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  1. any plans to add help for newcomers after 1 month in like the last season ? free port 1-40 lvl and newbie guide buffs 1-61 ? maybe top ng weapons and armors unsellable as well for 3 days ... ?
  2. the server just upgraded to C4 (6-sept-2020) don't miss it !
  3. please change Sailren to another raid because we are getting non stop crit errors. I have entered 4 times and 4 times got crit error and in the end failed to enter again among with others
  4. good to see Evoke back any plans to reopen an interlude ?
  5. class change is not p2w also and you can attract even more players,nowadays people are avoiding these kind of servers where they have to make the quests because it is what it is,quests are annoying. Adena is x2 while xp is x3 so adding an option to change it for adena is helping the players but with the current situation you force them to make them. Instead of giving people the options make the quests or don't join you can give them: make the quests or buy them so adding it for adena+donation isnt p2w but a win-win so think about it and " project is based on oldstyle gameplay" is not a go
  6. I just joined the server and I like the files, Vangath confirmed ! I don't like the normal respawn bosses, it should be retail like 12h +8h random
  7. @Sahar have you thought about opening the interlude again or you plan to open only High Five from now on ?
  8. This is a faction server so nerfs has to be done for the good of the server either you like it or not. If you want to play a pure high five you have to chose a normal server but on a GVE one has to be some kind of balance
  9. does the server have a forum? because I couldn`t find
  10. new online record 139 Sunday
  11. Other streamers that are active are still in queque because the slots from the main page are full with AFK ones :)
  12. AFK streamers on the main page my man. Make a rule to stop their streams when they are going AFK for a long time.