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  1. WTS adena on valhalla new server, 1kk=0.5eur
  2. WTS drac set +6 x2 DC r set +7 / DC r set +6 Epic's +6 AM+16 DB+F+0 + 30 crit augment SB+F+7 + 24 crit augment Tattoo of power x3 Low a mage weapon +16 Augmnets pm here or SKYPE: p_i_n_k_i_z_z_z
  3. As topic says selling adena at Interlude-Online.ru 5k = 1eu Stock now 90k pm here or skype: p_i_n_k_i_z_z_z Accept only paypal
  4. If server would have more mobs it would be better... It hard to farm with big community and they leave becouse they cant farm.. People whit better items steal mobs.
  5. Very nice bot, 100% working, great service, rly good seller ;) :)
  6. Hello guys i made some re-search at google but no luck, maybe somebody can give me a link or upload Auto CP clicker for H5 client? Thx.
  7. Recommending this server, last season was fun :not bad:
  8. tryed to login for fun but its stucks on screan when you choise char...
  9. I bet its not event yours original seller in tower forum http://forum.l2tower.eu/thread-lameguard-bypass-hi5-include-client-dll-bypass-interlude and us people talk about it looks that it works anyway i talked trow skype whit him price 25euro us i know...
  10. Server looks realy great but if need vote for make such items.... i wont event try it thanks for info
  11. but did you saw this clip? i still dont get it, what i can do whit this program :D
  12. [glow=red,2,300]I found this in Rus forum and i would like that somebody could translate it[/glow] Способ работает на серверах с установленной шифрацией, и где в списке "плохого" софта не прописан HxD Hex Editor. Раньше видеогайдов не делал так что строго не судите. Механика простая - меняем в памяти значение байпасса "bypass _bbsmultisell:XXXXX" и клиент сам посылает серверу запрос, зашифрованный как надо Видео Спасибо Jumper'у за грамотное модерирование. Для тех кто не верит что видео моё - моя учетка на жуках регана в 2009г. Видео же датировано 2012 годом.