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  1. i think that feature is inside engine.dll, i want to remove it from interlude client.
  2. hahahahaa other shit copy... man, l2gold.in its the only best l2off based server. This is just other copyman, ignore this post xD
  3. I want someone that can be able to work smoothly with parsers and lexers for c4l2off, pm me with references, i ve been looking for xRivaLx but he dont answer via skype, if someone have another way to contact him or know some other dev pm me. Thanks for reading
  4. thank you, but im searching the complete .txt with addresses, it is for work in c4 npc ext Like This C4 Functions list 00401640 MemoryObject::CastItem() 00401700 MemoryObject::CastCreature() 004017C0 MemoryObject::CastUser() 00401880 CAgit::CAgit() 00401A40 void CAgit::SetParentCastle(); 00401BB0 CAgit::InitAgit() 00401D30 CAgit::Set(blablabla...) 00401EC0 time_l2_t CAgit::GetAgitFirstSiegeDate() 00401FF0 void CAgit::SendAgitInfo(CUserSocket *pUserSocket) 00402130 void CAgit::StartSiege() 004021E0 void CAgit::EndSiege() 00402290
  5. If someone have it can share here? i loss that .txt Thanks in advance!
  6. maybe some error in extender code... it's impossible to know, maybe some modify that you made
  7. Hello everyone, i have to ask you bcs its eating my mind. What's the problem or secondary effects using extenders? What are the limits? i can extend any function undefinitely? Thanks for reading.
  8. I agree with paradise, if you didnt find anything and dont know how to remove a licence or use it as it is you must not open a f***ing server, at least not with PTS files/extenders. Basically Vanganth is based on C4 and much things must be fixed to work well as T0. Just see in Java to learn something or take a book to know about visual studio AT LEAST.
  9. Interlude Someone knows how to enable clicking in the screen area of the messages? maybe interface editing? I try to show messages but is so bad that players cant click in the screen area of message
  10. stupid players kill the game with their toxicity, they want all fast and old school at the same time, no custom but minicustom at the same time, they dont want pay, dont want farm, dont want play... and if they loose they quit. If someone kills him "gm player, edited player, p2w bla bla bla". Botting? other shit. The best idea for a long term server is: 1 - Using the accoun monthly payment, just to filter ratboys from ppl that love the game. 2 - Minimal gmshop/donate shop or WITHOUT ANY DONATIONS 3 - STRONG RULES. 4 - Administrators must be good and prepare project f
  11. Thanks Anarchy, i ve seen some suspicious the difference of 4x size. I know some vanganth servers use that dll with some modifications.