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  1. New website:
  2. Dynasty robe set Dynasty light set MA robe set DC robe set Mj heavy set Tl heavy set Mj light set Mj robe set TTS sets Zaken Antharas Baium Tezza AM acu 150 or not HD DLE*tallum DLE + Tallum Vesper caster acu Icarus spirit acu Adena pm here, if someone interested in something else also pm here
  3. Setup: MELEE (PAL, TH, GLAD + Support pack) + Epic farm pack (destro dyn crush) + all out of pt sup (cat, pp, dods, sos etc) PRIME TIME: monday - friday 18:30 - 00:00 gmt+1 (weekends we play also, but not asking for commitment, only commited to events like epics, sieges etc) We are looking for sws, ee, bish for more info, skype: or pm in forum or PM ingame: "didoweeee "EddyQQ "Sraj "Barsota
  4. Hi, im selling adena on server from topic title: server Phoenix x7 Got 27kkk for sale price depends on amount - pm me. Payment via Paypal.
  5. Don't buy scammed items - it will be deleted soon.
  6. As I said before - scammed items. Everything will be tracked and deleted by GM - investigation is ongoing right now. Do not buy it lol
  7. Better do not buy it. All those items will be soon removed (by id's). Items are scammed, investigation is still on.
  8. Do you plan to migrate for Gracia Final after some time ? :)
  9. WTB - adena - full items (major arcana set, tts jewels, ic set) pm
  10. WTS adena 1kkk - 3 EUR, stock 10kkk +++ Frintezza Necklace +4 Baium Ring +4 2 x Zaken Earring 2 x Vorpal Heavy Set (1200 attri +) 3 x Vorpal Robe Set (900 attri +) 2 x Vorpal Light Set (900/1200 attri +) Vesper Shaper 300 SA (oe +++) Carnium Bow 300 SA (oe +++) Vesper Bow 300 Vesper Caster + acumen Perial Duals SA 300 2 x Dynasty Crusher 300 SA Trick 85/75/75/80 skills +10/25 BD 85/75/75/75 Saggi 85/75/75/75 skills +30 EE 85/75/75/75 skills +10/15 2 x Destro 80+ SK with SOS 83+ 9 characters for low zaken (equipped) PM HERE OR ON SKYPE !!!
  11. free items for each transaction, up up up