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  1. Dear Elfocrash, you are the MVP of MXC L2j development, if not on whole L2j I remember seeing your work waaaay back like 10 years ago when I got into L2j myself Huge thumbs up and thanks!
  2. WTB H5 multiskill server pack preferably with source PM
  3. Seller is friendly and ready to help with files. Source was sent instantly after payment. Features so far looks okay, needs further testing to be sure. For now I can recommend this seller, we'll see what happens after some time :)
  4. It's all about money. And Maxcheaters has plugin which doesn't allow to visit website when you use Adblocker - because "they can't stay alive if nobody sees boobs and vaginas flashing". @Maxtor - create www.porncheaters.com and advertise crap servers with no dignity and original thoughts somewhere else.
  5. Ideas looks good, keep going. Good luck with your project
  6. Well that was a ripoff. First things first, I don't believe it was L2OFF. Not with autoregistration bullshit in the first place. It's sad I didn't had time to login to game. Second, project is completely dead. Login offline, forum is deleted, no links working at website. Absolute garbage ;)
  7. Everytime I see nowadays L2 server advertisement with boobs flashing... a little bit of me wanting to make content for L2 dies.
  8. I am not being Mobius customer or anything but could you please SHUT UP? All I see from you is unconstructive criticism about others people work while you do nothing. Enough is enough...
  9. More convenient way to make this would be sending SystemMessageId from server while on client that SystemMessageId would have an sound assigned (like picking up Adena gives sound), also import sounds to some sound texture using UnrealEd - that's how I done that saving lots of code lines and decreasing system patch files count.
  10. CAPTCHA temporarily disabled now. Start at 20:00 EEST (Eastern European Summer Time)