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  1. Server had 800 players two weeks ago. We closed when there were 100 left, there's no point to keep fighting for something that community abbandoned already. If you like to fight with the wind, go ahead and fight that, let me know what results you've got.
  2. Server is running smooth. 1 month since online!
  3. Dear community, Pumpkin Collector Event is about to start! Hunt the monsters that dwell in the lands of Aden and Elmore to fill with the Pumpkins You will find two types during your search: Halloween King Pumpkin Halloween Nectar Pumpkin The event will take place from 30 October to 20 November. The Pumpkins will drop during 30 October to 13 November, the exchange NPC will be available until 20 November. You will need to raise your collector level to be eligible for many of the items. The exchange NPC will trade your pumpkins for fantastic rewards! Dear friends,
  4. Sure thing. "7 human beeings" which means 2 guys Anatoly and Fabio Tomasceschin. Didn't knew you two value that much. Please end the off-topic here it's a report section not a L2java server presentation.
  5. Show us the proof as well. :) If he show you some L2OFF scripts doesn't mean he uses them. L2auth and L2server, print screen with that and I will ask you to ban me if I am wrong. It's clearly L2j, all the mechanics from their server are working exactly like L2j. If I am correct than you should give him a WARN for providing false data about his server. Also have you warned him for posting duplicated posts on Maxcheaters? I am asking because you warned me (with your own reasons)
  6. My friend, you are telling me that L2Remorse aka Innadril is L2OFF are you serious? Do you have any small idea what are the differences between java and l2off? I joined the beta too and guess what they are java, stop fooling yourself because you are pathetic and you're embarassing yourself telling me that crappy l2j is l2off server. If you claim that, than you have absolutely zero knowledge about development and files. I did no false accusations, it is a real fact but you are 1. Blind or 2. Zero knowledge what L2OFF projects looks like. Your report was an act of a childish attitude and z
  7. Hello, I want to report this user for abusing his "powers" I have had to PM him to move my topic from preview servers to live servers and my server was online for 2 weeks and nobody moved it. I asked a project called Innadril Project to provide some proofs about his "L2OFF" files which is java in fact, I know that from internal sources and I also know he is the owner of L2Remorse. He is in personal vendetta with us since Soho, our team member banned their whole clan 3 years ago on Evoke (2017), a clan led by kMr. This guy kMr and Anatoly are the owners of L2Remorse, Innadril and n
  8. Newbie Bonus Starting Pack - 24 October! Streamer Reward, Clan Bonus! L2Evoke - L2OFF interlude 1400 online! No bots, No donations, No P2W! Events, Mass PvP's and Epic Sieges! https://playevoke.com https://discord.gg/2rZeKQC
  9. You can now prepare to download everything you need in order to connect tomorrow on our server! Website: https://playevoke.com - Register account: https://cp.playevoke.com/login#register - Download full client (+patch): https://mega.nz/file/yqpAlKiA#yq7SXteo2cjHJO89tV8FIEDxxfF7NlDQzA7F2IKuQ_k - Download full client (+patch) (mirror 2): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ntBgUeSKkOguXwE6kDjmvFd0bbHv9za0/view - Download Updater: https://mega.nz/file/PmwjyI6a#R3JBrkPncUi2uPmaCeJ_sR-PWqcu3dGV6Az_CX6zUiU 5 hours left until Grand opening!
  10. Greetings! You can create your accounts, please read carefully the following message: 1. If you played during our OBT, you can use the same Master Account (E-mail) that you used during tests, all you have to do, is to log in the account panel with your Master Account and create your game accounts! 2. If you are a new user, register your new Master Account (based on your preferred e-mail address) and after that, confirm it via e-mail and login to create your game accounts. https://cp.playevoke.com/login#register Maximum Game Accounts per Master Account is 10! I
  11. Open Beta Test is over, thank you all for participating on it and for helping us finding bugs. Everything is solved, all reports were verified and where we had to involve, we did that. Don't forget, the grand opening is on 10 October 2020 at 16:00 GMT+1 Create your accounts & download the updater. The Updater name will be "L2Evoke_Updater_Live" https://playevoke.com
  12. Thank you, beta ends tonight.
  13. Links for OBT Patch: - Link 1 https://easyupload.io/p2wual - Link 2 https://wdfiles.ru/fb7p - Register account https://cp.playevoke.com/login#register https://playevoke.com
  14. Tomorrow 18:00 GMT+1 we decided to launch the Open Beta Tests. Sneak peak what you could find on L2Evoke OBT! Tomorrow we will upload the OBT Patch on our website, also you'll be able to create an account to log in. http://prntscr.com/us4jlz http://prntscr.com/us4keb http://prntscr.com/us4me4 http://prntscr.com/us4mq9 Website: https://playevoke.com
  15. We are welcoming all new clans that decides to join our server! The Clan Bonus Promotion has couple simple steps to follow in order to be 100% you receive the rewards on Live server which will be on 10 October 2020. General rules Contact CM Soho (#1255) on discord Mention your clan name Upload your clan crest + ally (if applies) Your clan must have 20 clan members Details about rewards: - All your clan members must be online when you claim the rewards at live. - First 20 clans that are registering on this promotion, will be rewarded with 500 E-Coins & 1 Premium Ac