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  1. WTB advertising for Interlude low rate project.
  2. L2Blade Website: https://l2blade.net/ Discord: https://discord.gg/kt8CruR New international retail like server. Our goal is to make a project that will last for 2+ years, with no wipes,no p2w donations and to offer to our players a very good server to play and enjoy the game at the most! On L2Blade we have a referral & streamer reward system, active GM Team, anti-bot protection in game+client & DDOS protection. Server rates: Exp/Sp x2 Adena x2 Drop x2 Spoil x2 Seal stones x2 Raidboss exp/sp x2 Raidboss drop x1 Manor x1 Quest x1 Enchant safe: +3 Enchant max: +16 Server infos: Buff: 20+4 Buff time: retail Debuff: 8 Max clients per pc: 2 Epic RB's spawn time: retail Olympiad: Every month Olympiad clients per pc: 1 Castle sieges: every 2 weeks Commands: .menu .premium or .pa .offline Grand Opening: 23rd October! For more infos join our discord: https://discord.gg/kt8CruR
  3. WTB Master Account with Donation Panel for lucera .