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  1. stupid players kill the game with their toxicity, they want all fast and old school at the same time, no custom but minicustom at the same time, they dont want pay, dont want farm, dont want play... and if they loose they quit. If someone kills him "gm player, edited player, p2w bla bla bla". Botting? other shit. The best idea for a long term server is: 1 - Using the accoun monthly payment, just to filter ratboys from ppl that love the game. 2 - Minimal gmshop/donate shop or WITHOUT ANY DONATIONS 3 - STRONG RULES. 4 - Administrators must be good and prepare project for a year to release it without bugs or stupid problems. Lineage 2 never die, dont matter what ratboys say.
  2. Thanks Anarchy, i ve seen some suspicious the difference of 4x size. I know some vanganth servers use that dll with some modifications.
  3. Thanks for answer! I dont think is completely bad... many functions like olympiads use it, votecatcher, some gm commands, team vs team... i just asked if someone have something better of cliext code, repository or something to work in it or just to start discussions about
  4. Someone have the real sources or information? Im asking because when i compile it, the cliext size is +-200kb but the cliext.dll that is in the sources has 800+kb.
  5. only can be done in extender, what you use?
  6. I ve found the reason of the error, when a certain quantity of characters dissapear for the distance when u running or in a wyvern flying away of the ppl in town to get that "massive actors dissapear" the critical occurs. Maybe editing l2.ini or option.ini can be solved? Give some ideas Client: Interlude 746
  7. Playing, Is a common error that i have when i walk in godard, aden and some other sites like stairs
  8. May be someone solutioned? i ve installed interlude client many times and this sh1t still happening when i down some stairs or walk in some sites like goddard or aden, i ve tryed change system files to warland server files and others, virgin files and is the same, i have graphic card with 2gb and 24gb i5 processor and windows 7. History: UpdateAnimation <- AActor::Tick <- TickAllActors <- ULevel::Tick <- (NetMode=0) <- TickLevel <- UGameEngine::Tick <- UpdateWorld <- MainLoop Some information i found on the web: Link to post about it Other post about it I hope to find solution, good day!
  9. Hello @MasterToma that bug is in all catacombs but not at the same time, as you say it is not reproduced 100% it happens after some time, may be after some trains. I think that must be the respawn of mobs because sometimes i kill all using //killnpc and when they spawn again are fixed , other way is restarting l2npc so: 1 - Not occurs in all cata/necro at the same time 2 - Spawning again may be fixed so i tell users to kill them one by one or if im in home just //killnpc 3 - When mob stuck he dont attack even when player goes at his side and hit, even with short range weapon(dagger, fist). It's hard to try without a live server so many times you think that all is good but when users start his interaction in world some problems can be found :)