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Found 23 results

  1. Im doing that share because many of you messaged me for RIP Requests. LIVE PREVIEW: https://www.l2mafia.net/ https://lineage2dex.com/ http://playorbis.pro/ https://www.chronosworld.com/ http://l2pw.com/ https://www.l2devil.ws/ http://www.l2macabro.com.br/ LINEAGE II DEX LINEAGE II MACABRO LINEAGE II MAFIA LINEAGE II ORBIS LINEAGE II CHRONOS WORLD LINEAGE II PW LINEAGE II DEVILS Upvote - Thanks - Like DOWNLOAD
  2. Nexus x25 HF on the official platform! Lineage2dex team prepares for you new summer server with PvP orientation. HF which based on the official platform. We deliver a huge international online and high quality! Prepared a large-scale world wide advertising campaign. On the same server you will see the clans and players from Latin America, Europe, CIS and Asia. We have the best technical equipment and our specialists are ready to provide comfortable gameplay, and high-quality support to players in many languages. About the Nexus x25 A few words and features of the new server, the full concept will be published later. Opening date July 1 Beta Test Start June 17 Rate x25 Alt + B Buffer Alt + B Gatekeeper Auto-learning for skills Skills Books 81+ in the GM shop The possibility of buying all professions, Sub-Class and Noblesse Mana potions 2 week cycle for Olympiad so hero status each 2 weeks Craft Farm-PvP zone Reward in Euro for the capture of castles Regular game events for solo players with a real money prize We are happy to see your suggestions and wishes for the new server. Leave them in the discussion section: http://forum.lineage2dex.com/index.php?categories/169/ Interesting ideas will be implemented, and their authors will be rewarded! Migration Wrath x5 players on the new server! August 1st migration of all players Wrath x5 will be held on the new server! Together with the strengthened advertising company it surely give to us hundreds of new fresh players who will be ready to join the fight for dominance in the server! When migrating we will remove all epic jewelry, ToDs, adena, clans, hero status and the names of the characters will be added _wr at end. Renaming for characters with a prefix will be carried out free of charge. Migration will involve the characters which received 3 profession. SubClass and Nobless status will be saved, as well as the rest of the equipment.
  3. Selling Adena on L2dex Nexus 1 bill - 3.5€ You can add me on skype for faster service: z00pie edit: 7b left
  4. stock : 4 billion adena price : 0.20 euro per 1 billion adena payment system: webmoney / payza icq: 664111469 skype: werman.ua Languages: Eng/Rus You can pm me there.
  5. As the title says, I'd like to sell some chars in Hell 30x server. Doombringer 85 with 3 subclass and skills, noblesse SE 83 Titan 83 50% Spoiler 83 TH 82 70% Soulhound 82 Storm Screamer 85 Saggitarius 85 Warlock 81 50% PM Me with details if you are interested.
  6. im selling adena on new l2ru/dex project Hell x30 h5 server. fast and secured transactions. best price on the market. stock:40bil ++ contact me here via pm or on skype:ecstasy36
  7. WTS CHEAP ACCOUNTS ON L2-DEX ARION SERVER Server Name: L2 DEX - Arion Server Chronicle: High Five Server Rates: 5x LOW PRICES, FAST TRADES - NO SCAM! PRICES: 15 - 25 $ / Account + Pass + email ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Class: Shillien Knight (SK) Level: (3rd class) Equipment: A grade Set Premium Account: Yes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Class: Destroyer (Titan) Level: (3rd class) Equipment: A grade Set Premium Account: Yes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Class: Abyss Walker (AW) Level: (3rd class) Equipment: A grade Set Premium Account: Yes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Class: Warcryer (COV) Level: (3rd class) + COV Equipment: A grade Set Premium Account: Yes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Class: Bladedancer (BD) Level: (3rd class) Equipment: A grade Set Premium Account: Yes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Class: Elven Elder (EE) Level: (3rd class) Equipment: A grade Set Premium Account: Yes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LOW PRICES, FAST TRADES - NO SCAM! PRICES: 15 - 25 $ / Account + Pass + email >>> PayPal Payment <<< For more info - PM SKYPE: sierra1392 Soon, more classes and more adena will be added!
  8. Nanna x75 Interlude Opening in Jan 23 2015 at 19:00 (+3 UTC) & server Description: Open Data: Jan 23 2015 18:00 (+3 UTC) Server time: +3 UTC Server platform: PTS Creators: www.lineage2dex.com Attention! The concept of the game world may have changes, corrections and additions. SERVER RATES: EXP/SP: x75 Adena: x75 Seal Stone: x10 Drop (chance): х30 Spoil: x15 The number increases depending on chance, and only for items: resources Raid Bosses:EXP/SP: х5Drop: х5Epic RB: x1Quest:Drop: increased rate for some quests Reward (adena/exp/sp): x10 GAMEPLAY: Multybox - 9. Max number of boxes started from one computer. PIN system - you need to create "second password" to each char on your account. Start equip: Standard NCSOFT set Shot's no-grade suppliesNo-grade equip (for magic classes "Devotion" set; for fighters - "Wooden" set)Additional items for a comfortable startAutomatic learning all the skills of the character.Autoloot.Weight limit increase two times.CursedWeapon active from server start.Block Buff - skill blocking buffs on your char. Mana potion regen 1.500 MP and have cooldown 12 seconds. Can't be use on olympiad.Potions automatic use: NPC Buffer & Buff book: Class learn: [*]Subclass: [*]Nobless status: [*]Raid boss respawn, drop and they level: [*]Epic boss respawn: [*]Removed limit players to enter the dungeon to Valakas (limit on the official server 200 players) [*]Murder limit time of Scarlet van Halisha - 1 hour. [*]Offline trade: [*]Additional opportunities for PK players: [*]Clan halls: [*]Seven signs: [*]Castle sieges: [*]Grand Olympiad: [*]Main Store: [*]Ingame menu: [*]Useful game commands: [*]Primeval Isle location: GateKeeper in Rune, can teleport to Primeval Isle. Cost 200.000 aden GateKeeper, that placed on isle have function to teleport you in Rune Town. Cost 200.000 aden [*]Augmented weapon can be trade or you can sell it at market. [*]Limit of Adena and SP - considering features chronicles PTS server code and client side, in the limit of the standard 2 147 483 647. That is why we have introduced adena chest, so you can convert currency and store it in a more convenient format. Be careful - if you have reached the limit of Adena and try to top it - Aden reset to 0 (may be other options)! Take care of her safety and convert each 1,000,000,000 adena to adena chest! This is not the fault of the server, a limit established NCSOFT, it changed only chronicles Gracia Final [*]Additional currency server: Adena chest - chest with adena. The store is available to two-way exchange adena <> 1 Adena chest. Tear of Devotion - Donat currency. Currency specialty store. Get this currency possible by donations project for its progression.(How to make a donation?) How to get A/S-Grade recipes: On many of these projects, you are greeted by a specialized farm locations with special "coins". But why? Content Lineage2 rife, that is why we have retained, simplified the well-known "classic", the famous mining methods top gear. When you get this constant rivalry for top locations in the world Lineage2. Examine carefully the following information and changes. You can buy A-Grade equip recipes from NPC Nanna with adena and ancient adena. You can get S-Grade recipes, with the traditional way - Quests: Recipes for weapons S-Grade : - Relics of the Old Empire (Imperial Tomb) - Broken Relic Part - can be traded with other players - Gather the Flames (Forge of the Gods) - Torch - can be traded with other players Recipes and key materials for armor S-Grade: - Alliance with Varka Silenos + War with Ketra Orcs (Hunting in Ketra Orc Outpost location) - Nepenthes Seed - can be traded with other players - Alliance with Ketra Orcs + War with Varka Silenos (Hunting in Varka Silenos Post location) - Horn of Buffalo - can be traded with other players
  9. Greetings people I sell my DoomCryer lvl 79 + Sub Titan 78 (Noblesse) with Cov, Magnus and Chant Gate Server: Lineage.ro (Dex) LIONNA 7x Payment via Paypal Price: 110 Euro 60 Euro Equipment or Items: Nothing but you can also buy A -Armor and S-Weapon for extra payment from me if you wish. PS: Premium Rune including Note: You will get the Account including E-Mail which was registered only for the Doomcryer account! So you will have full access. if you are interested pm me here at maxcheaters.
  10. Greetings ladies and gentlemen Lionna 7x - Lineage2dex.com I have the following Items for sale - DC robe set +6 = 40€ - - DC robe set +0 = 20€ - - Homunculus +14 = 25€ - - Majestic Heavy set +0 = 20€ - - Tallum heavy set +0 = 20€ - - Draconic Bow (Focus) +3 = 50€ - There is a possibility for a discount if you buy more than 1 item. If you are interested contact me via pm i will answer you fast as possible. payment: via Paypal
  11. Hello peeps! Once again ima do some adena sales :) Atm i can sell you some adena and soon some chars on l2dex - lionna 7x server. Adena rate atm is: 7€/100kk or 0.7€ for 10kk adena. Please contact me here or skype:bazinga110 The payment is Paypal only. Have a great game!
  12. Hello , items for sale Armors: - IC SET + SHIELD +++ - MAJOR ARCANA SET +++ - DRACO SET - TALLUM HV SET +++ - DC ROBE SET +++ - TALLUM ROBE SET +++ - TT JEAWELS SET +++ - BO/MJ JEAWELS +++ Weapons - ARCANA MACE +6 ACUMEN - ARCANA MACE +2 ACUMEN - DRACO BOW CLEAN - DUAL S +4 - GUARDIAN SWORD +10 - AOBE + 10 - LANCE +10 Offer pm's , only paypal accept cheers !
  13. Adena: 1kkk - 2euros 50% - 1 euro - Have 15kkk in stack Equipment: Vesper Robe set 900+ attribute resist 4 euros Vesper Light set 120+ attribute resist 3 euros Dynasty Mace +3 Acumen 300 Fire 5 euros Dynasty Staff +3 Acumen 300 Water 5 euros Striped shirts +4 CP 1 euro Bracelet S grade 1 euro Vorpal/Vesper Jewlery depends what you need Any S weapon with SA 150 0,5 euro Any S84 Weapon depends which one you need Noble Vesper Robe set - full Master work 1800 attribute resist (Only offers, this set aint cheap) 40 euros! Fix price cannot go lower! Characters: Any char/Any lvl you need it, special orders for nobles characters. Price depends on how fast you need it done! Payment only via Moneybookers at this moment!
  14. WTS adena 1kkk - 3 EUR, stock 10kkk +++ Frintezza Necklace +4 Baium Ring +4 2 x Zaken Earring 2 x Vorpal Heavy Set (1200 attri +) 3 x Vorpal Robe Set (900 attri +) 2 x Vorpal Light Set (900/1200 attri +) Vesper Shaper 300 SA (oe +++) Carnium Bow 300 SA (oe +++) Vesper Bow 300 Vesper Caster + acumen Perial Duals SA 300 2 x Dynasty Crusher 300 SA Trick 85/75/75/80 skills +10/25 BD 85/75/75/75 Saggi 85/75/75/75 skills +30 EE 85/75/75/75 skills +10/15 2 x Destro 80+ SK with SOS 83+ 9 characters for low zaken (equipped) PM HERE OR ON SKYPE !!!
  15. Sell list: Armors: - Majestic Heavy set 3 euros - Nightmare light set 3 euros - Dc robe set 5 euros - Tallum Heavy set 5 euros - IC set unsealed +3 all 30 euros Jewlery: - TTS Jewlery set +3 8 euros SOLD - TTS Jewlery set +3 all 8 euros - TTS Jewlery set +3 all 8 euros - TTS separated parts each 2 euros Weapons: - Draconic Bow +7 40 euros SOLD - Arcana Mace +6 211 M attack 40 euros SOLD! - Naga Storm (SA CD) 4 euros - Draconic bow (SA Focus) 20 euros TOD/Adena: - 1000 TOD 16 euros (fix price) - 2kkk = 4 euros Chars: - You can order/ask for any char any lvl, sub nobl, all available and possible price will be decided after!
  16. Hello, I'm selling a private Lineage 2 bot + gift util if windows limited(more box) if you are intrested add me on skype : ITZMABO ICQ:665499059 :good sir: Discount for Cp(constant pt) & clans!! ===== lineage 2 bot lineage ii bot lineage li bot
  18. Hello WTS adena on Arion x5 HF (l2dex+defo+lineage.ru) add me on skype Zintax4 Adena price 16 euro/400.000.000(400kk) 4e=100kk 5 euro/100.000.000(100kk) Stock 400kk+ >>> Add me on skype Zintax4 <<< Paypal My old thread: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/171763-wts-adena-wrath-x5-l2dex-lineagero/ http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/175456-wts-adena-averiaws-x7-cheap-1bil8e
  19. WTB big stock of Adena on L2DexBr10x 5kkk + Epics Also top items ( when will appear )
  20. Hello WTS adena on lineage2dex.com(lineage.ro) Wrath X5 HF add me on skype Zintax4 Adena price 25 euro /1.700.000.000(1.7kkk) Stock 0kk >>> Add me on skype Zintax4 <<< Paypal
  21. WTS Items l2dex(Lineage.ro) Wrath x5 HF Skype Zintax4 Morai Leather set 900 = 10 Euro Sold Mithril Belt = 10 Euro Sold +3 Vesper Shooter(bow) with SA 155att = 40 Euro Sold Vorpal 2xEarring+ring = 10 Euro Sold WTS Trickster(Arbalester) 84(50%) +12 skills Hell knife LS Decreases skills reuse time Olymp Necklace+ring 3 sub-classes+79 inq Paypal PM or Skype Zintax4 Cheap
  22. WTS Trickster(Arbalester) 84(50%) +12 skills 3 sub-classes+79 inq +3 Vesper Shooter with SA 155att Morai Leather set 900 Olymp Necklace+ring Vorpal 2xEarring+ring Mithril Belt Hell knife LS Decreases skills reuse time A lot Olymp tokens WTS all in one, not just items. Paypal Offers PM or Skype Zintax4 Cheap
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