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  1. LIVE server start Will be on Friday 11th of September 2020 at 19:00 GMT+2. BETA TEST start Will start on Saturday 22nd of August 2020 at 14:00 GMT+2. More information on our website: Next informations (about server and rates) will be in new topic for 2020 project.
  2. It has been over 10 months since the launch of Grand Elmore 2019 and there are growing questions about the 2020 project. After several team meetings, we have come to the decision we want to present to you today.
  3. Weekend XP/SP Boost Event from Friday 6th of December 20:00 GMT+2 to Sunday 8th of December 23:59 GMT+2 adds 30% EXP and SP to all players! (stackable with VIP and vote rune) Quick server info: - l2off - Gracia Epilogue - rates x10 - over 1400 unicate players per day - great and stable community - top 10 on vote portals - daily olympiad (with h5 quests!) - daily mass pvp - stable economy More informations: What do the each new characters get? - VIP for free for 3 days! - Bonus Start Event pack containing: - Time limited equipment C and low B grade (durability 15 days) - 15x Fresh milk which gives one-hour buffs - 5x Chocolate Cookie (replenishes full vitality) - 1x Vitality Maintaining Potion - 6x Extra Entrance Pass - Near (Rim) Kamaloka - 3x Extra Entrance Pass - Kamaloka (Hall of the Abyss) - 3x Extra Entrance Pass - Kamaloka (Labyrinth of the Abyss)
  4. Our server Grand Elmore celebrates 2 months since its launch. Last Saturday we have achieved our historical maximum online of 2235, Congratulations! Grand Elmore is definitely the most successful project we have ever launched on We thank everybody for your support, we will continue to work hard on the server so that you continue to enjoy it. To celebrate two-months since server launch, we have prepared a small surprise for each character level 40+ which you will receive today (no later than midnight). Your Team
  5. Hello, server have after almost 2 months great, stable and strong community and start play is a super easy! Each new character have 3 days free VIP trough newbie boost event (stacklable with event bellow)! This Weekend will be XP/SP Boost Event and FB Contest from friday 8th of November 20:00 GMT+2 to sunday 10th of November 23:59 GMT+2 extra 30% EXP and SP to all players FB Contest We have prepared a small contest for you. Your participation will help promote the site and at the same time you have the opportunity to receive a reward in the form of Elmore Coins. More information about contest is on our facebook Each of the 5 people selected randomly will get 1000 EC reward. The random draw will take place on the Live stream using a random generator. The competition ends on Sunday 10th of November 2019 at 14:00 GMT + 2
  6. Dear players, At Sunday 13th of October 2019, we celebrated 30 days from the Grand Elmore launch. At saturday we exceeded the maximum online from year 2017 when we had 2015 players online, the new maximum of is 2121 online! Thank you all for your goodwill it is a great feeling to be with you :) Bonus start event is ongoing! Each new character gets this for free: - 3 DAYS VIP ON NEWLY CREATED CHARACTER! - 10x Fresh Milk (one hour buffs) - 3x Chocolate Cookie (full vitality) - 15 DAY time limited C and low B equip Here is a video from Gludio/Schutt massacre:
  7. The server Grand Elmore has been with us for three weeks and is doing great. On Sunday 6th of October 2019 the first season of the Olympiad ended, so server now have a first heroes. - Based on long term run, so is no late to join us! - Over 1900 unique HWIDs daily! - International community, no paid clans! - Server is still growing and gets new people! - No fake online, no fake characters! Facebook: Discord: About server: Server statistic - you can track everything!: This is how castle sieges looks like every castle was taken and was a lot of pvp This is how daily PVP in fog looks like - a lot of people fight for best spots!
  8. So after a few days, we have decided to share some interesting info about our server. After a tough start, we have a great community from all over the world. Locations and towns are full, pvp & farming is on a daily basis, the market is expanding and the fact is that we are still growing. Over 1900 unique HWIDs daily! International community, no paid clans! Server is up for two weeks No fake online, no fake characters! So if you are looking for long run project with a lot of fun and you're tired from being fooled you're at the right place. Facebook: Discord: About server: Server statistic - you can track everything!: This is how daily AQ looks like[/url] This is how Cabrio looks like - a lot of chars daily waiting to make a subclass