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  1. Players was left even before siege, because of your clan. My bigest mistake was that i listened your advice
  2. Why should i pay you, since you destroyed my server with ur "suggestions" like boost archers damage. Me and GM always trying to do our best to help players which has issues with server.
  3. we fully support our players, new season coming this saturday, dont miss it!
  4. its long term server, we dont wipe it every month. Wipe is only because many players asked for it, and on opening server will be full of players :)
  5. Server Launch — March 7 Many International clans will be here! Real money castle siege Event! Register your clan: http://l2extreme.net/forum/index.php?/topic/44142-clan-register-event/ New Season Changelog: http://l2extreme.net/forum/index.php?/topic/44141-new-season-changelog/
  6. New server season opens 11/30 (saturday) don't miss it
  7. Dynasty Armors Update: Droppable from all bosses (40% chance). Also few screens from yesterday's Aden's Castle siege.
  8. Long-Term high rate interlude pvp server. Starting Level 80, Easy Farm, Mass Group and Solo PVP. Balanced classes, olympiad full of action. What are you waiting for? Join www.l2extreme.net
  9. there was times when i was helping clans for joining server, but these times are finished long time ago. That "Equadro" which u r speaking about the most stupid player in l2j community, he has one party of randoms and he spam me everywhere that I would give him items, because he has 9 players (lol). And he got very mad when I didint gave him anything, thats why he posted old pics to fb. About res in siege i was keeping acis (maybe its retail) way, that attackers must kill all crystals then defends couldnt res, also defenders must kill attacker's flag, then attackers couldnt res. But pvp server's players dosent know about it, now Ive made the way players like, res is restricted at all.
  10. do you want that i would speak about your corrupted trash server (reality, flector) based on l2jbroken (frozen) ?
  11. your negativity its the only bad thing here, youre speaking about server not even joined :)
  12. But this isnt bad thing yea? in this server you can get all donation items without donation. But you need to farm a lot for example 1 donate coin :)
  13. There are no such thing as private donate, all donations are automatically from site. All list in community board donation section. This is not corrupted greek server :)