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  1. I want to report Z3R0#5648 discord user and owner of Lineage2 Wutang clan discord group as a scammer. This guy is also a member on MXC discord group.Proofs below: https://prnt.sc/103457f https://prnt.sc/10345ki https://prnt.sc/102yi7x https://prnt.sc/10334nc
  2. Are you tired of 1-2 month money maker servers? Are you tired of starting every now and then from lvl 1? Then join our long term project and play for 3 years+ with NO WIPES! Discord: https://discord.gg/kt8CruR Website: https://l2blade.org/
  3. amateur advertisers , scammers , fake profiles dont bother pm me.
  4. L2Blade Interlude x2 new international retail like server started on 23rd October, a long term project to stay up 3 years+ looking for clans/cp's to recruit on the server for more informations pm me here or add me on discord Nestor#5834.
  5. L2Blade Interludex2 New Video Trailer:
  6. Trusted and skilled! He is making my banners every month.
  7. New website check it out here: https://l2blade.org/
  8. Me and the rest of L2Blade team wanna thank you for your kind words as well to welcome you and your friends to L2Blade. Good luck on your journey and we hope to enjoy playing on our server!!!
  9. Server new domain is: l2blade.org new website soon as well.
  10. Have nothing else to say thank you very much for playing on L2Blade. Have fun in what ever you do.
  11. 1.You get reward for advertise our server, as we also have referral and streamers reward. 2.There are no "strange configs" on server but every player has his own settings on his mind. 3.Server is retail like as it comes for the configs and settings. 4.The changes we made was not desperate we just improve some stuff here and our community is growing every day. 5.We respect our players that includes you as well and always listen our players voice. 6.We have discord and game rules which you broke and we have to remove ironic msgs plus you get warned before you got banned. 7.Your last
  12. Dear warrior, If you choose to play on L2Blade. Let us tell you some usefull informations about our server. L2Blade is a long term project 2 years+ with no bots, no RMT, no p2w donations and a very helpfull and active GM team as well as a helpfull community. L2Blade team create this project not to make money out of it but just with love for our favourite game. You can support our server by voting on top sites, by live streaming, by referring your friends to L2Blade or by donating. Good luck on your journey Kind regards, L2Blade Team.
  13. WTB real advertising for Interlude low rate long term project. LF streamers , clan/cp leaders. For more informations pm me here.