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  1. Hello guys, anyone know if there is any way to change the layout and frames of html windows? I mean the windows that server handles, for example an NPC window. Thank you very much in advance!
  2. I tried but your share doesn't have .gly files so it doesn't change anything. Can you share the .gly files from your system too and not only localization.ini? Thanks
  3. Hi guys, anyone has H5 font for interlude client? Or maybe a tool to edit .gly files? Thank you
  4. Hello again, anyone has a clean itemname.dat in RU language? By clean I mean no other server additions/changes. Thank you
  5. It works now but when tooltip appears the checkbox can not be checked/unchecked, so I have to change its position to higher and doesn't look so good.
  6. Hey guys, I have a checkbox and I would like to add both string and tooltip to it. String contains the title of the checkbox and tooltip the description of it, but this combination of both doesn't work in game. It shows only the string and not the tooltip at all. Anyone know how I can make both work in a checkbox? I also checked all retail wnd and there is no checkbox with tooltip. Thank you <CheckBox string="1595" CheckTexture="l2ui.test" UnCheckTexture="l2ui.test" isChecked="False"> <DefaultProperties name="Cb_ShowMiniMap" tooltipType="Text" tooltipID="1596" alwaysOnTop="True" alwaysOnBack="False"> <Size Absolute="True" width="180" height="15" /> <Position offsetX="20" offsetY="15" relativePoint="TopLeft" anchorPoint="TopLeft" anchored="False" /> </DefaultProperties> </CheckBox>
  7. I can't find .ugx files (Interlude client) @RoloSorry for interrupting, but I think you have done this in your interface. Maybe you could share how to change it?
  8. Hey guys, anyone know the textures of scrollbar? Thank you
  9. Thank you again. Maybe you increase that 211 from interface.u and then you increase width from xdat too? Would appreciate if you could take a look at your files sources and help me out. Thanks again
  10. Thank you but when I increase 211, nothing happens. Looks like it's limited from engine.dll or something.
  11. Hello guys, anyone know how I can change this black texture's width? I searched in QuestTreeWnd but it seems that there is no way to change it from there. Thank you
  12. It worked! Thank you! Did you compile it yourself? Because I have the source code of it as well but it seems different than yours.
  13. hello, i compiled lineageeffect.u using l2editor ucc and retail .uc scripts but after compile arrow effect and all archer skills effects like double shot, stunning shot etc. are not working https://gyazo.com/9821691632c2fd43f246f52ed1c0e5d5 any idea what is wrong here? thank you
  14. Thanks for your reply! Changes in engine.u you mean? What kind of changes?
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