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  1. Do what you must and will as it should be. Listen to your heart 😉
  2. Hi MaxCheaters A week has passed since the launch of the x300 project, it was extremely difficult, but I am not afraid of all sorts of problems. The project is still alive and welcomes new players and parties with open arms. There is a start bonus system for all new characters. Welcome!
  3. SmartGuard can update files when u run l2.exe
  4. This is awesome, thank you! 🤩 I am very glad that someone understands the essence of my idea) I am an ordinary player who spent 15 years of his life on this game. A long time ago I fell in love with her, and I am trying to embody in my project those feelings that once made me stay awake at night and wake up early in the morning. Unfortunately, no one will give you money just like that and no one is interested in being an investor with a share of less than 60% of the profit. Namely, these conditions force the owners to make full donate projects, where you can buy everything and even more. I really hope that I will be able to bring the project to a high level with small budgets in order to preserve the initially conceived economy. As for the Olympiad, the last test start in March for 70 people showed that the Olympiad works great and in the arenas one could find many professions that on a typical server do not enter the arena themselves. Regarding Dynasty, this is done to increase the life of the project, in order to improve the standard Interlude equipment to the maximum enchant level, it will take about 3-4 days for the most persistent guys. It will take another 1-2 days to farm the required amount of coins to exchange Interlude equipment for a dynasty. And then you need to enchant the dynasty 😃 At the Olympiad, Dynasty is not available, therefore, for those who will go to the arenas, it is necessary to have additional standard equipment for the Olympiad. In any case, such words of support are worth working for. Thank you so much! 😘
  5. There is a problem with filters from constant DDoS to the project site, someone has very nothing to do. As soon as I release the filtering rules, the images will work correctly. While you can use VPN from Russia \ Ukraine xD I will try to solve it soon. Thank you very much, I am trying very hard to make a good project) The development took more than 1 year of daily work before the first launch.
  6. For those who understand Chronicle: Interlude Platform: Java Based on Pain-Team Source code: yes. Project site: L2Hermes.ru OPENING: 30 July 20.00 GMT+3 Beta test is already available Chronicle: Interlude Exp x300 Adena x10 (Only Ketra and Varka , other locations have a reduced rate ) Quest Drop x50 Quest Drop Reward x20 The main currencies of the project: Adena - a drop from monsters. Festival Adena - drop from champions (Ketra \ Varka), drop from raid bosses, epic bosses, exchange from adena at the rate of 500k - 1FA and vice versa, reward for pvp, reward for events. Coin Of Luck - Donations, drop from Hermes Boss, FA exchange in GM shop at the rate of 100 FA - 1 COL The GM shop contains weapons and armor up to S grade inclusive. Armor and weapons from SA up to grade A inclusive, you can purchase for a nominal fee in adena. A and S grades are on sale for adena, but much more expensive. S grade weapons are sold without CA. Added a new type of weapon, armor and jewelry - Dynasty Obtained by exchanging a similar type of equipment sharpened to the maximum value with a surcharge in the form of Festival Adena Dynasty weapons are exchanged with the transfer of HP. Dynasty weapons have unique dual Soul Crystal characteristics. To insert, you need 164 Gemstone S and two types of Soul Crystal level 13 . ( Green + Blue ) Dynasty weapon Dynasty Armor Dynasty jewerly From the start, the character has 36 (+4) buff slots available. The premium section is available only with a premium account. Cat / horse buffs and some resists are available for free Buffer has a profile system. Available classic buffer in cities in the form of NPC and Alt + B (Community) Alt + B (Community) is available in any character state except combat mode and in all locations including Epic zones. (HP CP MP Recovery is not available) There is a classic auction on the server, available for sale and purchase: Weapons, Armor, Jewelry, Epic and others. In it you can find filters with popular active and passive weapon skills. There is a filter for sharpened things. The global teleport is designed to facilitate gameplay and will take you to the most popular locations from any city. Also available in Community (Alt-B) 1st and 2nd professions are available for free 3rd profession available for adena (15kk) NPCs for obtaining a profession are installed in the main cities The master class is available by command in the chat .classmaster Sub-class without a quest, free, 5 sub-classes are available. A and S grade enchant scrolls (Crystal Scroll) cannot reset the current enchant of an item. If an equipment is unsuccessfully enchanted, its current enchant value is not reset. You can get enchant scrolls like Crystal Scroll in the following way: Knock out from RB; Knock out bosses from Epics; Exchange quest items 4 or 5 lvl quest Alliance with Ketra Orcs or Alliance with Varka Silenos ( 4 lvl - A grade, 5 lvl - S grade ) Limit of sharpening for weapons +16 ; Armor and Jewelry +12 . The chance of sharpening is static, for weapons 45% . The chance of enchanting armor and jewelry is 65% . Safe sharpening values are standard. In the Monastery of Silence location, the Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade A) scroll has been added to the drop. This scroll RESETS the enchant of the weapon until it is safe. Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (Grade A) enchant chance - 70% . A clan is created at level 8. The maximum number of clans in the Alliance is 1. Clan skills are available to all clan members. The maximum number of people in a clan is 18 To learn clan skills, you only need reputation. Clan reputation is obtained by killing Orfen, Core and RB from the list below. The cost of 1 clan skill is 500 reputation. With the help of the .clanbonus command, the Clan leader can activate a bonus in the form of 1500 Reputation. We do not have any bonuses for moving a clan. Noblesse Blessing - Has a static rollback and read speed. Purification Field - has a static cooldown of 5 minutes. Does not require Spell Force charges Flames of Invincibility - Has a static cooldown of 30 minutes. Does not require charges. Spell Force Works according to mechanics from the chronicles above. The invulnerability effect is canceled when using an attack / skill. Heroic Miracle - Has a static cooldown of 15 minutes. The duration of the skill has been reduced to 15 seconds. Heroic Berserker - Has a static cooldown of 15 minutes. Duration reduced to 60 seconds. Heroic Valor - Has a static cooldown of 20 minutes. Duration reduced to 60 seconds. Snipe - Has a static cooldown of 5 minutes. Duration reduced to 60 seconds. Dash - Duration 15 seconds, static cooldown - 25 seconds. Provoke - Does not cause aggression from players, but changes the target to a provocateur. Burst Shot - Increased range and power. Added to the Ghost Sentiel profession. Heart of Paagrio - Increases the HP recovery efficiency of all members of the alliance. ( Prayer) Mass Block Shield - Acts like DEBUFF, does not remove the Shield buff . Mass Block Wind Walk - Acts like DEBUFF, does not remove the WindWalk buff . Mass Warrior Bane - Acts like DEBUFF, does not remove WindWalk and Haste buffs . Mass Mage Bane - Acts like DEBUFF, does not remove Acumen and Empower buffs . Surrender To Water - and similar skills, do not replace Resist Aqua and similar ones. Might of Heaven - Can be used on more monsters than just undead. Reduced pvp damage by 50%. Blaze \ Aqua Swirl \ Twister - Deal damage to high level monsters. Most combat and lowering skills (debuffs) have PTS-Like mechanics, have a balanced cooldown, and speed of pronunciation. New Olympiad system: The period of the Olympiad is 2 weeks. Olympiad Launch August 2 (First Heroes August 15 ) New heroes every 1st and 15th day of the month. The weapon of heroes according to the characteristics of P.Atk \ M.Atk is equal to S grade weapon +16, respectively. Limit the maximum enchant equipment +6 Reworked hero skills for a more balanced play. Hero skills are available on Sub-Classes. - Wings of Destiny Circlet will give its owner Noblesse Blessing [Passive] The minimum number of participants to run is 3 Class battles are disabled. From the start of the server, epic bosses are dead. Core - Resp every day from 17: 00-18: 00 * (Reward for killing - 1000 points clan reputation) Orfen - Resp every day from 18: 00-19: 00 * (Reward for a kill - 1000 clan reputation points) Queen Ant - 80LvL; Resp every day from 20: 00-20: 30 * Frintezza - Resp every Tuesday from 20: 00-21: 00 Zaken - 80LvL; Resp every Wednesday from 21: 30-22: 00 * Baium - 80LvL; Resp every Thursday from 21: 00-22: 00 Antharas - Resp every Friday from 22: 00-23: 00 Valakas - Resp every Saturday from 22: 00-23: 00 All epic bosses in the drop have: - Giant's Codex - Crystal Enchant Scrolls (A \ S; Armor \ Weapon) - Top-Grade Life Stone - Level 76 - Nephilim Lord Issuance of clan reputation on the last blow, provided that at least 10% damage is done. * - The minimum chance of dropping epic jewelry from epic bosses is 60%. * - Doors open for 5 minutes at 21.30 Moscow time To raid bosses like: Added drop: - Festival Adena [60-100] 100% - Top-Grade Life Stone - Level 76 [3-6] - 100% - Giant's Codex [1-4] - 100% - Greater CP Potion [2000] - 100% - Crystal Scroll: Enchant Weapon (S-grade) - [1-2] - 100% - Crystal Scroll: Enchant Weapon (A-grade) - [2-4] - 100% - Crystal Scroll: Enchant Armor (A-grade) - [2-4] - 100% - Crystal Scroll: Enchant Armor (S-grade) - [2-4] - 100% - Clan Point - Clan reputation for learning clan skills - 250 Loot from bosses falls to the ground, it can be raised by the group that caused the most damage. Issuance of clan reputation on the last blow, provided that at least 10% damage is done. Raid bosses from the list below have Adena (46kk -91kk ) и Gemstone S ( 15-30 ) in the drop Sieges every week on Sunday at 16.00 Moscow time Each of the besieged castles adds 3 clan skills to its owner (applies to all clan members) - Lord's Crown will give its owner Noblesse Blessing [Passive] and the Clan Gate skill , which summons clan members to their Leader, a 10 minute cooldown. The reward for the successful capture of the castles is 50 COL and the Unique costume which is not for sale in the GM shop. Not transferred, not thrown away, not sold, not deleted. The reward appears in the clan warehouse after a successful siege of the castles Rune, Giran, Aden. 3 Castles are admitted to the Sediments: Rune Castle Shield +5% P.Def; Castle Barrier +5% M.Def; Castle Resist +10% Water\Wind\Fire Resist; Giran Castle Movement +6 Speed; Castle Might +7% P.Atk; Castle Death Whisper +10% Crit.Power; Aden Castle Fortitude +15% Stun\Shock Resist; Castle Empower +5% M.Atk Castle Body +500 Max HP. Tyrannosaurus - has in the drop - Top-Grade Life Stone - Level 76 [1 pcs.] - 60% chance . The premium account does not affect the chance or the number of Life Stones dropped. Tyrannosaurus has buff scrolls in the droplist, which in turn repeat the characteristics of active LS skills, the chance of dropping without a premium account will be 3% , with a premium account 4.5%. Scrolls have stucktype = augment , replace each other, as well as chance and active HP skills. This means that there can be only 1 of this kind of buff on a character, regardless of how it was obtained using a scroll or an augmentation skill. The scroll lasts 20 minutes . The static casting time is 1.5 seconds. Just from Tyrannosaurus to drop 5% probability there subject: Gazkh Who gives the opportunity to get on the road with the king of all dinosaurs - Sailren. The king of the dino island can also reward you with buff scrolls with an increased drop rate and an increased amount. Sailren's respawn time is 1 hour. Only the leader of the group who has the item Gazkh in his inventory can teleport to Sailren , the item is transferred. In order to teleport everyone inside, you need to be in close proximity to the leader of the group. The standard quest is disabled. A little story about the raid on Sailren: l2vika.ru On Tyrannosaurus, you can upgrade your Soul Crystal from level 10 to level 13 with a 35% chance for the finishing one . NPC Jurek with a quest for pumping CA is additionally installed at the entrance to the cave. The monsters on the "dark" side of the island are devoid of aggression. Only Top-Grade Life Stone - Level 76 are present on the server Chance to catch skill = 10% Characteristics of the main LS skills: Active skills: Duel Might +16% P.Atk. in PvP by 20 minute's Empower +25% M.Atk. by 20 minute's Magic Barrier +23% M.Def. by 20 minute's Might +12% P.Atk. by 20 minute's Shield +19% P.Def. by 20 minute's Wild Magic +100% Mag.Crit.Rate. by 20 minute's Passive skills: Duel Might +12% P.Atk. in PvP Empower +19% M.Atk. Magic Barrier +16% M.Def. Might +9% P.Atk. Shield +12% P.Def. Wild Magic +60% Mag.Crit.Rate. Chance Skills: Duel Might +16% P.Atk. in PvP by 2 minute's Empower +25% M.Atk. by 2 minute's Magic Barrier +23% M.Def. by 2 minute's Might +12% P.Atk. by 2 minute's Shield +19% P.Def. by 2 minute's Wild Magic +100% Mag.Crit.Rate. by 2 minute's The quest is standard, the quest chain is standard. Drop quest items 50 pcs. with a chance of 60%. Drop (Teeth \ Hair) for 20 s of the mob. The exchange rate for (Seeds and Horns) is standard. For convenience, NPCs for the Alliance quest have been added to the hostile locations. After completing lvl 3 quests, you will be able to purchase CPU cans and Elixirs. After completing lvl 4 quests, you will be able to purchase A grade sharpening scrolls. After completing the 5 lvl quest, you will be able to purchase the S grade sharpening scrolls. There is no penalty for killing an allied mob. TWO QUESTS AT THE SAME TIME - DO NOT WORK . Since S grade weapons are sold without SA to insert a crystal, you need a Gemstone (S-grade) All 4 RB Shadow of Halisha have in the drop Gemstone (S-grade) from 45 to 85 pieces. Entrance Pass to the Sepulcher are sold in the GM shop for adena. Quest Relics of the Old Empire - disabled. Call time and interval are standard. The minimum number of group members to enter is 3 people. Respawn time: daily from 22:00 to 23:00 Location: Pavel Ruins Implemented a PvP zone inside the "well" The restore is disabled. 2 Teleport Points available with Global Gatekkeper or Alt + B Loot from the boss falls to the ground, it can be raised by the group that caused the most damage. Drop: - Festival Adena [80-120] 100% - Coin of Luck [2-5] 100% - Giant's Codex [4-8] 100% - Top-Grade Life Stone - Level 76 [20-50] 100% - Nephilim Lord [1] 50% - Shield of Imperial Warlord Zombie [1] 50% On both sides of the stairs in the Town of Goddard, siege monitoring crystals and epic bosses are installed. Each epic boss has a teleport point view and an inside view. By choosing a teleport, you can control the camera and select the angle you need. The Town of Goddard has a teleport to the PVP Farm zone. 5 types of monsters and 5 types of drops, respectively. Moderate chance and quantity. - Festival Adena - Top Grade Life Stone 76 - Secret Book of Giants - Gemstone S - Greater CP Potion To obtain the status of Noblesse you need Noblesse Certificat + 100kk Adena Noblesse Certificat is received by the group that last hit to Flame Of Splendor Barakiel. Conditions for obtaining a certificate of 76+ lvl, you can use the main class. The standard quest is disabled. The respawn interval is 6 hours. T v T - Run every 3 hours. Award to the winning team: - Top-Grade Life Stone - Level 76 [1] - Festival Adena [15] - Greater CP Potion [250] Disabled skills: Snipe, Celestial Shield Added Event Defense buff Significantly increases character stats for 6 seconds. Decreases running speed. The reward is given at 0 kills, there is protection from the AFK. Warrior buff profile has Blessing of Queen and FLu 4 lvl Mage buff profile has Malaria4 lvl Magic crit power on TvT = x2.5 (Standard = x4) The event is held randomly in one of 5 locations. Last Hero - Launch 2 times a day: 12.30 Moscow time and 18.30 Moscow time. Winner's reward: - Hero status for 6 hours. - Greater CP Potion [500] - Festival Adena[50]Healing skills and invitation to the group are prohibited. War buff profile has Blessing of Queen, FLu 4 lvl, Elemental Protection Mage buff has Malaria4 lvl Location: Colosseum On sale there are only things that do not affect the gameplay, accessories, consumables, etc. There will never be heroism, LS skills, epics, equipment and similar items on sale. The services of changing the base, painting the title / nickname, nobility, resetting the Olympiad points, etc. are available. You can buy Coin Of Luck by making a voluntary donation in your Personal Account Coin of Luck - can be obtained by playing. 1 COL - 100FA. Exchanger in the GM shop. COL cost - 0.5 USD Premium account affects only 2 indicators: Drop Adena Rate + 50% (Without PA x10 with PA x15) Exp Rate + 50% (Without PA x300 with PA x450) Works in a party, provided that all members of the group have a Premium Account activated. Otherwise, the total rate is divided by the group. For example, there are 2 characters in a group, one has a PA, the other does not. No party, for a character with PA, a drop from adena mob, for example, 150 adena, for a character without PA, 75 adena. In a group, these characters will have a drop of 112 adena. Premium account allows you to use the premium buff section Server chat commands : .epic .rb .menu .classmaster .myinfo .gvg Added Block Buff and Escape skills to all characters The maximum chance of a magic crit is 40% (OFF-Like) You can view the current chance of a magic crit and other characteristics of a character by using a command in the chat .myinfo Added Noblesse Blessing skill for the Cardinal profession For the profession Ghost Sentiel added the skill Burst Shot All Disease levels in Hot Springs have level 4 characteristics. Mana Potions have a static cooldown of 6.6 seconds and restore 1000 MP. The cost of Mana Potions in GMshop has a dynamic cost and will increase daily. This solution will help to keep the main currency of the Adena server in price and not lead to its surplus. Elixir of Mental Strength - Recover 10 times more MP. (S-Grade = 4200MP \ 5 min) Sold in the GM shop. Arcane Protection = Paagrios Emblem P.Def. shield insignificantly affects the power of damaging the arrow hitting the shield. Project site: L2Hermes.ru
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