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  1. Leprechauns have lost their Lucky Pots around the world, great wealth is hidden in them! Unfortunately these Pots are affected by a magic seal of Leprechauns, not many creatures know the secret how to unseal. Fortunately Satyr Skirtos spent a lot of time in the Leprechaun's Company, and staled the secret. For a small fee, he is ready to open the Pot for you. Hunt monsters from 18.06 till 28.06 and find Lucky Pots! Skirtos will come to Giran Town and Giran Harbor on June 18 and will be there till July 1. For some fee (5 ToDs or 22kk adena, for player choice) he will open Pots for you. We make a similar event on our previous server. It favorably affects the economy. Helping withdraw Adena and ToDs from game server. Players who don't like such games, anyway can get profit from it. Hunt mobs and sell Lucky Pots to other players who will try their luck. Pots are tradable. Good luck with hunting!
  2. Changelist: Mobs were weakened on HB (a little) Improved the first HB spot near Harbor for solo players Add in drop list to some mobs Oriharukorn Ore Add one more RB Darion in HB on Enchanted Megaliths location. With same drop and respawn time like from Hannibal and Typhoon Delete sounds from HS debuffs Increased buff time from PP to 1h (now all buffs) Now more chance to rare A gr will appear in Giran Harbor Fair Now after server restart you don't need again load you offline shops, they will stay in game (in test mode). This is last restart when you need login shops =) Respawn time for Epic reset to evening in EU zone (exactly time we give after server restart) According to the results of the voting, the random time was reduced from 2 hours to 1 hour for: Queen Ant, Core, Orfen, Zaken, Frintezza Increased PvP zone on Core Voting for changing on Bubbles (80 lvl skills) still opening, will see on results tomorrow
  3. Changelist: Giran Harbor Fair, add new items (now you can see there rare A gr items) Auctioneers from Rune, Giran and Aden now can sell S gr rare items Reduced price of A gr recipes (Adena+AA) Add trading zone on Hellbound Harbor Now if you don't get quest item from Ketra/Varka Raid Boss, you will get in pm reason Fixed "dead" zones on Hellbound when your character can stuck (report me if you find more such places) Fixed description on some rare items, before was incorrect (bad translate from Korean) Increase clan penalty when leave or withdraw members to 1h Now from Hellbound Raid Bosses you can get Neolithic crystals (with these items on Blacksmith Mammon you can improve any items to rare) Mobs changed on Hellbound, some mobs now have more HP, add more resistance to fear, hold, stun attacks Reduced a little adena drop from HB mobs Add more resources in drop from HB mobs (like players ask in suggestions)
  4. Today its 1 month since x50 interlude server opened. Pvp fights still with 300 ppl Thanks for your feedback and suggestions, this is really help. You can always tell your opinion and make your suggestions on the forum here - General Discussion Changelist: Add Master work items - When trying to create items of grade B or higher, there is a small (~ 6%) chance of creating a rare item. Rare items give some bonuses compared to ordinary ones. Start event Medals Collecting - Medals Collecting May 12 - May 20 - Lineage2Dex | Forum | Lineage 2 Classic | Interlude Due voting on discord, we back Epics to evening respawn time. Exactly time of respawning next Epic RB we will give after server restart. Infernal Form (dark Form) - skill back to Tyrants About new location on HellBound - we still work on it. Will be ready from next Tuesday (May 19). This is hard location with unique mobs AI, and interesting gameplay. We need be 100% sure all work properly, that's why need more time. On HB will be few locations: Port Arean near Harbor - solo player's area without pvp zone, in drop LS, Enchants, Codex Ancient Temple Remnants - location with undead mobs without pvp zone, in drop LS, Enchants, Codex Enchanted Megalith - good drop pvp zone, more chances to drop LS, Enchants, Codex Sand Swept Dunes - good drop pvp zone, more chances to drop LS, Enchants, Codex Also, on HB will be 2 RB with good drop. We have good news! On this week our unique online players number grew with 20-30% We see new players on server after we start give bonuses for newbies. Ppl choose stable long life project We added a new proxy to choose from login with better fps and low ping, great for latin americans , europeans and asians players Tell you friends, all new character will get D/C gr full equipment + 3days Premium Account Its a perfect time to JOIN! This night on Valakas were more than 400 ppl involved in mass pvp(screen from game)!
  5. Congratulations First Heroes in our server Interlude x50! We remind, now you have 1 week without fights, so you can rest from Oly days, and gain strength for the next cycle of Olympiad battle from May 11 All details about Olympiad you can read here -
  6. Https:// to fight !
  7. Server restart 11:00 (UTC +3) Duration ~30 min After server restart you need run launcher! Thanks for your feedback and suggestions, this is really help. You can always tell your opinion and make your suggestions on the forum here - General Discussion Changelist: Fortress activated, now you can get them - read about Forts Increased distance between traders Add Shield with Turkish/Columbia Flag, Lionheart, Dark Brother Add ACP (Auto use CP/MP/HP) in game patch, right click to activate (in test mode) Max level on charge Tyrant Gladiator 7 Now when you summon mount Lion character stop Fixed a bug where some types of blessed spiritshot worked at the Olympiad
  8. Server restart 11:00 (UTC +3) Duration ~30 min After server restart you need run launcher! Thanks for your feedback and suggestions, this is really help. Changelist: Now you can use buffbook when you "flagged" but not in combat mode (already work) Changed summons on Necromancers delete all passive skills that not exist on Interlude Gold Maned Lion mount increase summon time to 2 sec 4s fixed when another party can enter. Its test fix, so please if someone got problem with this, report to me Deleted sigils recipes from Box (Ketra, Varka) Add gamestones D, C, B gr in Premium Shop for adena Fixed Damage on Screen, now you can set up it on launcher Fixed issue when you can get karma on TvT After server restart TvT will be again available, added new Zone. Zones will change every day
  9. bots are not allowed at any case. We always give and will give ban for using bots . you were warned one time to play fair , yet you didnt .
  10. Dear friends, we start Grand Olympiad on Interlude x50! It has a lot of difference from standard Interlude Olympiad Games, so we recommend read this topic. Basic rules: Olympiad in 2 weeks cycle. Each 2 weeks - new hero First week, without fights, second week fights Fights from 18:00 till 23:40 (UTC +3) You need make at less 15 fights with 1 win - this is minimal to be on Hero nomination On this scheme you can see when you get PTS and when week with fights First Olympiad cycle: April 20 - May 3 Fights: April 27 - May 3(included) First Hero: May 4 Gameplay on Olympiad: Only non class fights 1x1 One arena from HF (Green) [/spoiler] No limits for enchanting equipment Can't use Blessed Spiritshots, only usual spiritshots Can't use any potions, buff books 120 seconds before TP on Arena, when TP you get restore, and once again restore after 5 sec You can choose 5 buffs from NPC Olympiad Host [/spoiler] 60 second on preparation, when 10 sec left open doors on arena Amount of 20% PTS get from player with minimal PTS, and go to Winner, but not more 10 PTS for 1 fight [/spoiler] Olympiad Tokens and Daily Quest: For wining you get 200 Olympiad Tokens, you can exchange it on Olympiad Manager for different items On Olympiad Manager you can get Quests (Daily quests), make it and you will get extra reward Hero and Hero weapon: We left only 2 Hero Skills, in order to avoid the dominance of the side who can get most of the heroes, but at the same time Hero Weapons are slightly better than standard from Interlude. You can always exchange Hero weapon on another for 25kk Adena in Monuments of Heroes Existing skills: Heroic Miracle - For 30 seconds, increases P. Def. by 5400, M. Def. by 4050, Resistance to buff-canceling attacks by 80, and Speed by 5. Consumes 40 Soul Ore. Heroic Berserker - For 2 minutes, increases the user's Accuracy by 8, P. Atk. by 500, M. Atk. by 500, Atk. Spd. by 100, Casting Spd. by 100, Speed by 20, Resistance to buff-canceling attacks by 80, and the effect of received HP recovery magic by 100%. Bestows complete Resistance to de-buff attacks. Decreases P. Def. by 25%, M. Def. by 25%, and Evasion by 8. Consumes 40 Soul Ore. Hero Weapon:
  11. Server restart April 21 - 11:00 (UTC +3) Duration ~20 min After server restart you need run launcher! Thanks for your feedback and suggestions, this is really help. You can always tell your opinion and make your suggestions on the forum Gameplay: Anakazel increased chance to UP SA13 lvl from 15% to 75%. Decreased Magic Crit.Power. From x4 to x3. All summons max lvl 80 after enchant. Redesigned clan wars icons for more comfortable. Reduced price for 21 - 22 Buff slot books in Black Marketer Mammon. Noblesse Blessing buff has been changed to a “trigger,” so it no longer occupies a buff slot. With this change, noblesse can no longer trigger Mental Shield / Bless the Body / etc. This can create problems for some classes in the upcoming Oly. So, we change the “Fortune of Nobless” skill, and now you can use it to get the positive effects from buff sticks (Hell knight - Mental Shield, Staff of Evil Spirits - Bless the Body etc) Auctions from Giran Harbor and Item Brokers start to work. Skill changes: Bluff - increased activation rate. Blinding Blow - increased activation rate. Bison - decreased cooldown. Frenzy - decreased cooldown. Guts - decreased cooldown. Zealot - decreased cooldown. Anchor - decreased activation rate. Summon Reanimated Man - decreased cast time. Summon Corrupted Man - decreased cast time. Summon Cursed Man - decreased cast time. Aura Symphony - increased cooldown. Elemental Symphony - increased cooldown. Blizzard - increased cooldown. Inferno - increased cooldown. Demon Wind - increased cooldown. Raging Waves, Cyclone, Gehenna, Volcano - increased cooldown twice
  12. guide to download client : Server restart 14:00 (UTC +2) Duration ~15 min After server restart you need run launcher! Changes on game: increased amount of Dimension Fragment now its x4 Fixed respawn time for Elite Trex(can be UP SA 11-12 lvl ) now it 400 sec +200 sec random Add Blacksmith and Merchant of Mammon's in Giran Harbor (Now they always will be here) Frintezza nerfed, entrance to Epic Boss closed, will be open exactly in 23:00 (UTC + 2) April 17 Queen Ant a little boosted Add PvP zone on Zaken All usual Raid Bosses reduced respawn time to 12h + 12h random time Due to the huge amount of people added 2 more Gatekeepers in Giran Fixed some wrong description on items Add A gr in SHOP (As announced on April 16): SA 11/12 lvl - 100/250 ToD A gr Weapon Low(With SA) - 150 ToD A gr Mid(With SA) - 350 ToD A gr TOP(With SA) - 500 ToD A sets - 400 ToD Item Brokers: One time on week Item Brokers from Aden, Rune and Giran start Auctions in 16:00 (UTC +2). Anyone can make bet within 5 hours. They can sell random items from this list: SA 11-13, temporary Epic Jewelry (low chance to spawn), S gr weapon, S gr armor Aden Town - Monday Rune Town - Wednesday Giran Town - Friday Giran Harbor Fair: Everyday on Giran Harbor Auctioneers appear on 21:00 (UTC +2) total 12 NPC. Anyone can make bet within 1 hours. They can sell randomly: resources, consumables items, enchant scrolls, Auxiliary Stones, temporary Epic Jewelry (very low chance to spawn), S gr jewelry, S gr weapon, S gr armor, SA 11-13, Enchants skill books
  13. Join - Interlude x50 Movie from InterludeRejection!
  14. Skills: Frenzy - now has exactly the same effect as on Interlude Guts - reduced cooldown time. Now it has the same cooldown as Frenzy Soul of Pa'agrio - reverted to the Interlude version of the skill, so an additional effect that increases the M.Def has been removed. Gameplay: Cleaning speed of Karma has been increased Recovery Scrolls can be used in PK mode The sale price of items into the store has been increased Reduced penalty time after leaving the alliance to one hour Events: TvT event has been added in test mode Winner's reward - 50 Mana Potion (Loyalty 0 weight) Looser's reward - 20 Mana Potion (Loyalty 0 weight) Registration - 100k adena Minimum lvl 70 Maximum players - 100 1 player from 1 PC Good luck! ;)