam
  9. Ok here we go it will be LONG 🙂 https://pastebin.com/Dneh7Ege
  10. Interlude pvp market are already full with 10+ old projects, in your place l will choose other L2 version, but who knows maybe your vision will over shine others 🙂 Good luck 😉
  11. Ok l will try to explain:) . Soon as Doors close and Frintezza appear near massive piano and Evil Spirit spawns he sits on chair and should start play his melodies, but suddenly he stands up and turn to people who are in the hall and watching, mean time Scarlet Van Halisha and other stuff attack us how supposed to be without any issues, but No Music appear and debuts which supposed to be when melody changes, melody name appear on screen but nothing playing and tezza just standing:) I saw this in other few special RU servers buggeds :)
  12. Hello, anybody have 4 sell or share Tezza fix at L2J , coz no music sound appear and debuffs , and Tezza standing and watching into my chars like I am kind some retard (I hope so I am not LOL xD) Tezza monster works without any issues, only no disco with debuffs and playing animation :) Have A Nice Day! :)