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  1. give weapongrp, itemname, npcgrp ,npcname and armorgrp unbroken , not open in file edit :/
  2. Game tutorial gets the html like this.
  3. go to , lin2db , server table. Inner IP. you ip or and outerip you ip or Ex Inner : "" outer "" v make client v Not inner "" out "" x
  4. a period arrives that looks like the message "Npcsocket closed" and the npcs disappear. it still works but removes the npc from the game and reloads it again. How to fix this?
  5. I already fixed it, thanks for everyone's help. everything can be solved in the parameters of npcdata.txt :) I am a loser.
  6. ok ,I will test and see if it can be that. I tested it with the character of the interlude version but even with other characters it keeps flying. yes but the npcs of the same chronicle are also flying. what will be that can be.