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  1. Hi, I buy an achievement system for L2 OFF - VANGANTH Ext
  2. Hello, are you interested in the ADVEXT GF full License pack? Includes Events CTP, TVT, Relics.
  3. Hi! talk to me at discord Imperactive @ 0455 or skype live: rodrigoteshima
  4. I'm sure it was an operating system issue. I was testing it on Windows 10. I migrated it to 2008 r2 and it works fine
  5. hello, my server crash and throws the following error: 09/25/2020 09: 56: 34.630, !!! deadlock or super-lag detected !!! (diff 80 sec) what is it?
  6. Hi, i buy a CTF event for L2 OFF - Vanganth Extended. PM ME
  7. Hi, What do you consider the best Final Grace pack actually? -Vanganth (Free) -MyExt (Eressea) -AdvExt (Pay to use) Has anyone used the vanganth final grace pack?
  8. Hello, I am looking for a web developer. It will be for lineage II and must have an administrative panel for automatic donations, vote reward and top pvp, pk, clan hall & castles status, raid boss status, etc ... for L2 OFF connection. I do not accept developments in wordpress.