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  1. Great job ! Finally a serious and worthy project ! I can't wait to join ;) see you in game !
  2. If anyone has even one interface that's working, please let me know. Thank you.
  3. Same fuking features mate. Even the Post, lol.
  4. Well, nice server, I played for 3 months, I had a great time here, I will surly join again ! Sincerly, Mager :D
  5. Jesus....all this work for C3 server with 1x and 60 players online. You can buy some L2OFF Files and save @ 3 years of work. lol. Well good luck mate !
  6. 3.0 Kamael update will take place in the middle of August 2019!
  7. Buying Adrenaline Key Unlimited English version ! PM
  8. Hi there, now you have the chance to proof your skills and beat your enemies during live stream ! I will do stream while the Event is running to avoid any corruption or flame ! To have some fun before live as a small celebration that developing has been finished, we will be hosting a 9 vs 9 event. Please register at: The event will be on the 31st of May, 21.00 UTC +1 All you need to do is reply on this topic with the party name and party leader. Register and download the patch on the 31st during the day and log at 20.00 UTC+1 to get prepared and tuned up by us. Everyone will receive same gear same level same everything. You can pick any classes you want, you are allowed everything in the event except augmentations. You will receive adena and you will be able to purchase everything you need to get ready. You can request noblesse for 2, 3 or all party members if you wish. You are allowed, ressurection scrolls, FOI, salvation etc. It will follow the concept last party standing out of the two fighting. The location for the event is outsite of Elven Fortress !!! This is a win-to-go-further event. There is no second chance, you win you move further, you lose game over. There is no chance for anyone to dual box and one party to have multi clients and participate with more chances. We will be checking HWID's of clients, you cannot fool this. The prize for the winning party is : 100 USD. The prize will be paid out via paypal / skrill or bank transfer, whatever you prefer. Think about your setups and get ready !!! Contact me on skype: ardeleanu.stefan8 We also host the main Event that is 2.500 Euro. Take a look at our features at:
  9. Like I said take a look at : they made 180.000 and they never give anything away, I might think this server will do. Anyway, we will see.
  10. Mate, I plaid with my many huge clans that ask the owner to paid them 300 Euro per week in order for them to play and I'm not talking about 1 clan. What makes you think that this owner won't give 2.500 Euro for the most active clan ? Take a look at they made 180.000 $ ! And they still didin't give away money.
  11. Great news ! Btw there is any other Lineage 2 server that gives 2.500 Euro ? Anyway, my team is looking to take that prize. All CP leader PM !
  12. Great server ! Good files and hard work !