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  1. I have the best prices, server still online with over 1k online players 2-3k shops in game. Vesper Armors Dynasty Armors S grade armors +4/+5 or +6 A grade armors +4/5 or +6 All kind of characters available for sale levels from 76 up to 85. Adena unlimited Ancient Adena Dynasty Weapons enchanted Icarus Weapons Enchanted Raid BOSS Jewels +10 Dynasty Jewels enchanted Vesper Jewels enchanted Belts, CLoaks, Bracelets Festival Adena Top grade festival adena Dimensional Fragments Parnassus Essences and more. PM Only with your SKYPE ID.
  2. thats nice, anyway i dont care at all, but the only fact i said that is because i see you switching from analkim to ahri
  3. you definitely are a pro damn admin 15 years old. What you offer its exactly what you receive ma frend , I hope you waste all your money in this project that will fail after few hours and you wont come again with shitty serbidors.
  4. I didn't applied for any gm functions, as lolisre probably did, and I still call this a shit java server with a brainless gm who lead it, and probably you're that one because you "care" to much about this serbidor
  5. yea, exactly a bot account. He is definitely the owner or the gm because I can't call him a developer, this is a shit job that even a baby can do in few hours.
  6. This servidor is made on java I am 100% sure more than this they won't even have 5 players not 30 as you said. It's a failure server with failure features, this gms don't even know what they want from this life, check the features, everyday new features, everyday new "events" everyday new towns or armors. This is just a shitty java, or at least they are very unskilled.
  7. This server is one of the best, all owners made some mistakes, but not all of them keep working and improving their work everyday as Dex do. This deserve to be played not to be flamed. Just silly kids acting like this. I wish you good luck Dex and hope to see old faces in game.
  8. Hey guys who played on these amazing servers ? Lets share some memories from them and lets see how many from oldschool players are still alive Quality sucks but .. :D This from revenge :
  9. Website is currently offline ( Under Construction ) Our forum will be up TODAY You can spend the time for free discussions and vote in our polls that we've created specially for you dear community. A new staff has took over the project and we are looking to improve a bit the features, lets say, we are making them a bit more modern, since most of you got families, real job, but however, you are still passionate about L2. Well, let me tell you a secret, we have the same passion as you, some people call it addiction, but sounds better passion :P We would like to inform you guys that our
  10. Sounds interesting, a low-mid server Where is the server location?
  11. Hey we're playing on L2Conflict New HighFive server opened on 4 April Clan Name Evolution PM Inflames for in game!
  12. Try the official, is amazing I swear. Ertheia changed L2 a lot but in good.
  13. You can check www.lineage2khaos.com server is off but I wait for this too