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  1. post the code for help you man, those are 2 html opened by different way
  2. Stupid toxic player, did you played Lineage one time in your miserable life? "gm give me items " "gm im with 200 ppl if you give me..." "gm gm gm" still crying MARICA
  3. Go to java section, here we discuss about L2OFF
  4. Use [lin2world] update user_skill set skill_id = 'wished skill id' where skill_id = 'unwanted skill_id' that may carry other problems but if you think a little and work in the query you can have a solution. Think on LEFT JOIN user_data subjob0_class, subjob1_class, subjob2_class, subjob3_class with the user_skill table
  5. I match 70% with your opinion, the other 30% is about of "L2 died".
  6. anyway, the fix is good the correct position is this. [hair] [helmet] [hair2] [underwear] [necklace] ================== [hairall] [helmet] [hairall] [underwear] [necklace] Some interlude has the {back} slot? in this case the back is used like c4
  7. Stupid and toxic pseudoplayer, what do you think ? all servers have rules in registry, server rules, forum, forum rules... if you stupidly have not readed you are the blame. Out of that, all server has work costs in money and time that is covered by donations. Nobody will rise up a server for free or for love to the game. Some administrator may delete this sh1tty post?
  8. If you want only click and up dont think in L2 OFF xD apart of the files and programs you need know about html and php minimally to make a simple web, in other words if u want to click and up pay for the services, have some people that bring support.
  9. here still have a error, some items in c6 are hairall and must use the two slots (circlets, hats) and some other uses 1 slot and it suposes that you can equip for example a rabbit ear an a eye patch, this fix is good, if i find the way to make the other i'll paste here the code
  10. I didn't say nothing, the correction must be done in both files ItemList.cpp and InventoryUpdate.cpp Else when you log in the character the fixed slot will be unequipped.-
  11. @guytis in ItemList.cpp is the same? i think that yes but you are the wiseman
  12. then try with duel or PvP_counter/count pvp and other combinations ha ha