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  1. I guess you missed our last 2server (thats how many we open in past 2 years :) ) the name of dex is related private l2 . playing on dex is a privilege , always will . Since 2005 . Just give a try and have fun . Wont cost you a thing . Cheers
  2. Interlude x3 - 22 March Grand Opening: March 22 Start of the Beta Test: March 9 at 19:00 (CET) Dear friends! We decided create and join a project of the new server Interlude Final x3 with partner we had in our Gracia Final server. Interlude is considered to be one of the most popular and successful parts of Lineage 2. But as we know, the game client is not perfect and, to put it mildly, outdated, because it was developed back in 2007. Some of the mechanics and balance of the Interlude left much to be desired. The new Interlude project was created by transferring it to a modern game client and thoroughly work on the balance and gameplay, collecting the best and incorporating it all into a new project Interlude Final All info about Interlude Final we will post later in this section of forum. Here we have selected some useful information from the developers: Why the old client is outdated and the new one is better ? The old client was developed for relevant at a time processors (and hardware in general), which had fewer cores. As many of you know, today's processors increase the number of cores (streams), but often reduce their clock speed compared to older processors that were relevant at the time of release of most versions of the clients/games. So, roughly speaking, Core 2 Duo @ 3.16 GHz (2 cores) of 2006 will be better than Intel Core i5-8400 @ 2.8GHz (6 cores) of 2017 for older game clients. This is not the only reason for the low performance of old clients on modern computers, because a whole set of factors is responsible for this: motherboard, processor, RAM, disk (write/read speed). Since the Grand Crusade client (alias a Classic 2.0 client) was developed with an eye to more modern technologies using the successful and unsuccessful experience of previous clients, it’s natural that its functionality and performance is much higher. And we all congratulate us on this :) We have made a new client for Interlude Final servers based on Grand Crusade \ Classic 2.0. This client is not only a more spectacular picture, but also more technical capabilities for us (developers): Visual improvements - lobby, character creation, interface, menu, skills) In-game functionality - character statistics, interaction with the browser inside the game, notification systems, built-in manuals and guides for specifically your profession or server as a whole. Optimized performance: Tired of lags in ToI? Haven't seen Baium with с 12060 fps animation? Does the CPU load by 50% or more infuriate you when starting 1 box? We also use modern technology for processing client-server data packets, which allows us to reduce the response time from the server. We successfully tested it on our autumn server and there was impressive result. Satisfied players from China can confirm it :) Personal data base: We want to please all the players with a new interactive system of hints and notifications. Most likely, the BBS (Community board) will be taken as a basis, with the author's interface for performing the following tasks: General information about the server features and add-ons. Where to level up faster? What new "buttons" are available to your profession? Status of changed locations How updated sets interact with your character When you reach a certain level or participate in an event, you will receive a notification (short text, GIF-animation, video) about what is recommended to do further for a faster / interesting development; We want to emphasize that for this launch we aim to achieve 2 goals: Create a system of notifications - the architecture of the knowledge base; Fill it with content that will eliminate the gap of knowledge between Interlude - Interlude Final.
  3. Dear friends! 2018 is coming to an end :) Our team wishes you a Happy New Year, and we also want to wish that the coming year will bring you only pleasure, both in real life and within our beloved world of Lineage 2. And on the occasion of the upcoming holidays we want to please you with a wonderful event - "Dress a Christmas tree!" Important information: Who can participate: Each player of our server can become an event participant, regardless of the equipment and level of your character in the game. The event is not tied to time and a specific location. It is enough to be in the game and hunt monsters in order to participate. Event description: 1. You need to hunt an ordinary mobs in the game world, and the following items will be dropped out of them: [*] Fir Tree Branch [*] Bead Ornament [*] Star Ornament [*] Christmas Red Sock - with a slight chance. When you open, you will receive 1 gift from the list below: [SPOILER="Description"] [*]25 Ivory Coins [*]10 Quick Healing Potions [*]Soul Crystals 11/12/13 Levels [*]Fire/Water/Earth/Wind/Holy/Dark Attribute Ore (АТТ stones) [*]Enchanted Threasure Chest [*]Threasure Chest with Life Stone [*]Potion of Enegry Replenishing (restores 25% from max. Vitality) [*][*][/SPOILER] 2. Bring all collected parts of the Christmas Tree (branches, beads and stars) to Santa Assistant Emma. Emma is located on Giran square. 3. Exchange Christmas Tree parts from Emma and get instead of them: [*]Christmas Red Sock [*] Christmas Festiva - useful buff that increases character parameters: [SPOILER="Description"] [*]Duration - 120 minutes [*]Cannot be canceled, stolen [*]Does not fall down at death [*]Does not work at the Olympiad [*]Does not take buff slot [*]HP, CP, MP + 15% [*]Moving speed +10 [*]P. Atk. + 8% [*]M. Atk. + 10% [*]All Clarity + 10% [*][*][/SPOILER] Exchange rate of parts: [*]to get the Christmas Red Sock = 1 star + 3 beads + 10 branches [*]to get Christmas Festival = 3 stars / 8 beads / 25 branches (one of the options to choose from) Also, depending on the diligence shown when participating in the event, players will receive special gifts on New Year's Eve! ;) During the first dialogue with New Year NPC Santa Assistant Emma (on Giran square) each player will receive gifts: [*]Staff of transformation into a Snowman: [*]Transformation - increases the speed of movement and allows you to throw snowballs [*]MP +30% [*]gives 3 active skills: "stone/scissors/paper" [*]Santa's Hat: [*]Adds an active Vitality replenishment skill (Energy Recovery) - restores energy when gaining experience; [*]Buff duration - 20 minutes; [*]Energy Reuse Delay - 8 hours; [*]Duration of hat - 1 month; [*]Personal item. [*]Santa's Hat can be improved to Improved Santa's Hat from NPC Santa Assistant Emma for 15 Family Coin: [*]Adds an active Vitality replenishment skill (Improved Energy Recovery) - restores energy when gaining experience; [*]Buff duration - 60 minutes; [*]Energy Reuse Delay - 4 hours; [*]Duration of hat - iternal; [*]Personal item. Happy holidays to you! Launch date - December 22 (already started); End date - will be announced a little later in this topic; Be sure to update your game files via updater for correct displaying of event items and gifts! There is a New Year's Tree on Giran Square. Mobs tore her and stole all the jewelry. Santa-Claus sent his assistant to the Kingdom of Aden so that she could restore the Christmas Tree before the New Year, and it's only hope for the help of the players!
  4. Dear friends! The special .lock command was implemented to enhance the security of your characters, which will prohibit items transfering untill you unlock the character. Why is this useful? After blocking, your character will not be able to: Transfer items; Iinflict damage on other characters (so that items cannot be transferred through PK). Detailed info: PK characters won't be able to use .lock command How to use it? First you need to set a password. Enter the commands ".setlockpw password" (i.e. if you want to set a password "1234", you must enter in a chat .setlockpw 1234). The password must contain from 4 to 8 characters; To enable a lock, enter the ".lock password" command into a chat (i.e. if you used "1234" password in the first paragraph, you must enter .lock 1234 in the chat); To disable a lock, you must enter ".unlock password" command into a chat (i.e. if you used "1234" password in the first paragraph, you must enter. unlock 1234 in the chat). IMPORTANT: Do not share your character security password with anyone! If game values are stolen from a character due to sharing of a password, they won't be returned. Do not lose or forget your password! Keep it in a safe place! In case of loss of a password, its recovery will be a paid service (20 FC from Control Panel balance).
  5. Dear friends! We invite you to take a part in the "The awakening of Cronus" event. The event consists of two parts, a quest and an instance. It developed for passing in the command channel. You can gain extra EXP and get nice drop for killing the Giant. Details: The event is regular for the Gracia Final x7 server; Quest an Instance zone rollback is daily at 6:30 am by server time (GMT +2); Quest begins at NPC Adventurers' Guide; Quest-participants must be level 70-80 (incl.) Raid boss farmers must be 75-85 lvl. Entrance to the zone is available for the command channels from 18 to 45 members (2-5 parties). Any character can be a command channel's leader. You can enter the instance zone through the NPC Lucius, which is located in the Gludio town. Reward: Event Description: On the Gracia island Ancient Giant, whose name is Cronus is awakened from ancient sleep. The Alliance of Ketzerossa encourages the Elmoreden clans to gather all their strengths, to unite into groups and go to war with the ancient evil! Quest begins at NPC Adventurers' Guide. After taking the quest, go to NPC Lucius, which you can find in Gludio town. About the Quest: Quest title: Stop the Ancient Giant Type: group Objective: to defeat Cronus Required level: 70-85 Mechanics: Player who make last hit takes reward. If player is in party or command channel, reward is divided equally for each party member. Reward: 75.000.000 EXP & 7.500.000 SP; 50 Ivory Coins The quest cooldowns daily at 6:30 AM server time (GMT +2). Instance zone and Raid Boss is available for players only 70-80 lvl, consisting of a team channel of 18-45 members. You can farm RB without taking Quest. The entry is made by Command channel's leader, the players must be situated within a small radius of the NPC. After entering, players enter a zone, which is protected from aggression of RB, there you can reorganize groups if it is necessary and to make rebuff, and then start to farm RB. After receiving significant damage Cronus uses a force field, protecting Cronus from any kind of damage. To destroy the field, two groups of players must go through the opened portals and destroy the Generators. You have to find the real generators among the fakes. When the force field of RB is weaken, you can continue the fight. After the Giant's death, the Reward drops to the ground as usual. You can leave the zone through the opened portal.
  6. Dear players! Changes and fixes for the period of November 08-19: Logic of entry to Frintezza has been reworked. Now the CC leader must remain alive for 30-60 seconds so that CC could enter to RB; Exp buff from Achievement can no longer be stolen; Now the Resist Shock from Newbie Guide can be replaced with a player's buff; Daily quest for level 80-85 has been added; Fixes in Crystal Rune: Incorrect in-game description of Crystal Rune was corrected (works for players from level 1 to 85); Crystal Rune now does not work at the Olympiad. Now offline traders are automatically restored after server restarts.
  7. Dear Friends of http://www.lineage2dex.com ! On 26 oct , our Gracia Final x7 server have successfully started! During this time, we have stability, growing markets in towns, a lot of solo players and small groups, as well as large clans participating in big wars. Hundreds of players are already enjoying the game! If you are looking for a stable, long-term server with high online. Join now! Useful links: Register : https://lineage2dex.com/reg Updater : https://forum.lineage2dex.com/resources/60/download Client GF : https://forum.lineage2dex.com/resources/59/download Patch : https://forum.lineage2dex.com/resources/62/download Exp/Sp: x7 Adena: x5-x3 SealStone: х3 (amount) Drop: chance х4 Spoil: chance х3* RB exp/sp: x7 RB drop: chance x2 Epic: x1 Quest (adena/exp/sp): x2 х3 This fall, the largest projects came together to create a truly impressive server (Triple-A class among on all free l2 projects), with a huge number of players from around the world, based on the Gracia Final. Server Features: GF off files, everything works on 100% One of the best defenses against third-party software, 24/7 bot-hunting Balanced concept of the server. Comfortable game for both large sides and small groups of players. Also find themselves and solo players who are accustomed to slowly play for fun and enjoy game Moderate GM Shop International community players from Asia, CIS countries, Europe, America more info about server setup : https://forum.lineage2dex.com/threads/13255/
  8. Elmoraden is in danger and you can’t remain uninvolved! Conquer the Tower of Insolence and suppress the epic Raid Boss Baium, confined in it. Acquire tenure of inaccessible Aden. Fight in PvP Zones till the last drop of your blood! Dear Friends! The time has come! 2.0 Saviors Update will take place earlier than the planned time frame. {cat (15)} With this update you will get: New Raids, New locations, Olympiad, 3rd prof, Fishing System and many more content Full list you can see here: Lineage 2 Classic: Saviors Update Thanks to everyone who helped us with tests and joined OBT 2.0. At night from 15 to 16 server will be on maintance around ~4hous. To join 2.0 you have to download 2.0 client Download client Patch Updater Classic Insolence x4 - Full server Description Guide - How to start play on Insolence x4 Server A little from the server life: More Videos: Media Opening of server Insolence x4 January 26 20:00 (UTC +1) Lineage 2 Classic RU Description Dear Friends! We are pleased to announce the grand opening date and rates of the L2Dex classic server! Thank you for your patience, support and help in testing! Opening will be on January 26th at 20:00 (UTC +1). Server will be start on Classic 1.5 with Updates for 2.0 and so on. Server Features: XP\SP: x4 Spoil: x3 chance, x1 amount, and if the chance is above 100% then the amount is increased. Adena: Poll - Adena Rate Drop: x2 chance, amount x1, and if the chance is above 100% then the amount is increased. Drop for books: x3 chance Quest Reward Items: x1 Quest Reward adena: x3 Quest drop item: x2 Raid Boss drop: x2 chance Raid Boss XP\SP: x4 Fishing exp\sp: x3 Join the voting: Poll - How many clients would you like to be allowed? Poll - Tradable ToDs or NOT tradable ToDs? Poll - Shops in Giran Harbor ? Often we hear questions about Donate Shop - so we give the answer and make it clear :) Donation is minimal, no equipment, just consumables, scrolls, decorations, etc. Everything is almost the same as on the official servers of Korea. You can see detailed assortments and prices on our Beta Servers (there may be slight changes in prices or assortment before the start). [SPOILER="Screen with donation shop"] [/SPOILER] We remind you that open testing is available to anyone. You have two option for beta servers: Classic 1.5 and for Classic 2.0. More on how to join Beta - Open Beta Test Classic 1.5-2.0- Launch November 18 We also invite you to our Discord channel. Here you can chat with the administration and other players, as well as find a company for the game Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers Stay tuned! Sincerely, Lineage2Dex Team How to start play on Insolence x4 Server: There are 4 steps you have to do to start play: 1. REGISTER a Master Account 2. CREATE a Game Account 3. PREPARE the game 4. LOGIN to the server This is our main site: Lineage2Dex When you open it you can choose PREFERABLE LANGUAGE and you can make a REGISTRATION Click on REGISTRATION and you will be redirected to the registration part of the site PREFIX is generated automatically, however you can change it, these 3 letters make your Master Account more secure. Create a LOGIN Create a PASSWORD (minimum 8 signs long) REPEAT your PASSWORD Write your EMAIL address I agree to the terms and rules CHECKED I am not a robot CHECKED Check your email box, you should get CONFIRMATION OF REGISTRATION Click on the ACTIVATE ACCOUNT button Congratulation You have successfully registered Your Master Account! From the main page of our server: Lineage2Dex First you have to LOGIN to your Master Account On this part you have to write your LOGIN with added PREFIX and your PASSWORD REMEMBER ME if you want your browser to remember your login and password I am not a robot CHECKED After all clock on CONTINUE button You will get an email after your first login with confirmation all your Master Account details Click on GO TO CABINET button Now you will be redirected to your Master Account panel Very important thing is to choose proper SERVER on which you want to create a Game Account, so choose [AoS] INSOLENCE x4 for Classic 1.5 or [SvS] Insolence x4 for Classic 2.0 After you choose a proper server you can click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT button A popup window will appear, so fill all the required fields PREFIX is generated automatically, however you can change it, these 3 letters make your Game Account more secure Create your LOGIN, your PASSWORD and CONFIRM PASSWORDto the game account After all click REGISTER Check your email box, you should get confirmation that you successfully created your Game Account On the confirmation email you will see the details of your Game Account, such as ACCOUNT with chosen PREFIX andPASSWORD You have to confirm your details by clicking GO TO CABINET button Congratulation You have successfully created Your Game Account! Download a proper CLIENT from here: Resources Unzip the client Download, save and unzip a proper PATCH file to your Lineage2 folder Now run l2.exe, from your system folder Make sure you use patch matching the client Sometimes antyvirus can block your game, so add it to the exceptions if the game won't start Congratulation You have successfully prepered Your Game Client! OPEN your L2.exe (you should have it on your desktop, if not, you can find it in the system folder) Use your game account LOGIN, don't forget about PREFIX Use your game account PASSWORD Confirm all the details clicking LOG IN From now you can enjoy your GAME!