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  1. Grand Opening 3rd of March20:00 UTC +2 [Europe] 14:00 UTC -3 [Brazil] 14:00 UTC -3 [Argentina] Website: http://l2flector.com/ Why you should play on our servers: Unique custom Java platform. Best defenses against DDOS attacks. Protection from bots. SGuard Game wthout wipe more than 6 months! Comfortable game without freezes and delays. Xp/Sp - 3000x Aden/Drop - 300x Rate Party Xp/Sp -1.5x OLYMPIAD Retail olympiad game. Olympiad Starts: 18:00 [+2GMT] Olympiad Ends: 24:00 [+2GMT] Hero Changes: Every Friday 14:00 [+2GMT] Period: 1 week Simple / Blessed Max Enchant (Weapon / Armor): +15 | (Jewelery): +15 Crystal Max Enchant (Weapon / Armor): +20 | (Jewelery):+20 Safe Enchant: +4 Blessed: 90% | Crystal: 100% Mid Skill Chance: 5% | High: 10% | Top: 15% Max 1 active and 1 passive Augment at a time CASTLE SIEGE TIME Aden, Dion, Giran, Goddard Main town - Giran. Unique monsters. Unique pvp system. Unique aden balance. Unique farming areas. Unique L2Flector tattoos. Wedding system. Npc skill enchanter. Auto learn skills A grade items - free. Shops till top S grade. Full npc buffer with auto buff and scheme. 64 Buff Slots. Buff Time 3 hours. Max subclasses - 5. Free class change. Free sub class. Free nobless status. Stackable scrolls/ls/bog. No weight limit. No grade limit. Pvp/pk show on title. Top 20 pvp/pk in game. Offline trade system. Interlude retail skills. Perfect class balance. More then 18 active raid bosses. Without custom items. Server is secured with Sguard. SERVER COMMANDS .menu - Personal config. .siege - Sieges Info. .online - How many players online. .join .leave - Join or leave tvt event. .repair - Repair your char if you been stucked Grand Opening 3rd of March20:00 UTC +2 [Europe] 14:00 UTC -3 [Brazil] 14:00 UTC -3 [Argentina] Website: http://l2flector.com/
  2. Well you admit that you saying "Im scammer" to other admins who looking here, so they can take care. Hopefully i am a nice person unlike you, i supported you when you got trouble with your "donation"
  3. Hello, you do that dmg on spesific target or just one every sph? Cause most of mages use wm/shield , just in case.
  4. Well we tried and we trying a lot to balance as it possible to be. Appreciated!
  5. Didn't expect again hate from you bro. Well from saying terrible etc , you can report your issues on the team, if you are right we may fix it. As Thazine told we trying to give best support and people appreciate it. www.l2flector.com Join guys :D
  6. I looking for a guy or platform that offer votes on topsites. Mostly im looking for l2jbrazil but if there is something else why not. Pm me
  7. appreciated! If anyone looking for a custom pvp server, L2Reality is here for you! http://l2reality.com
  8. Clan Event : http://l2reality.com/forum/index.php?topic=13.msg18#msg18 Advertise Event : http://l2reality.com/forum/index.php?topic=798.0 Siege Event : http://l2reality.com/forum/index.php?topic=1108.0