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  1. Suggestion: remove Greater Battle Heal from bishops at least or even better disable supports because except 2-3 clans max. who are ruining your server with their organisation there are only casual players who are looking to pvp for a few hours daily but in the end they will leave everytime because they cannot kill their enemies. After 2 weeks the server is getting empty every season because people are getting 2 hitted and even with full S grade you can`t stand more than 2 seconds against 2-3 archers who are assisting with healers behind. People get demotivated because of this so think about it. L2 is supposed to be played in team indeed but I think a faction server shouldn`t be like a normal server and should be created for people who are looking for some fun for few hours. If you look on the statistics on every season you will notice that only those who farmed in a team or who played 6h+ everyday are still playing after 2 weeks , newcomers joining everyday aswell but leaving right away when they see whats going on. Make your server for casuals and not for clans because organised people are having enought advantages already , even without healers they will still stick together and play with assist but at least the others have a chance to give them a fight.All those who are joining faction servers are looking for fun and to pvp but when you get killed in 2 seconds knowing that you cannot kill your enemy at all is not fun anymore and the best choice is to leave. I saw on streams that those who own a castle are getting Coins as reward in normal events, well thats bad, very bad
  2. Nobody reports because few people are going there. A friend of mine botted there everyday among with others but they didn`t reported eachother ofcourse :) All I`m saying is better to remove it because who is botting there can farm up to 7-10k adena/day If you don`t remove it at least check the spot for bots everyday It`s the best faction server around, it`s a pitty to have bots on it
  3. remove farm zone and let people get their items only from pvp, bot fiesta everytime there
  4. E-global & Valhalla is RU community with paid clans and is normal to have big online.That doesnt means EU community likes it. Take as example Remorse, its EU server right? Why they do not have the same amount of players? Why only few from l2Dawn playing there and and why 2 years ago all clans from dawn joined evoke ? I`m telling you the majority likes retail-like and no other custom craps.Who`s playing custom servers ,they just like to try new things because are boored of old school gameplay
  5. no chapter system please, if remorse got 200 people who like chapter system that doesn`t means the majority likes it
  6. why would you bot on a server with 200 online ? nobody even bother to try to fix bot there lol
  7. finally Vanganth files ! Can`t wait to play again
  8. you need to remove farm zone and let people farm only on pvp, do you even check that zone? bots are running free. Not even on a faction server we don`t get rid of bots