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  1. Hi, What do you consider the best Final Grace pack actually? -Vanganth (Free) -MyExt (Eressea) -AdvExt (Pay to use) Has anyone used the vanganth final grace pack?
  2. Hello, I am looking for a web developer. It will be for lineage II and must have an administrative panel for automatic donations, vote reward and top pvp, pk, clan hall & castles status, raid boss status, etc ... for L2 OFF connection. I do not accept developments in wordpress.
  3. The seller hasn't interest in selling the product. Not recommended.
  4. Very good, it's basically what I'm looking for. Never work with extended and as you say, I would not use it on a live server. It will also help me to get an idea.
  5. I have the same problem and I already opened the 2012 port for that IP. But the cached also doesn't work
  6. Advext's work is excellent! but in my country it is not possible to pay foreign currency (eg PayPal) for government decisions.
  7. Oh, ok! In the ADVEXT Grace files I can choose the different Grace protocols to use the client. I thought IL was possible to run with C4.
  8. Hello, has anyone been able to start vanganth IL with C4 client, changing the protocol to 656?
  9. JAJAJAJA te dolio gordo. Servidor de Tenes 20 con 10 personas C / U y vivis de last last poniendo un set decolores. Es lo unico que supiste hacer. ¿Me abri 2 servidores sabiendo "nada" como vos decisivo y tuve más personas que usted tiene en todos sus años de desarrollador senior en l2 off? Usando una extensión que jamas pudiste hacer nada. No te vengas a hacer el super desarrollador por que todos saben hacer los sabios con codigo ajeno. MIS CODIGOS. Todavia me acuerdo cuando entas a mi servidora insultarme y toda la gente te basureaba.
  10. Justo vos comentas eso pelotudo? que abris un servidor peor que el otro con powerclass, power-remake, power-main ... Llevas como 15 servidores vacíos y se la pasan tirandole mierda a los demas servidores.
  11. Tambien tengo servidores :P . Al margen de que me gusta el server y voy a jugarlo, tambien estoy probando los files de advext de GF jajaja. Doble proposito
  12. Arrancamos hoy con el clan Reich 50 ON!! Buena suerteeee
  13. Can you request that the Protection (Rune, alignment ...) and the option to add GF skiles be implemented?
  14. Buy armor / weapons vesper!! For l2 OFF C4