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  1. Soho, our discord administrator and project manager along with PlayEvoke staff received several messages that caused this situation, players are more attached by our Interlude server which we have to say it was brilliant back in 2017, rather than on HighFive PTS server which we were planning to run. Therefore Soho decided to ask the community the following questions: We would like to ask you to help us taking a decision, this is in your hands to decide and we're here to support it and provide the server you decide we should release. Drop a vote and you could also express your feelings about the decision you took by voting one of the presented options. https://playevoke.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1571-interlude-vs-highfive-vote-poll/ Yours, Fabio
  2. We have in our minds to open several projects, more likely would be a network but that will be done in time and of course opening them one by one. Our plan is also to increase our team so we can handle the network properly. For the moment, we're fully working on High Five server, after that we will see what is coming up next. Regards
  3. Join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/2rZeKQC
  4. Post updated! More information published in the presentation post.
  5. It is very true it did not end up well, I'll gladly provide you the answer here! There are few things we should take under consideration: 1. We came from 2 years of break, Lineage 2 changed and keeps changing every day. 2. The DDoS protection we had wasn't the best one. 3. There was a server, no point to give the name which found some packet size exploints on Vanganth pts and simply abused them. 4. The community wasn't the same, many of them were divided in many servers, no point giving the names. 5. Other server from Italy was planning an opening in same time with us, and other guys didn't want to spend time on Evoke, it turned out to be the a joke and server didn't opened which was a nice win for the Italian owner with Lithuanian origins. 6. Insufficient advertising. Why should they trust us now? 1. Because we bring something unique. 2. We have more experience. 3. There are no such servers similar with what we want to bring on table 4. Proper ads campaign 5. Top DDOS Protection - Best from the market 6. Premium Anti-Bot protection (Flag + Jail) 7. Active team plus events We simply learned from mistakes, we know where to perform well this time, learning from mistakes is the best option to improve yourself. Is is true, a lot of hard work and dedication, if there are players like you we will surely have a stable, long-term project. Thank you!
  6. Even if it blocks it, we will find a way to make it working for other O.S. as well. It will be a matter of time only!
  7. We believe the grand opening will take place some day in August, for that we need to have the OBT prepared & tested properly. Thank you very much for your positive message, we are the only one retail-like High Five with the official platform, this means we have to act serious and professional because these files are so valuable and the community is looking for such platform. We will have a hybrid protection based on several providers but also our own that we used back in 2017 when we had very few bots running on our server. Let me take a look at the forum verification and try it again, I'll check your activation right away. Found you, have you also checked the spam folder or just the inbox one?
  8. PlayEvoke proudly presents you our new born project: Paradise X1 Grand Opening available on 29th of August 2020 - 21:00 GMT + 1 WEBSITE FORUM DISCORD Greetings to everyone! Our team decided to launch Paradise X1, an unique High Five private server, based on official Platform by NCsoft! Hardcore, Casuals and Competitive players from East to West will be gathered in one server... Paradise X1 A short introduction into our new world: Paradise X1 (Hardcore - Unique - Quality) Experience: X1 Skill Points: X1 Adena: X1 Drop: chance X1, amount X1 Spoil: chance X1, amount X1 Manor: X1 Quests - Item Drop: amount X1 Quests - Rewards: Exp X1, Adena X1 Raid Boss Drop: Chance X1, Drop X1 Epic Boss Drop: Chance X1, Drop X1, Adena X1 Server Platform: L2OFF by NCsoft (We do not use: L2J or Advext) Starting Pack: Standard NCsoft equipment & shots Premium Account: Paradise Shop: Includes premium consumables as on official servers No Pay to Win - Donations are not rewarded with large advantages over players who do not donate. Box Limit: 2 boxes allowed. (Restriction will be removed when server load is decreased.) Buffer: Standard Newbie Guide. Third class quest: Retail Subclass quest: Retail Noblesse quest: Retail Class Change: Could be purchased in-game at the following prices Offline Shops: Available via Offline Ticket from in-game store Cursed Weapons: Available after 21 days! Donations: Available from the beginning! Autoloot: Disabled. Seven Signs: Starting on Grand Olympiad: Starting on Sieges: Starting on Clan Hall Auctions: Starting on Item Broker: Available on Antibot: Customized Anti-Cheat. No Wipes: A long term stable project! Vote System: Receive rewards every 12 hours by voting us Secured DDoS Protection International English based community! Key Features Scheduled Server Restarts: 12:00 GMT+1 on Monday (Except when a delicate situation occurs).
  9. Dear community, We promised that we will solve today the issue with "client delay (slow)", but we will have to postpone it until tomorrow because we are planning to release our AutoUpdater with this fix together. By doing this change we will be able to keep the community up to date hassle free. We thank you for supporting us.
  10. Dear Evokers, We're glad to announce you that Lineage 2 Evoke season III was successfully launched! Welcome, enjoy the game and hope World of Eden will satisfy all your desires, wish you a pleasant gaming experience! Best regards, Lineage 2 Evoke Team
  11. 1hour and 40 minutes left until grand opening! Website: https://lineage2evoke.com Register: http://account.lineage2evoke.com Patch: https://mega.nz/#!bX4XHCra!phsKXZUhXEJSmtFnQpnVVS1Ti62GT-MmyFELtaAwFYg https://www.mediafire.com/file/15h8agbacp4kqwd/Evoke_Patch_Live_V1.zip/file http://rgho.st/7hJjyhjmK
  12. The time has come for us to launch the patch and the auto-updater, we have prepared some websites from where you can download our files: Grand Opening - May 24 - 18:00 GMT+1 Live Patch: MIRROR 1 | MIRROR 2 | MIRROR 3 Account Panel: CREATE ACCOUNT Install Interlude Client: Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3 We strongly recommend you to re-install Lineage 2 Interlude once again, like this you will avoid the unpleasant and also common errors which you often meet. Best regards, Lineage 2 Evoke Team
  13. World of Eden x3 Grand Opening tomorrow 24 May 2019 - 18:00 GMT+1 WEBSITE: https://lineage2evoke.com FORUM: https://lineage2evoke.com/forum ACCOUNT PANEL: http://account.lineage2evoke.com ACP Registration available at 12:00 Best regards, Lineage 2 Evoke Team
  14. We have the great pleasure to present you our „Appearance System” (A.K.A. Skin system) available now in the Lineage II Evoke store! Skin system available on World of Eden (x3)! Change your outfit without losing your gear stats (weapons/armors/jewelry stats are the same so you can fight/pvp while wearing your skin) Skins & Outfits Dark & White assassin, Blue & Red pirate skin but also many others will be integrated every week.
  15. As a reward for those who are and were loyal to our project we prepared a package called "Loyalty Pack". The package is available only for the characters which are created from 24-31 May after that period, no other new born characters will take benefits from this pack. - Ruthless Mask (Item will disappear after 24 hours) An exclusive mask to show your truly ruthless self! - Mithril Shirt (Item will disappear after 3 days) An exclusive shirt which makes you fell fast as the wind. Description: Song of Wind. Duration: 5 mins & 20 minutes re-use delay that can be used when shirt is equipped. - Ring of Heir (Item will disappear after 3 days) A unique ring that will ease your burden and make you stronger. Description: +5000 Weight limit.