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  1. when translating the l2.ini I get it in Korean as in the image, know where the option is i n the l2.ini for English
  2. I am looking for PawnViewer of GF final EN hello I'm looking for GF PawnViewer final in EN as I show in the images. or if you know how to translate this menu. Thank you.
  3. I have a system of a server that I like the npc and designs and has smar guard as I remove it to connect to my server.
  4. I buy key vangath GF final price options and warranties and be recommended in the forum please.
  5. I want to configure this lin2panel for my server but I have an error. some help or guide to configure it. LOG [09-Oct-2017 19:33:25 UTC] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mssql_connect() in www/lin2panel/index.php:18 Stack trace: #0 {main} <?php // Start output buffering ob_start("ob_gzhandler"); // Set error storing ini_set ( "track_errors", true ); // Start session include_once ( "includes/session.php" ); // Load configuration include_once ( "includes/config.php" ); include_once ( "includes/functions.php" ); include_once ( "includes/l2atl.php" ); incl
  6. I still do not get the compile. I feel that I do not know anything. I do not see the .server.exe nor the npc.exe nor the common .exe ... but I will not give up I must learn. Thanks to your help I have come to this:
  7. I have achieved it. I am happy. but now I get another : C msj: specify the name of the executable file for the debug session
  8. thanks again already almost jajaj but now I have compilation error. thanks for all the help. Generation log Compilation Version: Project started: MyExt64, Configuration: Release | x64 Command lines Creating temporary file "d: \ l2shrine-extender-public-8690f2aa668a \ l2shrine-extender-public-8690f2aa668a \ MyExt64 \ x64 \ Release \ RSP000007198015996.rsp" with content [ / O2 / I "d: \ l2shrine-extender-public-8690f2aa668a \ l2shrine-extender-public-8690f2aa668a \ MyExt64 \\" / D "_WINDLL" / D "_UNICODE" / D "UNICODE" / FD / EHsc / MT / Fo "x64 \ Release \\" /Fd"x64\Release\vc80.pdb "
  9. Disculpa mi inisistencia y mi falta de conocimientos pero esto empezando en VB y gracias por tu ayuda y rapidas respuestas. ESTE ES EL ERROR EN VB2005: el proyecto consta en su totalidad de configuraciones que necesitan soporte para plataforma que no estan instalafas en este equipo . el proyecto no se puede cargar.
  10. any mini guide how to compile with VS2005x64? or any files already compiled?