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  1. fair enough, I judge from our position, what we can to do :)
  2. Even free shared Vanganth, or free Emca's extender gives you an option to create some customs inside of core
  3. Depends what type of server you want to open. If Lowrate - L2OFF, if high rate - L2J, midrate - depends how much customs do you want.
  4. L2OFF doesn't mean sacrificing customs, it's just would be more expensive :)
  5. Dear friends! The whole AdvExt team wants to congratulate you on the arrival of the midsummer! We hope that your summer is in perfect balance of resting, BBQ and thinking of pleasant emotions from Lineage 2. In our turn we even didn't consider the vacation, because we are always here to help you to recover your servers, satisfy your requests and create feature of any difficulty: simple event of insane Game Designer idea. Why now? Because summer is well-known not only as a time to get yourself some new thing, but also for good discounts! That's why we have prepared seasonal discounts (up to -40%) for all groups of goods and services(20%) . You can find more details regarding the assortment and amount of discount by following this link. Any questions? Feel free to ask! Telegram: @AdvExt Skype: help.advext64 E-mail: sales.advext64@gmail.com with HOT regards, AdvExt team
  6. Thank you P.S. We launch our official July's discounts, 40% on unlimited extenders and 20% on almost all services, soon will be official announce, be ready to prepare your server to autumn with significant moneysavings:)
  7. It was part of our Interlude, because we made a full recompilation of AI sources to GF core
  8. You judge from your point of view. But right now audience of Lineage 2 on free shards is around 500k players monthly. Its nothing compare with big official game development, but its more then enough for tens of projects in the world to have a business in it. However in your situation, if you just want to play with buddies 1. You can find a server, where you would like to play 2. You can get a some free server with a lot of bugs and spend next few months trying to fix it 3. You can get a payed version, ready to go and play with your buddies. If you are high-end programmer - price of this solution would be less then cost of your 1 working day (we have 2 offers for small servers, test version with 20 ppl online limitation and 400 ppl online limit, as soon as and free trial)
  9. The easiest way to check all included features - to download a trial, and to check all available configs. I will attach the main configuration file here: https://pastebin.com/8YWsGDc8
  10. NCsoft standart events are included, and it supports our commercial events like TVT, CTP and others
  11. its very old suggestion, which don't have any sense right now. Even 5-6k online could easily be handled on one Dedicated. Confirmed on practice
  12. You need to use the same abnormal_type - if abnormal_type between two skills are the same(and the same skill level), they replace each other. If skill level are different, skill with higher skill level cannot be replaced with lower level
  13. You can't run 2 l2servers under the same OS. Rise two different virtual machines, with different IP adresses and use it
  14. Its not me, sorry dude, people want smth free, and don't want to spend even 5 minutes, when they get even a link to sources
  15. As soon as this Interlude is based on GF core - you can use any Passive skills from GF, and they will work. Will work also and all active skills(but you should care about their animations in client, so if you will find a way how to add them correctly in interlude client - server will support it)