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  1. aVVe has dissapeared with money To help with your statement, and your -25 reputation.
  2. aVVe has dissapeared with money

    Don't talk about xdrac if you don't know the story please. You are same like him, big words and zero results, you find excuses and you're messing around with people's work. We don't give a butterfly if you don't have time, or you have a personal life. If you decided to SELL your "services" finish what you promised to your customer, otherwise go find a real job, work on your domain and don't scam or mess with people time. I've added you couple months ago to ask you to do an updater, you said "yes is possible, yes I do, it cost you x amount of euro, send them and we start to work" after couple days when I still had a lot of questions and tasks to discuss with you, you simply blocked me on skype, you are amateur and you also pretend to be good guy, all you care is about you and to take fast the money. I don't know what you and griunvaldas decided in the end, but you are not serious and since I had that experience with you, I cannot recommend you. My whole problem with people like you is not that you are not serious, is that you mess with our time. That means you are a 17-18 years old kid that you don't understand what life means, what time means and you simply take advantage that people are good enough to pay you the cash than you disappear for couple weeks, find an excuse (like we care of it) than find the next victim. Of course you'll start to insult me now, "who the fq you are" "what the hell you want" "retarded" etc. I know already, so don't bother.
  3. aVVe has dissapeared with money

    I support you in this. He is very childish and he should be banned if he scammed a person.
  4. [L2J] Lineage2dusk

    You are too idiot that's why I never answered to you. Based of "believe me" you should pray when I say this word, because I actually work, developed and coded with vanganth on his first source you moron, if I say believe me, than do it because I know what I am talking when it comes to L2OFF. Now I've read your post you silly shit romanian ass, how do you know if I am high class developer or not since you never wrote me before? Since you are a shit kid which lives in Mangalia? If you know me, tell me where am I from because most of those who bought development services from me, have an idea from where am I from. Ok I trust you, as you asked me to do, now prove me your words are actually true? L2OFF with java auto registration - This is the first thing which I tested and proved to be l2j In game commands, npc's, inventory, jewels and many others, I need 30 seconds to find out if your crap is Java or Off. Next time take care what words you're using mr. Mangalia. You can already ban this prick which is lying the community that he's using a L2OFF pack, who also changed moderators Prefix who keeps insulting our intelligence and who has the guts and arrogance to come here after he's fail server failed and questioning people "who changed his shit topic topic" without his permission.
  5. People must be incredibly stupid to play on this server from now on. It's not possible to play on such server when people know since 2013 that he was corrupted as 'fock'. Now there's a 2017 proof telling that a corrupt piece of 'shift' will never change, once corrupted, always corrupted.
  6. Report xDrac

    One of Maxcheaters rules are, you scam - you get banned. To be honest, I agree with all you said because I owned servers before and I was insulted, trolled every day by guys like Achylek, Skylord and other randoms like them. I asked Maxtor politely, to remove them and he promised to me that if they do it again they will suffer a ban. The maxcheaters rules are only if you break things with administration, for example, if you refund from maxtor 3$ he ban you, if you insult a staff member, they ban you, if you scam others, if you insult others, if you threat a project with DDOS you get banned instantly. Never back down efegue, I totally understand you and I hope my post will come in your defend, because I got scammed dozens of time in the past, now I am way more careful before agreeing with some "pro service sellers".
  7. [L2J] Lineage2dusk

    The server is running on Java, I am selling L2OFF services and believe me this is not L2OFF at all. A moderator is required to change his topic title, it fools people around with his fake title. Nothing personal with your server, good luck and have fun, but edit your title into L2J because this is what it is.
  8. Forum is amazingly bad..

    If is possible fix the search button or downgrade it to how it was, it's annoying af.
  9. I am really curious if anyone is using PSC nowadays because it seems nobody use this anymore, I'm trying to find a 10Euro PSC voucher from 3 days and there's nobody trading, having, knowing anyone to make this trade happen. If you got a 10E Psc voucher please send me a PM with your skype. Thanks in advance!
  10. WTB Need 10 PSC

    UP, still needing it.
  11. WTB Need 10 PSC

    I need 10 PSC I can pay with paypal, write me your skypes via PM. Asap
  12. Hello, I am Blackhive. Most of you know my previously servers which I created, developed and administrated! Since I am out of Lineage 2 scene, I decided to start something else, for example I can help anyone who is interested to build a Lineage 2 private server from zero. Even if your skills as a developer are not very high, I can help you, guide you or build a server exactly as you like. That being said my services are: - Build Lineage 2 servers (C3 up to Classic) - Selling Interlude packs (by vanganth), Gracia Final official pack - Selling L2OFF and L2Java Account Panel (image: ) which includes: - Selling simple account panel Image: - Selling Vanganth Licenses (Test version + Live Version) - Selling Lineage 2 packs: I already have some customers which bought several services from me, this topic was not created to build myself advertisements, it's meant to help any of you that might need assistance or help on your future projects. Feel free to write me on PM.