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  1. WTS Fanpage (Lineage 2) FACEBOOK

    price inbox :)
  2. Here you go ; https://mega.nz/#!wswmWYpC!5u-J2emgEqoEQ2fusYzMcYlbWeGXreaWRZc8bQOv04c rar pass; www.saglamindir.net
  3. Dear Maxcheaters Community, My name is Dumanist and I'm providing Lineage II PTS Server Development Services - anything related to PTS. Here's a list of the services I can provide: - Build Lineage 2 servers (Any features any server) - Selling Interlude packs (by vanganth) - Selling L2OFF ACC PANEL - making fixes for official servers(pts) interlude\gf\hf\god - making custom events - making moding client side(add npc from another chronicles sample: from hf to interlude, loading page, new textures\icons\img for dialogs, etc etc) - making custom shops\bbs with textures etc(from psd design) - fixing geo\new geo - etc etc - administrating server: installs\setup l2server\optimization db etc etc Contact me by sending a Personal Message here or you can also add me on skype: seifer_realm Payment Methods: DETAILS IN SKYPE.
  4. Request business office name foor photography

    if i use myname everyone will ask services from me, i'll use something special name and i'll had teammates in all works.
  5. Hello everyone, im gonna open soon photography office, and im searching name for office. p.s : im wedding photographer. names must be english.