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  1. do you want that i would speak about your corrupted trash server (reality, flector) based on l2jbroken (frozen) ?
  2. your negativity its the only bad thing here, youre speaking about server not even joined :)
  3. But this isnt bad thing yea? in this server you can get all donation items without donation. But you need to farm a lot for example 1 donate coin :)
  4. There are no such thing as private donate, all donations are automatically from site. All list in community board donation section. This is not corrupted greek server :)
  5. posts on forum dosent mean anything, ppl are too lazy to reg on forum
  6. login to server and count every player in every zone and write here how much did you counted :))
  7. server successfully started, 1000+ players online :) http://l2extreme.net
  8. Opening Today 21:00 GMT+3, we inviting all clans to join, there will be competition, check out our forum http://l2extreme.net/forum/
  9. Already 8 sides registered on forum. http://l2extreme.net/forum/ Don't miss this it!
  10. Clan that takes Aden Castle will get 100$ (paypal), same for Rune Castle. In total 200$ reward for clans :)
  11. Hello dear Lineage2 community, We would like to introduce you the most complete pvp server of 2019 that is coming back! Opening Date: 2019/06/29 at 21:00 GMT+3 (Europe), 15:00 GMT -3 (America). What awaits you in the server? Largest international high rate community (expecting 1000+ players online). Best bot protection - no corruption - 100% fair gameplay. DDos protection guarantee for us 100% uptime. Many international clans (server cp/clan based)
  12. yes, they can manipulate html bypasses on the client side, example adding them on server help html. these bypasses are from startup system yes? you can fix them by adding stages, setStage(1), setStage(2) and add check for stages on every bypass, then they wouldnt be able to manipulate it.
  13. little preview of our items