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  1. What a way to speak lies, first, you disrespect me, you insult me, you are an aggressive person, and I have proof that I met you in all payments, my publicity, here is the only person who is wrong and the only person who insults to my mother, without me disrespecting her. calm that I have clients for years and I never had any problem with anyone, only you because you are a person who disrespects, and I am not a scammer. I do my job! There he shows that he is an aggressive person, he cannot be insulting my mother, as if nothing, I always treated him with respect and I always
  2. Advertisment for lineage 2 projects ( full spam ). Hey guys, im advertising servers since 2017, im spamming server in discord/facebook/watsup. Spamming in more then 400 facebook groups in one day. I made advertise for the following servers: https://www.lineage2.gold/ , https://l2wish.com/ , https://l2reality.com/ , https://www.l2megapvp.com/ , https://l2mid.com/ , https://l2blade.org/ , https://l2extreme.net/ and much much more server. If u have doubts just contact any of them and ask for me. Contact me for pack prices: Skype: briannfallenangels@gmail.com Discord: Briann ADV