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  1. good server for those who like custom ones
  2. since when mid rates are long-term servers ? those donates are normal for a mid rate, i guess you played only low rates until now the last server if i`m not wrong you haven`t those NPCs, like GM shop, donate shop. Did you changed the files or only NPCs ? because they look like SkyLord's (l2mid)
  3. but they are less and less with every year,most of them that are still playing now are doing it for money, that doesnt means the game isn't dead, there will always be ppl playing, even starcraft 1 is still playable now
  4. if you mean by corrupt paying cps/clans to play their servers it's already known and all the big servers do that. I doubt they are giving items to them. Adrenaline destroyed L2 and soon will be dead, almost everybody wants free farm but more than that nowadays they don`t even use their fingers anymore in PVP, they just look at the monitor and the scripts are doing the job. But the most pathetic thing is that they fraps and post it on Youtube and after they claim they are good players :D I`m so sorry for them
  5. It's L2nova or bought their files, who played remembers that server wich you could buy Crystal Dagger for 100 adena and sell back in shop for milions that lasted 2-3 days (100-200 max players online) i see on beta the same donation NPC with the same price for BEWS wich gives x3 and not x1 as l2nova had and infinite shots in donate that aren't working to put them automatically with right click (same as l2nova) when you log off by "exit game" your chars remains online (same as l2nova) and i can continue good files tho, real PTS. GL this time