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  1. hmm if you think, the loss of experience is about a 4%. Then the calc must be down = 0.96 * Exp_of_the_current_level ? in the extenders, lin2panel and in other places you can find the exp table for each level.
  2. it appears to be good at a monthly cost, but i dont want all of those systems, i want a updater with 3 buttons, launch, full check, exit. Thank you
  3. Hello, i try to help you You can put it on a player action or creature action like "on die" and play with mathematics for the value of nExpDec int User::ExpDown(int nExpDec) { typedef int (*f)(User*, int); return f(0x8040F0L)(this, nExpDec); } void User::SetExpDown(int nExpDec) { try { expDrop = nExpDec; } catch(...) { return; } } Dont let L2 OFF/PTS die!
  4. Hello friends!! I want a customizable Updater/Launcher, please post in comments with images and price of your job. I have some money in PayPal Account. I can use the shared Launchers but i want something more aesthetic, thanks for reading
  5. many live servers are using l2patchd although full of holes
  6. Use l2patchd for c4 if you dont know a sh1t of programming or starting up a server, google it because have a lot of tutorials and versions. Or use java packs
  7. In my knowledge in both slots must be the same item, back slot does not exist for interlude, just hair/hairall and underwear. If you think, you cant put at the same time a hat and a noblesse tiara, or party mask
  8. i forgot to say that when i relog the character skin its a facking dwarf xD!!!
  9. Why you dont use the common subclass system? or why vanganth made another? the race of the character changes with the class? in my case the character just fly or go down the ground ! Ha Ha I supose that you dont use the common system couse you need to stack one or two, or four classes NOT THREE, im allright? You need to make a little AI work in classmasters where you do the subclass for elves and dark elves
  10. @Majestic12 hello, that is a procedure for the vanganth pack the boy asks for a c4 server like l2patchd or other. Now, i have a question. The substack system of vanganth works well? i've tested but the character goes under ground or fly in the air depending on the race of the class that you add. It must change the character appearance? how did you solved it?
  11. You can with it but if you find the other procedure all be more simple and better, search again
  12. You can't use myself::ClassChange(talker, Class_ID); That will give problems in collision, critical errors, etc The better way to do it its selling the Subclass Quest "mimir's Elixir" in other NPC and then make the subclasses in the master. Now, how to stack skills? its simple, modify the lin_getaquireskill procedure on your lin2world database.