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  1. when i use skills that are activated as buff i lose the first buff when i am full slot buff. I want to know how I make my skills not count as a buff. example the rapid shot skill, frenzy, rage, zealot .
  2. how to disable the cumulative skills of rev l2 off?
  3. seven sig records, but the mobs are not dropping ancient adena. can i can i fix this?
  4. I found the solution, to change it is necessary to go to itemname deley item and put 450
  5. good afternoon can someone help me? anyway, i tried to put the mana potion in order not to ask for time to fill it up. but I can not html skill_begin skill_name = [s_mana_potion] /* [Mana potion] */ skill_id = 5000 level = 1 operate_type = A1 magic_level = 1 effect = {{i_mp;2300;diff}} is_magic = 0 mp_consume2 = 0 cast_range = -1 effective_range = -1 skill_hit_time = 0 skill_cool_time = 0 skill_hit_cancel_time = 0 reuse_delay = -1 attribute = attr_none effect_point = 0 target_type = self affect_scope = single affect_limit =