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  1. The only trash here is you. Get a life :)
  2. Server maintenance from 11:00 UTC +2 Work will be near 10-20 min List of changes: Event end - Primeval Island - special zone from 26 September - Lineage2Dex | Forum | Lineage 2 Classic | Interlude Increased chance to get skill from LS Increased drop chane x2 for 70+ RBs Add new Proxies - China and Latvia
  3. Dear Friends! We are very proud of our community, the atmosphere on the server is so great. We are enjoying watching how the server is going forwards, people fighting on Olympiad, fighting on fields, getting better items, facing stronger bosses… speaking about bosses… After last Valakas fight, when all brave warriors left the cave we have found a piece of paper on the ground… Join now or read what was found ;) “Dear Diary, today is 22th September and my day started like every other day, lazily and peacefully. After dinner, when I’ve been sharpening my claws and been preparing for a little nap I have heard noises right before the entrance to my cave… I was wondering who dare to disturb me in such a day. Suddenly they started appearing in front of my bed, first I thought that I see sheep, you know… the one you count when you can’t sleep, but no, it was not a flock of sheep. Sheep look differently, as I remember good. I've recognized them… it was a bunch of humans, elves, orcs and dwarfs! I saw them right in front of my lair… are they waiting for something? Yes, they were waiting for me! I could feel their anger and fear, but also determination and a call of blood. Yea… I could feel that they want to kill me. So this time is my turn to die? I have heard my uncle Valakas was defeated, I have heard that my aunt Queen of Ants was killed, my cousin Zaken died last weekend… Is this really true, that now it’s my turn to die? Even if that’s true… I will be back! Eh… I’m going to face this bunch of sheep… ups, sorry… that brave and honourable knights!” Everyone is welcome to have fun in our server! Lineage2Dex.com
  4. For a server made in year 2k18 we had huge online . Glad you read our PR newsletter . Cheers
  5. Gardens of Eva - Special Zone In the location there are 2 tp from the city of Heine and Giran 1-3 Circle No PVP Zone You can get Enchant Scrolls and Life Stones with smal chance 4-5 Cirlce PvP Zone You can get Enchant Scrolls and Life Stones with good chance All mobs in GOE 80 lvl
  6. You should read server specs . Its posted on site or forum . If you cant see difference from pts files and java , no comment :) Rest is ... just funny no wonder server these days close fast with such attitude . But i guess its simple to trashtalk after 1 week . Why the hell u think a server owner will give items to a single clan to have what? Just curious. Clans type as you wrote never buy anything so where is owners hunger for money
  7. Nothing is boring on a PvP Craft server :)
  8. Primeval Island From September 18, the updated location of Primeval Island will be opened. Changes touch the light side of the island, highlighted in red on the map PvP zone will be installed Mobs are weakened The mob's skills are cut from the mobs Added to the drop Enchant Srolls, Life Stones Drop chance: EAA - 2% EWA - 1% Hig LS 76 - 0.8% Top LS 76 - 0.4% EAS - 0.8% EWS - 0.5% BEAS - 0.12% BEWS - 0.08%
  9. That was just a forum repost from PR :) . I think online is shown on site https://www.lineage.ro
  10. We use our topic to post . Never interfere in other projects . Its common sense for old school owners . If you dont like us , just ignore and move to next topic . Cheers !
  11. if other servers owners as gaylord start to post in this topic i guess their world and life is empty :) year 2k18 when trashtalk is mainstream :) try enjoy and have fun ! DEX
  12. Over 9000 :) what big problems have ppl today :)
  13. In game ofc . Most of big clans are here , even ru clans. join us for the fun and battles https://www.lineage.ro
  14. Friends! We would like to announce a very successful start of our newest server called Genesis! On the very first moments we greeted over 5000 players which is a great success! We have hope that all of you are enjoying the game and pvp. Our Team continuously working to provide the best game play for our lovely players. Our GM Team trying the best to help all of you who require the help. We wish you best fun playing on Lineage2DEX Genesis server! Download Patch - OVH Download Patch - Google Download Interlude Clinet -OVH Download Interlude Client - Google Discord Support Chanel