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  1. yes i have gr8 files and yes i need more options
  2. looking developer to work with skype: playerkiller666 email:
  3. trusted and skilled dev I recommend him :) he take care of his clients :) very happy
  4. hello all. i want to buy L2 Interlude or H5 Gve pack fully done skype: playerkiller666 email:
  5. Hi all Maybie someone could share voice commands like: whoami and auto cp(acp) sorry for my bad eng and ty for shares
  6. SAIL X50 Current server version: High Five Main server rates: Rates of XP and SP RateXp = 50. RateSp = 50. Rates adena RateDropAdena = 33. Rate drop things RateDropItems = 15. Reith drank RateDropSpoil = 15. Rate quest rewards RateQuestsReward = 15. Rate drop things with RB RateRaidBoss = 7. Commands on the servers: .help - this command will show the game in all the available voicedcommands .cfg - to enable/disable autoloot/lock experience and so on .offline - offline trading .seeds, .sod, .soi command to display information on SoD and SoI. .debug - enable/disable display of detailed information about the chance of passing debuffs separately for PvP and PvE. .whoamp and .whoams command to display the stat Pets and summons player. .auto -auto use potions to recover HP/MP/CP This command will be available only to owners of premium account. .bot –check the player on the bot Sharpening: Maximum sharpening +20 Chance sharpening weapons: conventional/magical – 66%/44% A chance to sharpen things: armor – 60% Safe sharpening +3 for one-piece armor +4 The main spawn of the RAID and epic bosses: Ant Queen– 1 day 12 hours +/- 17 hours Core - 2 days 12 hours +/- 23 hours Orfen - 2 days +/- 20 hours Baium - 5 days + 0-8 hours Antharas - 11 days Valakas - 11 days Beleth - 2 days Darion – 1 day 12 hours +/- 2 hours Death Lord Hallate – 1 day +/- 6 hours Longhorn Golkonda - 1 day +/- 6 hours Kernon - 1 day +/- 6 hours Shilen's Messenger Cabrio - 1 day +/- 6 hours Flame of Splendor Barakiel - 1 day +/- 6 hours Calipso –Friday, Saturday, Sunday 21.00 GMT The nuances of the project: The new interface Automatic translation from Russian into English and Vice versa. Implemented team .bot Implement a system of rewards for inviting new players to the server "Invite a friend" Implemented a system of remuneration for pumping For voting, players get a Bonus coin that can be exchanged for items in the store (alt+ B) Community Board (alt+ B) you can find: many different products for different in-game currency (coins of luck, bonus coins, points PC-club); a variety of services (sale PA, renaming, colouring nick/title, etc.); the buffer with the ability to create personal lists of buffs (only on PvP server); the teleporter in the most different places of the game world (on PvP server) The premium account is separate on each server. When buying a PA is issued a "Wristband Print Agathion - dragon" The Olympiad period 15 days Castle sieges every 2 weeks Territorial wars every 2 weeks Constantly running special event "Invasion of Chaos" Added cloaks of destruction. Drop the sealed cloak of destruction added bosses to drop in and spoil, and a printout is made at the blacksmith Ishuma Added the ability to improve using Neolithic Crystal normal armor to rare at Dimensional Merchant and Improved drop off bosses, Tiat, and Ekimus in order to promote the slaughter data bosses Implemented various special agation, such as Spiritual avatars Heroic weapon is issued with the attribute if desired, you can change Implemented the ability to change with the help of a special object attribute in any weapon Implemented the ability to change the appearance of armor and weapons. Display drop/spoil, options, skills, participation in quests, etc. shift+click on monster To improve the relevance of the heroic weapons, now you can choose which elemental attribute to insert in such weapons. Added the ability for a fee, are taken to remove the heroic weapons, to be able to substitute another weapon. Completely rewritten the system interacts with the treasures of the manor castles Pertusella on off location Valley of Dragons. Added "Elemental Crystal", allows you to change the type of the inserted attribute on the weapon (can be bought for PC glasses or Col'y). In the location of the "Monastery of Silence" realized work of the secret room with a mini game. In .added cfg option to disable autosuche skills. Added an option to change the appearance of armor and weapons to look different armor and weapons. Automatic translation from Russian into English and back (.cfg) Auto PvP events: The last hero Squad vs. squad Capture the flag Battle to the death Battle to the death (the squadron) King of the hill The destruction of enemy bases Fights in PvP events will now be held in a separate measurement. In the community, on the page with descriptions of PvP-events, added the ability to register for events, at a time when the active period of registration on the event. Also periodically hold author events from GM Siberius server start: 4 December at 20:00 GMT website:
  7. still looking for server x50, could be multicraft or even stuck sub or multiskill
  8. hello i'm looking for h5 server with x50-x100 rates, started recently also could be multicraft or multiskills minimum online 1k tywm
  9. nada :? u can try this prog, but i didn't try it
  10. OMFG MAN ! +respect and karma dude thx a lot
  11. here some kind of credits not exploit :D
  12. its a weeery old exploit but worked on l2live :DDD