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  1. Balance changes + level gating looks good. Will check it out
  2. Server had DC problems for about 2 days but it seems to have been fixed since server has been stable for last 5 days and no DC. Server still going strong and im still enjoying myself
  3. After 2 days only Giran grows and will continue to grow
  4. Over 1k+ online and will continue to rise. So far server has been stable and all zones are packed.
  5. Looks good. Will check it out O0
  6. New update Misc small client fixes - Added support for our Agathions - Client protection and encryption - Blackwatch Anti-Bot V02 - New L2.exe that fixes game launch issues (small key issue). - Box protection is also enabled (2 per computer)
  7. New update [Core - DLL Updates] - Fixed incorrect attribute enchant value for armors from attribute stones - Changed max buff slots to 24+4 from 20+4 - Added exclusion for trigger skills to buffsystem (trigger skills will not over buff you) [script] - Newbie guides now consume Newbie Travel Token for teleports - Minor changes to Tyrant totems - Several html fixes - Several client side description fixes - Minor changes to some inspector skills - Replaced S80-grade auction items (spellbooks/soul crystals/books) with A grade auction items (soul crystals/lifestones); will be reverted after 4 weeks.