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  1. Well, last season I had so much fun ! Really good files, a lot of fun, perfect olympiad and really nice game play ! Can't wait to join ! :D
  2. Nice server ! Gonna join for sure. Good luck !
  3. Hey guys, I'm looking to buy L2Gold server files C4. If you know anyone that they are selling, please replay here or PM. Thank you.
  4. Great job ! Finally a serious and worthy project ! I can't wait to join ;) see you in game !
  5. If anyone has even one interface that's working, please let me know. Thank you.
  6. Same fuking features mate. Even the Post, lol.
  7. Well, nice server, I played for 3 months, I had a great time here, I will surly join again ! Sincerly, Mager :D
  8. Jesus....all this work for C3 server with 1x and 60 players online. You can buy some L2OFF Files and save @ 3 years of work. lol. Well good luck mate !
  9. 3.0 Kamael update will take place in the middle of August 2019! L2Pandora.net
  10. Buying Adrenaline Key Unlimited English version ! PM
  11. Hi there, now you have the chance to proof your skills and beat your enemies during live stream ! I will do stream while the Event is running to avoid any corruption or flame ! To have some fun before live as a small celebration that developing has been finished, we will be hosting a 9 vs 9 event. Please register at: https://l2-sensation.com/forum/index.php?/topic/28-beta-event-9-vs-9-prize-100-usd/ The event will be on the 31st of May, 21.00 UTC +1 All you need to do is reply on this topic with the party name and party leader. Register and
  12. Like I said take a look at : https://beyond.lt/ they made 180.000 and they never give anything away, I might think this server will do. Anyway, we will see.