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  1. [L2J]Dex Classic Server Insolence

    INSOLENCE x4 GRAND OPENING January 26th 21:00 (UTC +2) Lineage 2 Classic Rates: XP\SP: x4 Spoil: x3 chance, x1 amount, and if the chance is above 100% then the amount is increased. Adena: x2.5 Drop: x2 chance, amount x1, and if the chance is above 100% then the amount is increased. Drop for books: x3 chance Quest Reward Items: x1 Quest Reward adena: x3 Quest drop item: x2 Raid Boss drop: x2 chance Raid Boss XP\SP: x4 Fishing exp\sp: x2 Server Features: 2 clients from 1 PC allowed (1 main + 1 box) ToDs (donation coins) are not tradable Not limited offline shop (How to use this function: setup your shop and write .offline in general chat window when you are ready. Price - 50k adena) Possibility to check drop/spoil etc from mobs in game - will be available after server start Raid Bosses can't be taken away too far from their respawn spot Paid teleports from GK - like it shoul be in 1.5 Classic Recommended trading area - Monster Race Track (teleport is free from every GK) Provisional Clan Halls available from server opening, other Clan Halls 2 weeks after server start First siege 1 month after start There is no Olimpiad in classic 1.5 World chat function: The ‘&’ can be used to chat to the entire world The world chat menu can be set in the Settings The conditions for using the world chat are as follow: World Chat Points: 10 per day \ 20 per day for players with premium account Point Consumption: 1 Level Requirements: Level 40+ \ Level 10+ for players with premium account Reset Time: 6:30 Donation Shop: Donation is minimal, no equipment, just consumables, scrolls, decorations, etc. Everything is almost the same as on the official servers of Korea. 1euro = 33 ToDs Packege: Mysterious Soulshot-Spiritshots (No Grade - D Grade) Infinite Wooden Quiver and Bone Quilver Misc items (Buff scrolls, potion, bsoe, bres) Scrolls of Expirience/SP (+20% - 60 min) and (+30% - 20 min) XP/SP Rune +10% - 7 days More than 300 different Hats Note, that some of the consumables will not be available from server opening, will be added later Premium Account: +30% SP +30% Spoil chance -30% experience lost during death -50% teleport price Bonus in world chat function 7 days - 165 ToDs / 14 days - 275 ToDs / 30 days - 550 ToDs Guide - How to start play on Insolence x4 Server
  2. [L2J]Dex Classic Server Insolence

    there are always high rate servers available , just move on if not suits you .
  3. [L2J]Dex Classic Server Insolence

    In order to enter server you need to download the patch
  4. [L2J]Dex Classic Server Insolence

    we can live with this "bug" from client - its called "we use proxies for security" Have a great day !
  5. [L2J]Dex Classic Server Insolence

    if you found this after you just logged i guess you have no idea what files we use . its not 1 min job to compare . and its kinda lack of respect for our beta testers and their reports in past year . check and post after not just to trashtalk . thanks
  6. [L2J]Dex Classic Server Insolence

    Weekly newsletter :
  7. [L2J]Dex Classic Server Insolence

    How to start play on Insolence x4 Server: There are 4 steps you have to do to start play: 1. REGISTER a Master Account 2. CREATE a Game Account 3. PREPARE the game 4. LOGIN to the server This is our main site: Lineage2Dex When you open it you can choose PREFERABLE LANGUAGE and you can make a REGISTRATION Click on REGISTRATION and you will be redirected to the registration part of the site PREFIX is generated automatically, however you can change it, these 3 letters make your Master Account more secure. Create a LOGIN Create a PASSWORD (minimum 8 signs long) REPEAT your PASSWORD Write your EMAIL address I agree to the terms and rules CHECKED I am not a robot CHECKED Check your email box, you should get CONFIRMATION OF REGISTRATION Click on the ACTIVATE ACCOUNT button Congratulation You have successfully registered Your Master Account! From the main page of our server: Lineage2Dex First you have to LOGIN to your Master Account On this part you have to write your LOGIN with added PREFIX and your PASSWORD REMEMBER ME if you want your browser to remember your login and password I am not a robot CHECKED After all clock on CONTINUE button You will get an email after your first login with confirmation all your Master Account details Click on GO TO CABINET button Now you will be redirected to your Master Account panel Very important thing is to choose proper SERVER on which you want to create a Game Account, so choose [AoS] INSOLENCE x4 for Classic 1.5 or [SvS] Insolence x4 for Classic 2.0 After you choose a proper server you can click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT button A popup window will appear, so fill all the required fields PREFIX is generated automatically, however you can change it, these 3 letters make your Game Account more secure Create your LOGIN, your PASSWORD and CONFIRM PASSWORDto the game account After all click REGISTER Check your email box, you should get confirmation that you successfully created your Game Account On the confirmation email you will see the details of your Game Account, such as ACCOUNT with chosen PREFIX andPASSWORD You have to confirm your details by clicking GO TO CABINET button Congratulation You have successfully created Your Game Account! Download a proper CLIENT from here: Resources Unzip the client Download, save and unzip a proper PATCH file to your Lineage2 folder Now run l2.exe, from your system folder Make sure you use patch matching the client Sometimes antyvirus can block your game, so add it to the exceptions if the game won't start Congratulation You have successfully prepered Your Game Client! OPEN your L2.exe (you should have it on your desktop, if not, you can find it in the system folder) Use your game account LOGIN, don't forget about PREFIX Use your game account PASSWORD Confirm all the details clicking LOG IN From now you can enjoy your GAME!
  8. [L2J]Dex Classic Server Insolence

    guide for CLASSIC 1.5 :
  9. [L2J]Dex Classic Server Insolence

    Opening of server Insolence x4 January 26 20:00 (UTC +1) Lineage 2 Classic RU Description Dear Friends! We are pleased to announce the grand opening date and rates of the L2Dex classic server! Thank you for your patience, support and help in testing! Opening will be on January 26th at 20:00 (UTC +1). Server will be start on Classic 1.5 with Updates for 2.0 and so on. Server Features: XP\SP: x4 Spoil: x3 chance, x1 amount, and if the chance is above 100% then the amount is increased. Adena: Poll - Adena Rate Drop: x2 chance, amount x1, and if the chance is above 100% then the amount is increased. Drop for books: x3 chance Quest Reward Items: x1 Quest Reward adena: x3 Quest drop item: x2 Raid Boss drop: x2 chance Raid Boss XP\SP: x4 Fishing exp\sp: x3 Join the voting: Poll - How many clients would you like to be allowed? Poll - Tradable ToDs or NOT tradable ToDs? Poll - Shops in Giran Harbor ? Often we hear questions about Donate Shop - so we give the answer and make it clear :) Donation is minimal, no equipment, just consumables, scrolls, decorations, etc. Everything is almost the same as on the official servers of Korea. You can see detailed assortments and prices on our Beta Servers (there may be slight changes in prices or assortment before the start). [SPOILER="Screen with donation shop"] [/SPOILER] We remind you that open testing is available to anyone. You have two option for beta servers: Classic 1.5 and for Classic 2.0. More on how to join Beta - Open Beta Test Classic 1.5-2.0- Launch November 18 We also invite you to our Discord channel. Here you can chat with the administration and other players, as well as find a company for the game Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers Stay tuned! Sincerely, Lineage2Dex Team
  10. [L2J]Dex Classic Server Insolence

    Dear friends! Since today automatic registration is closed, therefore you can register a game account for the Classic server via our web interface. You can still use accounts whitch was created through auto-registration to enter in to the classic 1.5 and classic 2.0 beta servers, these accounts will remain after testing and you can use them on the life server, but only if you will bind them with Master Account - How to join on Beta test How to bind auto-registered accounts to the Master Account: Go to your Master Account (MA), by using your email and password Be sure that you chose the correct server, before create or add game account. Must be selected AoS or SvS for classic. Not Union! Click on "Create an account" to create a new game account, unless you have one Click on "Add the account" if you have created a game account and you want to bind your auto-registered account to your MA ATTENTION: All accounts that are not linked with master account will be deleted before the opening. It is important to bind your game account to MA if you are participating in the New Year Event: - Event - New Year Event for Open Beta If you have not previously played on servers, Welcome! We are glad that you joined us! You can create new Master Account here: Lineage2Dex – The most popular L2 servers: L2 Classic, L2 High Five, L2 Interlude, L2 Gracia Final Our team wish you a happy New Year and wonderful holidays! An announcement with the Opening Date will be published after the holidays!
  11. [L2J]Dex Classic Server Insolence

    adrenaline works only on srv with protection from adrenaline partners . search this forum for details
  12. [L2J]Dex Classic Server Insolence

    in your dreams maybe . Dex has always same owner and will have same owner since we will close it . Was easy to check since we have same payments since 2005 . About shitty servers , try make one better . We were pioneers at many levels in l2 . So take it easy :)
  13. [L2J]Dex Classic Server Insolence

    He was the most evil, ill-mannered and untidy performer of desires in the whole history of human life. His twin brother was a kind, cheerful and just the most wonderful man in the world, who on Christmas Eve was running from one part of the planet to another, and delivers gifts to the people, flying on a huge sleigh, which was harnessed by six flying reindeer. Evil Santa laughed at his brother and did all sorts of dirty tricks to him: he could disperse the reindeer, he could break a sleigh, and sometimes he could throw out all gifts that Good Santa collected with such trepidation. At this time he stole your Christmas presents. You can try to bring back them in Giran. Event Duration The event will be on from 27th of Dec 2017 till 4th of Jan 2018. On 4th of Jan our Mad Santa will go away till next year How to take part Each hour (from 19:00 till 00:00) our Mad Santa will appear in Giran. You should to hit him to get your presents. After 10 minutes he will go away. You will get Snowball which can be exchanged for necessary consumables after start of the server. Item will be tradable after server launching. Sheet with items for exchange For Age of Splendor 1st Class Buff Scroll Greater Wind Walk Potion Greater Haste Potion Greater Magic Haste Potion SP Scroll XP/SP Scroll +20% Infinite Quiver Hair Accessory Agathions Suits For Saviors will be added few more items 2nd Class Buff Scroll Superspeed Potion CP Potion Greater CP Potion Fishing Rod - 10 day Fishing XP Growth Amulet Special Pirate Fruit At this wonderful time of the year I'd like to wish you, lineagers, well and thank you for being with us! Let the upcoming year bring you many thrilling, happy, breath-taking, cute, funny and memorable moments in Lineage 2. May our new Classic server become favorite place for fearless Classic players and will prosper! I have to conclude, this year was an awesome experience both for the team and me personally. It offered tons of challenges which provided huge opportunities for development. I have to say, it would be nothing without such an active community and the whole team is proud to have one. The processes which take place on the server have a massive influence on the whole Lineage 2 development. And I'll repeat it once again. It's all thanks to you, our community. And we hope that the much desired Classic server that we were happy to present will be awesome. At this point I wish to congratulate you with approaching of one of the most desired holidays of the year. Even though this day doesn't mean much for me, I am sure it's a huge opportunity for you to spend time with your dearest people and in a warm festive atmosphere. Thank you for being such a responsive and loyal community! Merry Christmas, lineagers! Let the New Year be happy and may it bring you good luck!
  14. [L2J]Dex Classic Server Insolence

    wont be any items with p.attack >1 as old dex servers , so no p2w
  15. [L2J]Dex Classic Server Insolence

    Alot of warriors on this forum :)