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  1. [L2J]Dex Classic Server Insolence

    From 00:01 March 17 till 23:59 March 18 BONUS for beginners! Dear Friends! If you are bored to play on your old server and you are looking for new start, it's a perfect time to join the Classic x4 Insolence server. Only this weekend all newcomers will receive a bonus for easy start! x3 Scroll of Experience / SP +20% 1 hour x3 2nd Class Transfer Effect Scroll (buffs) 2 days status Premium Account All important links: Classic Insolence x4 - Full server Description Registration Download Client Classic 1.5 Download Patch Download Updater A little from the server life: [MEDIA=youtube]2gIBMxgLX-k[/MEDIA] [MEDIA=youtube]2yF8BdomFGA[/MEDIA] [MEDIA=youtube]iVscBn9Tnqo[/MEDIA] More Videos: Media
  2. [L2J]Dex Classic Server Insolence

    Guide for quests :
  3. [L2J]Dex Classic Server Insolence
  4. [L2J]Dex Classic Server Insolence

    From 03 March 19:00 till 04 March 23:59 (UTC +2) each payment made on site gets a 10 % extra bonus
  5. [L2J]Dex Classic Server Insolence

    The world of Classic Elmoreden is severe and hardcore. But there is always place for love! :emoji_heart_decoration: And for even more grind, of course! Event Duration Event will be on from 14th till 19 of February 2018. On 19 of February 2018 Coco Brownie will leave Elmoreden and the event item "Coco Brownie's Amulet of Love" will be deleted How to take part? Find NPC Coco Brownie in major cities of Elmoreden and starting villages. Coco Brownie, a Cupid's envoy and a professor from Ivory Tower, will gladly tell you the event details. Don't be afraid to ask! After years of diligent research Professor Brownie has managed to make unique love potion. But the monsters that could feel its delicious smell stole it! Coco is asking you to return back the magic potion as she put her heart into making it. Item is of herb type and is used right after being picked. It has a powerful effect on the whole party. Keep in mind that it disappears if you log out from the game. The effect is not removed upon death. Love Potion will drop from monsters in hunting zones of level 20 and above at a certain chance. Potion will not drop from monsters that are for 9 or more levels lower than the character (such mobs are dark-blue). Sweet Candies From the leftovers of her love potion ingredients Coco has baked sweets for the Valentine's Day. Make you day with one of these desserts! Talk to Coco to get a Yummy Gift Box: You will get 1 box per 1 account during the whole event period (2 weeks). Be careful when choosing which character to receive it with. There are two kinds of sweets: Yum Yum (red) and Nom Nom (blue). Upon opening the box you will get randomly 2 items of the same type: Yum Yum Candy (2 pcs.) Nom Nom Candy (2 pcs.) Candies have a passive skill which will be active as long as you have the item in your inventory. Just keep it to receive XP/SP bonus! Upon opening a present you will obtain 2 candies of the same type, but you will get bonus only for 1 of them as the effects of the same candies do not stack. The sweetest part of the event: you will need to share the second candy with someone :emoji_heartbeat: And if someone shares his or her candy with you, your EXP and SP bonus will double! Maximum EXP rate with 2 candies will be 4.3x! Sweet Chocolate Eneregy Professor Brownie has another sweet present for you — Sweet Chocolate Buff! Sweet Chocolate Energy can be obtained only once a day for each character on the account. Don't forget to take your buff before hunting! To get Sweet Chocolate effect you will need a special item - Coco Brownie's Amulet of Love. Weapon Appearance Love Potion and Sweet Chocolate Energy instill your equipped weapon with the power of love and make it look like a candy! [SPOILER="Weapon screens"] One-handed sword (common for magical and physical weapons) Two-handed sword One-handed blunt (common for magical and physical weapons) Two-handed magical blunt Two-handed physical blunt / Spear Bow Fist Dagger Dual Sword Shield [/SPOILER]
  6. [L2J]Dex Classic Server Insolence

    Drop and spoil patch add3d to our updater Classic 1.5 - Classic 1.5 Updater Updater for Insolence x4 (Classic)
  7. [L2J]Dex Classic Server Insolence

    Dear friend! We are glad to present you Updater for our Classic 1.5 server Insolance x4 How to use: 1. Download updater 2. Put in your l2 folder 3. Run, wait till files will be checked. If needed updater will donwload all necessary files automaticaly 4. Press Start botton
  8. [L2J]Dex Classic Server Insolence

    A're you ready? I have some for ya As always Small HP fix for NPC Almost all hats are tradable now (some of hats from oldest chronicles still couldn't be tradable due their high price in grocery) Fix for Testimony of Prosperity Fix for location of Tirak raid boss Fix for Chest of Shyslassys Fix for aoe skill and summons Fix for actions in macro Fix for CC Some important updates for us that can't be announced, sry Restart time will be announced in game Drop\Spoil patch ETA - 1 day Debuffs chances ETA - next restart (very massive task and we must to check all before update on live to exclude all negative moments) Thank you for your patience and be ready to take your breakfast. Duration ~15 min, i will have some work with proxies
  9. [L2J]Dex Classic Server Insolence

    Hello everyone! Today, via few hours, we planned to make the second restart. Traditionally i have a small fix list for youFix for Magic evasionFix for party members buffs visibility after reloginReducing price for offline shops for 25kBuff's scrolls time balancing (zerk scroll)Fix for Summon's movementDecreased re-spawn time for quest monsters will be removedOther fixes and updates for our security's systems (no need new update or smth else)Thank you for your patience and be ready to make some coffee. Duration ~4 min
  10. [L2J]Dex Classic Server Insolence

    a small guide how to connect :
  11. [L2J]Dex Classic Server Insolence

    we have a new site look !
  12. [L2J]Dex Classic Server Insolence

    Client via torrent - Patch - Patch 1.5 DEX