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  1. The easiest way to check all included features - to download a trial, and to check all available configs. I will attach the main configuration file here: https://pastebin.com/8YWsGDc8
  2. NCsoft standart events are included, and it supports our commercial events like TVT, CTP and others
  3. its very old suggestion, which don't have any sense right now. Even 5-6k online could easily be handled on one Dedicated. Confirmed on practice
  4. You need to use the same abnormal_type - if abnormal_type between two skills are the same(and the same skill level), they replace each other. If skill level are different, skill with higher skill level cannot be replaced with lower level
  5. You can't run 2 l2servers under the same OS. Rise two different virtual machines, with different IP adresses and use it
  6. Its not me, sorry dude, people want smth free, and don't want to spend even 5 minutes, when they get even a link to sources
  7. As soon as this Interlude is based on GF core - you can use any Passive skills from GF, and they will work. Will work also and all active skills(but you should care about their animations in client, so if you will find a way how to add them correctly in interlude client - server will support it)
  8. https://mmo-develop.ru/threads/releasevanganth-02-11-16-nulled.7166/ here is a cracked Vanganth files(our AdvExt edition^^ with SG 2.0 support). The guy who shared it - made a big work for such lazy guys, who want l2server for free, but don't want to spend even 5 minutes for understanding - and shared it with configured VirtualBox, enjoy
  9. There is no any Auth server with shared sources. Many years hAuthd was more then enough solution, but when for us(AdvExt) its changed - we was forced to write our own new auth
  10. PremiumServer its not about Premium Account, its only for button SHOP
  11. We are proud to present a new product for Interlude market. New Interlude is a fresh breath to market, a opens many new windows to launch extremely successful Interlude projects, which are still covers 50% of Lineage2 Free market. What key differences of this Interlude, in compare with old one, based on c4 core? Its fully stable on 3000+ onlines Fast L2NPC loading, 30 seconds, instead of 15 minutes Support of all actual protection systems - SmartGuard, StrixGuard, ActiveAnticheat. Support all our GF core features - PVP events based on deep engine integration, Java-like Community board, new Auth server, offline traders loading after server restart, etc. More flexible in additional features which you can order from us It supports from the box all the GF-HF features(your fantasy is limited only by Interlude client limits): - Instances - Flexible schedule - Managing Max Level of main and subclass - HTML size extended from 8kb to 16kb - Correct system augmentation - Correct fusion system - All Clan Hall sieges and Swoop Cannon works correctly - Support of monetization system like Olf shirt And the base of server is fully implemented Interlude server, where all works as it should. Versions of extender: unlimited, limited (400 players), test. Price: 575$, 290$, 90$