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  1. Good morning, I bought files l2 off final grace / complete epilogue. Please leave here the features, version pack, extended, etc--
  2. Capaz lo sabes, pero la version de php que usa el lin2panel, es muy vieja y usa funciones como "mssql_connect". En version 7 paso a ser obsoleta y para hacerlo andar tener que pasar todo a: odbc connect o PDO. Pero eso implica cambiar todo el codigo practicamente. Lo que estoy por probar, es bajar el source del xampp o wamp y cambiar el puerto por defecto (80) a cualquier otro, asi no se te rompe el IIS o lo que estes utilizando para host la web.
  4. Hi, I buy l2off interlude files. I request information and values by inbox. It will require proof of the files, geodata, characteristics, etc.
  5. uhh so complicated: / .. It might be that I'm not working because they are advext files?
  6. The decompiler could execute it and modify the files that I wanted, but the compiler does not work for me.
  7. some program to decode ai.obj in epilogue grace? use the l2off gm panel and do not walk
  8. Good evening, I'm working on a gf and I can not throw sub of dark elf, if for example, I started white elf and vice versa. I was reviewing the AI, more specifically the grandmaster and following the error htm when wanting to throw the sub, I was stuck. I made a merge between the GM of C4 and GF and it has changed a lot. If you can throw me
  9. Good morning, buy the pack final grace of advext extended. It turns out that I modify the SP lin_skillladquire ... so that I accumulate the skiles in the subclass, but there are passives that I duplicate them (light / robe / heavy armor mastery) How can I solve it?
  10. Pase por el mismo problema con advext64 y te comento como funciona. Tu licencia se asocia a una direccion IP o dominio, ahi es cuando te registras en NO-IP, te dan un dominio gratuito y dentro de la pagina de NO-ip le asignas tu IP de ISP. (cualesmiip)... Esta misma ip la pones en el campo IP en dbo.server. Ej NO-IP: hostname: l2xx.ddns.net IP / TARGET: le pones el ip de tu isp (cualesmiip). En la base de datos, en IP pones tu ip de ISP tambien.