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  1. Hello does anyone have a solution how to fix the inventory slot ? I am willing to pay well for the solution contact me on a private message Looking for someone for permanent assignments for subsequent work, as I said, we will pay well for every update
  2. I think the photo says everything I have the shared source of vanganth interlude files of l2off and when I add the item it is never going on the place I want. PM me your price here or private, also I am looking for more future cooperation at source but this is what is my main concern right now. Payment on delivery, method paypal. Any more info/questions feel free to ask me here.
  3. for each corrected payment immediately Vanganth files send me private message
  4. If someone know how to make active this slot to using send me private message i will pay paypal method
  5. Any developer from maxcheaters know how to fix this slot?
  6. Hello I am looking for someone who knows how to setup the server on dedicate we using Vanganth files. PM me who can help please thanks and happy new year :)
  7. Hey any one knew this slot_bit_type ? {back} not here you got types slots i think this slot it's hairall but its same like hair slot So its hairall / back or hairex but this all slots don't working maybe some one knoe how this working?