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  1. Hello everyone! We are few days away from our opening day, so we decided to start our first Event of the server. All you have to do is follow the instructions and when you're done, you're already registered to be one of the winners. Speaking of which, there will be 3 winners and each will take "home" 150DC (Donator Coins) to use in-game. Here is the link for our event:
  2. We are (Dragon-Network) Advext client .. from the very beginning, long time partnership with these guys. Great services, always helpful support. If you got issues, try to look on your side before spreading negative feedback! I think these files are the most complete regarding AI too.. just look their changelog, up to date.
  3. After almost 2 weeks of uptime our server running nice and attract new players! There's 1100+ online player every day, and many player grinds on low lvl areas too! If you are looking for a magnificent Interlude experience join us now! Exp Runes are going to be added tomorrow (2017.10.27.), so new players will have the chance to catch up faster on those who are playing from start. Also new events awaiting you! Our GM team will announce different events to make the playing experience even better! Join now on ! (For best response use gmail adress)
  4. 1. Create account: Note: For fast and sure reply use e-mail. 2. Joining to server Recommended way(Patched client, ready to play): Alternative way: Download autoupdater ,put it in your l2 interlude folder and run full check(Balder/Interlude): Server is up! Started successfully
  5. Dear players! During our last test we found a vulnerability in the classic interface. We want to make a good start without any lagg or crash. We are working on the solution, but it might take more then one day. We know that everyone waiting for the server, so we won't delay it! Classic client will be ready in 1-2 day and we will load it up again, once it's 100% secure. Until then you can use the old client. Sorry for the inconveniences, but this way gameplay won't be affected, and you can start your char in time! This is a manual patch to Clean Interlude client: PATCH Contains upda
  6. Register account to our new x7 server: HERE Ready to play clients: OLD RETAIL CLIENT <<>> This doesn't have updater. But we give old retail client for the ppl want to play on it. Balder Classic Client Contains the latest client updates + updater Torrent files for clients: Classic HUD Torrent file magnet link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:5fa90e5a50422fd636e35d92b16309d5a40936d5&dn=Lineage%20II%20-%20Balder%20(Classic%20HUD).rar&
  7. ofc it's your opinion and thoughts, sam was some German guy who wasn't the gm we were looking for There is no multipersonality in staff :> I'm in contact with TZ via phone and that's all, he doesn't have that much time to manage stuffs that's why I got promoted to admin. Just to prove the opposite what you say, Floki our newest external GM will do awesome work in favor of our community (he did huge work already). What you say won't happen here cause Interlude staff contains 3 of us, not more not less. Oh and about donation and the money part.. Hellbound server is still up, yet is pai
  8. Probably you are butthurted, cause got ban FOR REASON. In the past anything happened it's gone. Ok we got it, but you can go away. I guarantee non corruption on these servers belong to me: HELLBOUND/Interlude. I will be managing this new server with GM Floki as my assistant, you can't judge us for no reason. Anything issue you have contact me, but please refrain posting stuffs not belong here.
  9. We released our beta. From now on you can download our updater and log in. Autoupdater: Download Account registration: Join
  10. How could we be corrupted, if they are banned from our servers? We removed the last corrupt admin and his crew and it was Sam. I think you are drunk, since I'm in the network I do pretty much all the stuffs, I got promoted to Admin and I'm managing all that is happening within network (Hellbound/Interlude servers). This time we launch retail server, there is much more interest in a good low rate Interlude server. Please don't compare this with any DN projects especially not with substack, It has nothing to do with it. I also don't understand your flame, we launched a x75 summer pvp server, wha
  11. Sharing event started by GM ^Floki^ as well, win extra coins!
  12. Participate and win 300 Donate Coins at the start of server ;)
  13. Opening 13 of October 2017 at 18:00 (CET) Open beta is available 22/09/2017 to 12/10/2017 L2 Classic Interface for Interlude Including functions from later chronicles. Implemented all the main windows that are called from the new L2 Classic Menu: Enlarged inventory window with sorting button: Other: 5*Socketed Shortcut Window: L2 Classic Maps For All Towns : 17 Towns & 7 Auction! Handmade Retouch. Per-Pixel
  14. OMG life saver! I've following your work, it's nice to see there are still ppl working on these stuffs. I'm amazed, keep it up!