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  1. Grand Opening: 24 May 2019 Hour: 18:00 GMT+1 (London Time) Website: https://lineage2evoke.com Forum: https://lineage2evoke.com/forum Account Panel: http://account.lineage2evoke.com Welcome boys, girls and other little creatures! I would like to introduce Lineage 2 Evoke to you: a low rate Lineage II Interlude [OFF] server that brings Lineage II back to the community as it was intended! We intend to deliver a balanced low rate server to the community that will cater to your needs! Server rates After the recent discussions on our forum we have decided to go for the following rates: EXP/SP: 3x Adena: 2x (1x chance) Raid drops: 2x Epic Raid Drops: 1x Spoil rates: 3x chance, 1x amount Seal Stone: 3x (1x chance) Party exp: retail! (from 30 to 72%!) Quest adena rate: 2x (Dangerous Seduction reward capped at 200k) Fishing Rewards (POCAF): 3x Server Hardware CPU: Intel Xeon E5 Ram: 64GB Hard disks: NVME SSD 6Gbps Network: 1 Gbps Anti-DDoS Protection PRO Features Offline shop available for 5,000 adena (All towns & Monster Derby Track) Working community server (incl party matching) Travelers' weapons (no-grade and D-grade) Spawn windows for epic bosses limited at 4 hours Cursed swords (Akamanah & Zariche) disabled in first two weeks Raid Bosses Increased rates for vital quests: Alliance with Ketra Orcs - х2 Alliance with Varka Silenos - х2 An Ice Merchant's Dream – x2 A Powerful Primeval Creature – х2 Clean up the Swamp of Screams - х2 Coins of magic - x2 Exploration of Giants Cave, Part 1/ Part 2 – х2 For Sleepless Deadmen - 2x Gather the flames - х2 In Search of Fragments of Dimension - х2 Illegitimate Child of A Goddess - x2 Legacy of Insolence – х2 Supplier of Regeants - x2 The Finest Food - х2 The Finest Ingredients - Part 1 - х2 War with Ketra Orcs - х2 War with Varka Silenos - х2 Whisper Of Dreams Part 1/ Part 2 – х2 Rise & Fall of the Elroki Tribe - х2 Relics of the old empire - х2 Yoke of the Past – x2 Vote coins to be gained by voting for the server (max 1 each 12 h) that can be exchanged for cosmetic items in-game (hats, hair dye potions etc) NO GM SHOP NO CUSTOM BUFFERS Dual boxing policy One main + one alt and 10 offline shops allowed simultaneously That means you can play with your main account, one extra box (eg a buffer) and have 10 offline shop in-game simultaneously. Donations Donations for first class, second class change and hats will be available at launch. As class change marks will also be available for adena (1 mark = 1kk) we feel we are providing enough options for players to advance in the same way as those that donate. There will in any case never be any game influencing donations on L2Evoke, that we can guarantee you! The team behind this project owns the machine the software is running on and is professionally involved in managing servers for corporate clients. We are therefore not depending on our players to pay our server bills! Money that we gain from donations will be used to compensate our advertising budget and future projects. Launch Date: 24.05.2019 Hour: 18:00 GMT+1 (London Time) Website: https://lineage2evoke.com Forum: https://lineage2evoke.com/forum Account Panel: http://account.lineage2evoke.com