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  1. How's the notepad development working here?
  2. Server is online and running perfectly
  3. Server is online !!! www.l2-sensation.net
  4. It will be soon blocked and mitigated, calm your tities.
  5. Beta PVP event 9v9 has been streamed live by many including us from the administration !!! The party called : SGC & Friends have won the event of 100 USD prize. We are going live tomorrow. Get on www.l2-sensation.com The hype is real.
  6. Beta will start tonight on the 29th at 20.00 UTC+1 Beta patch is on the website at the downloads section. https://www.l2-sensation.com/?page=download The client is also uploaded to one source, currently uploading to the other two. The account panel is also ONLINE !!! www.l2-sensation.com www.l2-sensation.com/forum Also do not forget to register your CP for the beta event :
  7. Much apreciated. Welcome.
  8. It is not done in Vanganth files, you need to add it yourself. You can search as much as you want, there is only 1 hair slot.
  9. Hi guys, As you know we are in dev-beta right now, slowly we are moving ahead and we will open beta for everyone to test stuff in game. Next week on Tuesday on the 29th of May at 19.00 UTC +1 - BETA WILL OPEN and will stay online untill 31st after the 9 vs 9 event. After that we will do final preparations for live. The patch and updater will be released 4-5 hours before beta will start. The account panel will also be released in the same time. Do not forget to register for the 9 vs 9 event in the chance to win 100 USD befo
  10. Hi guys, Join the HYPE @ www.l2-sensation.com and take part to our new event !!! To have some fun before live as a small celebration that developing has been finished, we will be hosting a 9 vs 9 event. The event will be on the 31st of May, 21.00 UTC +1 All you need to do is reply on this topic with the party name and party leader. Register and download the patch on the 31st during the day and log at 20.00 UTC+1 to get prepared and tuned up by us. Everyone will receive same gear same level same everything. You can pick any classes you want, you are
  11. A small intro video has been made !!!