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  1. [L2J] L2Blaze

    Are you serious dude? You launched new season at December 16 so not even 3 weeks? :)) Better start changing something if you still care about L2blaze :)
  2. Discussion Server Host

    1Mbps = ~128KB/s (Mbps / 8) Mbps != MB/s :) For instance if your internet plan provides 100Mbps, real download speed will be ~12MB/s. So either you had 1Mb/s uplink or not 1Mbps :) One instance of L2 (one player) consume ~24KB/s of network (AFAIK, I may be wrong here)
  3. [L2j] L2Damage

  4. Discussion Server Host

    Are you using DSL? :) Judging by your speed, you are getting ~600 KB/s up-link which would be eligible to run 20-30 players, also don't forget response time (ping), so I guess it's not worth trying, as better solution will be almost immediately required.
  5. They serve as Index files for adding static objects to players (Skills, items, etc etc). Max item amount you can buy in one time (default should be 5000) Timeout after which server will crash to prevent further damage / loss of data if deadlock will be detected. Check systemmsg-e.dat for IDs =100 - 100% vitality drop. Let's say you drop it to 50 - Vitality will be consumed 50% slower on same received Exp. On some part of Gracia (cant remember which one) magic damage is calculated randomly. For instance on Interlude you will always deal same damage (for example 1100) but on newer chronicles amount is random (1000-1200 or smth like this) NCsoft stuff. Imho nobody exactly knows what this does. Somehow related to server performance monitoring. Earlier there was some Korean servers which had limited hours per week to play. If you exceed for example 10 hours, you won't be able to login. Time-limited servers ;) Correct. Isn't pathnode generated from geodata when server is booting up? Again some NCsoft stuff nobody knows what's for. Related to 6.1 (should be) I believe this tells L2NPC how fast to load NPCs when you start L2npc.exe (I can be wrong) You won't be able to attack other character outside of combat zone. There is integrated MSN messenger into L2 client (you can find it at Friend Chat window), this config tells if we need to log that conversations. BBS - ALT+B. On L2OFF it is complicated community forum - you can write your posts or admin can write news. Software layer of DDoS protection :) IMHO no, unless you hardly rework L2Comm to be able to speak with your server software API. If you set it to 1, additional badge will appear on server choose list. + Photoshop with DDS support. Check icon.utx No native support. Use search, lots of theads on MXC about updaters and how to create it.
  6. Discussion Server Host

    First things first, dedicated server is an machine with server-grade hardware and software, up 24/7 (if prefered) and (in some cases) protected from malicious attacks. You can run server at home machine especially if you are not planning to have lots of online players, requirements would be an decent PC plus good internet line with external, static IP address. If your ISP is giving you dynamic IP, there are no chances to run decent server (unless you are willing to change l2.ini after every IP change). Also any actions done with that PC (e.g. browsing in Chrome) may reflect in gameserver as an lag. If your ISP does not provide you with good internet link, it's not even worth to try launching srv from home. For test server I'd recommend Contabo and for live server OVH should be fine and not super-expensive solution. If you want full protection - choose Hyperfilter hosting services (they are expensive) or buy dedicated server machine and co-locate in on nearest data center. TL;DR: running server at home PC especially with bad internet link is not an good idea. Price means value (in most cases).
  7. Hardcoded, it's not into interface.xdat afaik :)
  8. ONE CLICK EDIT - MMORPG Fantasy LOGO by Ave

    Looooool so how should your customer feel when he will see few other servers with identical logo except name is different? Cmon he payed you money and he expected work to be unique and not shared/sold... Definitely no-no situation for your new buyers... Take care.
  9. Hi there Just an simple snippet of code taken from seven signs AI and adapted to work on other NPC. No big magic here. Also code needs some additions (for example return an error message if player does not have any seal stones) Credits: NCSoft? i guess? :D if( reply == 2 ) { if( myself::GetInventoryInfo( talker, 0 ) >= myself::GetInventoryInfo( talker, 1 ) * 0.800000 || myself::GetInventoryInfo( talker, 2 ) >= myself::GetInventoryInfo( talker, 3 ) * 0.800000 ) { myself::ShowSystemMessage( talker, 1118 ); return; } i0 = myself::OwnItemCount( talker, @blue_sealstone ); i1 = myself::OwnItemCount( talker, @green_sealstone ); i2 = myself::OwnItemCount( talker, @red_sealstone ); if( i0 > 0 || i1 > 0 || i2 > 0 ) { i3 = i0 * 3 + ( i1 * 5 + i2 * 10 ); if( i0 > 0 ) { if( 2 == 2 ) { myself::DeleteItem1( talker, @blue_sealstone, i0 ); } else { myself::DeleteItem1( talker, @blue_sealstone, i0 ); } } if( i1 > 0 ) { if( 2 == 2 ) { myself::DeleteItem1( talker, @green_sealstone, i1 ); } else { myself::DeleteItem1( talker, @green_sealstone, i1 ); } } if( i2 > 0 ) { if( 2 == 2 ) { myself::DeleteItem1( talker, @red_sealstone, i2 ); } else { myself::DeleteItem1( talker, @red_sealstone, i2 ); } } if( i3 > 0 ) { myself::GiveItem1( talker, @adena_of_ancient, i3 ); } } }
  10. Hi there, my first share :) Long story short: I took piece of code from Mr. Parker (original thread: here) and reworked it for my needs. Idea: player comes to donation NPC with a wish to increase clan level. If he is in clan (player does not need to be clan leader), clan level is not 8 and player has 25 Coin of Luck, clan level will be increased, if not - NPC will return an message (via Say). Here is the snippet of code, I am sure everyone will fit it easily, basically it's plug and play :) if( ask == 123123 ) { if( myself::OwnItemCount( talker, @coin_of_luck ) >= 25 ) { if( talker.pledge_id != 0 ) { i1 = myself::GetPledgeSkillLevel( talker ); if( i1 != 8 ) { myself::PledgeLevelUp( talker, reply ); myself::DeleteItem1( talker, @coin_of_luck, 25 ); myself::SoundEffect( talker, "ItemSound.quest_fanfare_2" ); myself::Say( "" + + ", your clan is now at maximum level. GLHF!" ); myself::ShowPage( talker, "misc_shop001.htm" ); return; } else if( i1 + 1 > reply ) { myself::Say( "Sorry, " + + " but your clan is already at max level." ); myself::ShowPage( talker, "misc_shop001.htm" ); return; } } else { myself::Say( "Sorry, " + + " but you do not have clan." ); myself::ShowPage( talker, "misc_shop001.htm" ); return; } } else { myself::Say( "Sorry, " + + " but you do not have 25 COL to continue." ); myself::ShowPage( talker, "misc_shop001.htm" ); return; } } Credits: Mr.Parker and a little from me ;)
  11. Discussion L2Mid SkyLord GM exposed

    You > Gaylord This means lot.
  12. Discussion L2Mid SkyLord GM exposed

    :D :D :D Also I want to put this here too:
  13. Mate look, I will try to explain again. I am at nobody's side here. Ave made me wait, so I can't be on his side anyway. If both buyer and seller finalizes order in one way or another - it's not scam. About you I can't tell anything as I had no experience with you or your services. However, you claimed that Ave told something about death and you are not able to give valid proofs about this. This is an incrimination.
  14. My story is an pure interest to keep forum clean from trash posts and negative attitude. Please respect other community members as they have same rights and rules as everyone, including you. I can count multiple violations in MXC rules on this thread alone :)