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  1. Owner of Facebook Groups (English,Lithuanian & Brasil community) Owner of VK Groups (Russian,Latin community) Owner of Facebook Pages (Worldwide community) Owner of few Skype Groups (Clan,Party Leaders & admins/players) - Member of Discord Groups (Worldwide community) Your server will be here: TO ALL LINEAGE II FACEBOOK GROUPS & few FACEBOOK PAGES TO ALL LINEAGE II FORUMS & bump Daily (until your server goes off) TO ALL VK GROUPS & MINE WITH RUSSIAN LINEAGE COMMUNITY TO ALL TWITCH LINEAGE II STREAMERS ( FOR MINE LOOK AT EXTRA) TO ALL SKYPE GROUPS ALMOST 3k (3,000) PEOPLE FROM LINEAGE II COMUNITY AND FOR LAST TO FEW MORE GROUPS AT DISCORD More Extras GMAIL LINEAGE II CONTACTS VIBER LINEAGE II CONTACTS TWITCH LINEAGE II LIVE STREAMING YOUTUBE LINEAGE II COMMUNITY WHATS UP CLINEAGE II CONTACTS OK.RU LINEAGE II CONTACTS PAGES & GROUPS TOPRANK SITES SIMMILAR LINEAGE II TOPZONE.HOPZONE SITES CREATE VIDEO OF YOUR SERVER PREVIEW TRANSLATE YOUR TEXTS TO RUSSIAN,GREEK,ALBANIAN,TURKEY,,ENGLISH Benefit: More 100k wil view & learn your server with probabilities to enter. I can tell you for sure, that with my work your server will begin to increase by the numbers of players , Clan, Parties & more Contact: Here MxC Forum (PM) Facebook: Dimas Bps Instagram: Dimas_bps Skype: Dimakos81 Email: Barlegendofficial@gmail.com SERVERS I HAVE WORKED WITH: L2 Hooligans L2 Elementalist L2 Halisha L2 Narcos L2 Helix L2 Ancientworld L2 Damage L2 Mafia L2 RiseOfEvil L2 Mordor L2 IpotoniC Project L2 Oberon L2 Humanity L2 Eternal Sin L2 Malakas L2 Tales L2 Age l2 Dragonage. L2 Pegasus L2 Bios » Grand Opening 26 September, 2020 at 17:00 UTC +2 « Websites:: L2 top.l2 hopzone.l2network I will add more when i finish their advertisement UPDATES: Payment Methods: Paypal.Paysafe card, Revolut.Skrill . If you live in Greece i accept payments from national banks too + More groups and partnerships with Top Sites added in plans