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  1. Thank you Rootware , i will try it , thanks a lot.
  2. I have 2 system for hellbound ( 32 and 64 bit ) If u give me an e-mail adress i can send u the Zip file ( ca. 20 MB)
  3. Hi every1 , I would like to download Lineage 2 Hellbound ( CT 1.5 ) datapack and server files. Sadly every link that i found in forums / download sites / share sites , was already closed or not existing. All the forums in this topic was made around 2008-2009 , so its almost impossible to find normal working datapack and server files for a normal functional HELLBOUND server. Thats why i would like to ask for your help . Please if you have any datapack or server files , upload it and share with me. I would be very happy. Thank you.