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  1. Good point, but if you have Captcha in server every 30 - 50 min so afk boting (auto-farm) not really possible, coz soon as you will go to Jail you will waste money for bribe guards to get out of there, so your profit will go down if you will not stay on pc :). I think one server does it before and people was force not to leave pc alone, but in mean time watch some movies or do some craftings or PVP and stuff like that too keep them busy. :) Coz now NCSOFT promoting auto - farm so now it's kind is legal :)
  2. Hello, I want hear people opinion about no afk auto-farm / botting @ game server under x10 rates ( NO AFK means when you got captha during the game in certain of time and if you fail you got punishment jail or certain mount of adena ) do people will support this thing in Lineage 2 (c1 - c6) server or it will gives negative thing on server and people populiation in it? Please if you have a time share your opinion Thanks :)
  3. Hmmm, interesting point of view :). I dunno but for me seems L2 was something between c1 and c6 ., who came after c6 in my opinion was total star wars , but the sad part that not many long time good c6 projects left, and all industry of c1 - c6 moved to RU or Brazil :/
  4. Hello, I notice that not many good low rate l2off servers left, can anybody share experience :) ? At the moment I trying www.la2club.com x10 low rate retail server RU/EN interface without wipe for 6 years already and what I hear, never vipe been done there and will not be . Anybody else knows more long life 4fun servers ? Thanks ! :)
  5. Any chance add Cristal enchants to Frintezza too or at least low % chance??? Thx :)
  6. Thanks guys for sharing your experience :). Its really will helps people to save time and nerves choosing right server, if anybody wants share more them experience they are welcome too! :)
  7. Hello guys! I notice in there's days, not many good l2j servers left (seems lots of them <3 more do vipe instead fix bugs), please share your l2j server list, which are worth attention ! :) I try couple server I really enjoyed L2COTP , Warland, L2Two, theres catch my eye but seems Warland is too easy and benefit players too much but Online is impresive for l2j server , L2Two is more Pay To Win but not good as Warland, and L2COTP well done with good economic balance and is not pay to win, but Online is low coz seems they new in market :) Can you guys share your favorite server list c
  8. Hello people :) Well I will be honest with you guys at first I been a bit sceptic at L2COPT, I thought this server will be another tricky server in all L2 Ocean, but when I start play I realised that people who made this server, they put lots of Love in this project and Time and I never saw better L2J server in my life, the GM's was very friendly and all the time gave support to the all people in server :)! Honestly guys just try it you have nothing to loose anyway :)! P.S. Big THANKS again Franco and Bowling4Soup and all Team! Kind regards Titanas