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  1. Dear fiends! Congratulations to all with successful opening! It's really amazing! We have some problems with website yesterday on opening, and we are sorry for this, looks like our opening pay attention on some not good ppl and they try to break our start. But we have very good team, that work not first year with Lineage2. And we successful defense, game start was smooth, no lags in game no DC no drops. For now only stable work! We all together make great work, and were able to collect a good online and best La2 community! Like usual, we will give u more content
  2. will be nice if you move after opening . thanks We remind you that the opening will take place today, on May 15 at 19:00 (UTC +3) Check current time Countdown Clock On 16:00 (UTC +3) We allow you to login for create character! We have the option to RESERVE Nick Name before start. Check web panel - services. Dear friends, this topic important! So please take time to read it. First we want to thank all players who took part in the Open Beta testing. Thanks to all who conducted tests with us and prepared this game world! You are amazing! On 16:00 (UTC +3)
  3. +15% Extra ToDs for all donations(10.05 - 15.05). Starter Packs + GIVEAWAY! Dear players, From today 10/05/2021 until the Grand Opening on 15/05/2021 you will get FREE 15% bonus TODs to you order! In this thread we will show what is Starter Packs and how to get them on our new server Interlude x50. On the website in your account you can buy a starter set. There are 3 of them, they all differ in the needs of each player. Sets are discounted. You can buy Starter Packs ONLY ON WEB and ONLY from May 15 in Dex Strore! Strater packs not sell in game! Buy only after you cr
  4. Dear friends, May 10 at 20:00 (UTC +3) will be available access for our test server. UTC+3 - exact time now - Time.is During beta test will be available OBT Manager (NPC Eva) in Giran with all necessary items for test. We run 7signs in 3h cycle. So you can register and test it. We strongly recommend visiting beta. Check the concept of the server before it start. View the NPC Buffer, Shop, Services. - EVENT ON BETA TEST - GET FREE GOLD STARTER PACK! For participation in our Open Beta you can use your old Master Accounts(web accoun
  5. Dear friends! We are introducing a Loyalty Program for streamers who shows the in-game world situation. As a L2Dex streamer you will get the gifts listed below every week: Certificate for 7 days (Premium Account) Modern Buff Book 7 days x20 Medal of Glory (2000 Fame points) Conditions for streamers: Your stream must contain Lineage2Dex.com in its title and L2Dex banner or logo in its window. All the streamed materials have to be saved! 20 hours of transmission per week grants a gift *If streams will be l
  6. Opening May 15 at 19:00 (UTC +3) Open Beta Test from May 10 https://lineage2dex.com /data/attachments/3/3507-c8eb740a35f7d99cc78a53c7609ff04b.jpg Hello everyone! Summer is coming, and with it the start of a NEW season on Lineage2dex.com! For those who follow our project, it is no secret about the upcoming new summer season. Today we are ready to give an official announcement with the date / time of the start Opening date/time - May 15 19:00 (UTC +3) Open Beta - From May 10 For new players, a few words about Dex project: Our servers are the longes
  7. /data/attachments/3/3495-2056c8e12207c2abacc78b18cff24355.jpg Dear Dexters! On April 11, the Union server is one year old! We are very excited about this date! For x50 PvP server, this is an excellent result! Together with you, we have passed a long and very interesting way. We have made a wonderful server where hundreds of players enjoy and get fun every day! Thanks for choosing Lineage2Dex.com and your support! April 11 - from 19:00 till 21:00 in Aden Town will be NPC Ahuron Raulian. He prepared UNIQUE souvenirs and some personal useful items in honor of the server anniversary.
  8. Dear friends! We have finished with merge and soon open access to merged server - UNIONWhat you should know about merged server: All alliances and macroses were deleted, so you need create new For now we have heroes from both server. 2 hero for each class. List of heroes disabled (will be back on next Oly cycle) Transferred characters who have same name in OLD server get prefix wn_. You can change your nickname for free on WEB Now you can login on webpanel with your master account, and check all your characters (on web) All epic bosses were killed and
  9. Server restart 12:15 (UTC +3) Duration 15-30 minThanks for your feedback and suggestions, this is really help.You can always tell your opinion and make your suggestions on the forum here - General DiscussionChangelist: Will be reset epic respawn time to evening by server time (UTC +3) Increased success rate for chance Life Stones Improved location Caravan Encampment (on HB), now will be more mobs and more comfortable respawn places Buffs Evade Shot, Critical Blow, Blinding Blow moved to trigger slots (will not take regular buff slots) Removed from MW Majestic Le
  10. Leprechauns have lost their Lucky Pots around the world, great wealth is hidden in them! Unfortunately these Pots are affected by a magic seal of Leprechauns, not many creatures know the secret how to unseal. Fortunately Satyr Skirtos spent a lot of time in the Leprechaun's Company, and staled the secret. For a small fee, he is ready to open the Pot for you. Hunt monsters from 18.06 till 28.06 and find Lucky Pots! Skirtos will come to Giran Town and Giran Harbor on June 18 and will be there till July 1. For some fee (5 ToDs or 22kk adena, for player choice) he will open Po
  11. https://lineage2dex.com/reg Changelist: Mobs were weakened on HB (a little) Improved the first HB spot near Harbor for solo players Add in drop list to some mobs Oriharukorn Ore Add one more RB Darion in HB on Enchanted Megaliths location. With same drop and respawn time like from Hannibal and Typhoon Delete sounds from HS debuffs Increased buff time from PP to 1h (now all buffs) Now more chance to rare A gr will appear in Giran Harbor Fair Now after server restart you don't need again load you offline shops, they will stay in game (in test mode). This is last restart when y
  12. Changelist: Giran Harbor Fair, add new items (now you can see there rare A gr items) Auctioneers from Rune, Giran and Aden now can sell S gr rare items Reduced price of A gr recipes (Adena+AA) Add trading zone on Hellbound Harbor Now if you don't get quest item from Ketra/Varka Raid Boss, you will get in pm reason Fixed "dead" zones on Hellbound when your character can stuck (report me if you find more such places) Fixed description on some rare items, before was incorrect (bad translate from Korean) Increase clan penalty when leave or withdraw m
  13. Today its 1 month since https://www.lineage2dex.com x50 interlude server opened. Pvp fights still with 300 ppl Thanks for your feedback and suggestions, this is really help. You can always tell your opinion and make your suggestions on the forum here - General Discussion Changelist: Add Master work items - When trying to create items of grade B or higher, there is a small (~ 6%) chance of creating a rare item. Rare items give some bonuses compared to ordinary ones. Start event Medals Collecting - Medals Collecting May 12 - May 20 - Lineage2Dex | Forum | Lineage 2
  14. Congratulations First Heroes in our server Interlude x50! We remind, now you have 1 week without fights, so you can rest from Oly days, and gain strength for the next cycle of Olympiad battle from May 11 All details about Olympiad you can read here - https://forum.lineage2dex.com/threads/14261/
  15. Https://www.lineage2dex.com/reg to fight !