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  1. Thanks a lot for your feedback, we keep working everyday for you, guys. <3
  2. Thanks a lot for your feedback is our placer support to you. ;)
  3. Just a small sample of everything you told us... Bye bye, @Tallz
  4. You give away the version because your subscription was finished and you wanted us to continue updating your version. Everything was explained to you in the best possible way and you started insulting latin and russian people on a whim that had a solution. It's a shame. Any way, good luck with the project your choice in the future.
  5. These types of commands are placed to protect the assets of the project, since unfortunately there are users who do not respect the buy/sell policies and when they no longer agree with them, they do this type of actions in bad taste. This can be seen in the other post, where an user explains his point of view about our new policies (That from the beging are suject to changes without prior notice and can see it on our webpage BEFORE make a contribution). Shame? Why shame?... I don't understand your contradiction, here you find it embarassing this but, in other forum you said
  6. I invite you to do a review between projects and you will realize that Master is not free of them, but we are the ones with the least errors. You expressed yourself a long time ago, an account to only speak ill of this project. Stop spamming and be happy. Thanks for ur comment.
  7. Aqua Elf ID: 13268 Your welcome :)
  8. Hello, of course. You can test the server if you want. Regards.
  9. Normally I do not answer but I feel the need to answer these absurd accusations. We do not steal anything, as we have mentioned to this user, we receive this code from a client to adapt it to our project. A code that, as jabberwock says, is a code that was old and incomplete, impossible to adapt to our project. What we did was recreate the code practically from 0 and use the design. In fact, it says "reworked Zeus Engine by L2JMaster". Use Mobius or Sunrise? Why not? We can all use what we want and we have the same opportunities to sell as others, that is a matter of the client. Honestly I s
  10. We have some of that suits (NOT FOR FREE). If you want contact us Here Regards.
  11. Hello, of course. Please go to our webpage L2JMaster test server section and download our patch. Regards.
  12. I don't understand why this user is saying that he is using our project, this is FALSE. Nor in the custom it looks like. This user has not purchased any L2JMaster product. I respect your opinion. Servers and custom things are everywhere. In L2JMaster we try to make everything retail like. We have a test server without custom for anyone who wants to enter to test. We try to improve every day but it is a job that takes time. We have less two years on the market and I assure you that we have fewer bugs than projects that are many years older than us. Regards.
  13. Yes. We have a test server, contact us and we can make an agreement.