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  1. Hello, are you interested in the ADVEXT GF full License pack? Includes Events CTP, TVT, Relics.
  2. Hi! talk to me at discord Imperactive @ 0455 or skype live: rodrigoteshima
  3. I'm sure it was an operating system issue. I was testing it on Windows 10. I migrated it to 2008 r2 and it works fine
  4. hello, my server crash and throws the following error: 09/25/2020 09: 56: 34.630, !!! deadlock or super-lag detected !!! (diff 80 sec) what is it?
  5. Hi, i buy a CTF event for L2 OFF - Vanganth Extended. PM ME
  6. Hi, What do you consider the best Final Grace pack actually? -Vanganth (Free) -MyExt (Eressea) -AdvExt (Pay to use) Has anyone used the vanganth final grace pack?
  7. Hello, I am looking for a web developer. It will be for lineage II and must have an administrative panel for automatic donations, vote reward and top pvp, pk, clan hall & castles status, raid boss status, etc ... for L2 OFF connection. I do not accept developments in wordpress.
  8. The seller hasn't interest in selling the product. Not recommended.
  9. Very good, it's basically what I'm looking for. Never work with extended and as you say, I would not use it on a live server. It will also help me to get an idea.