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  1. WTB the following on Naia: - Bloody heavy set +6+++ - Frenzied tauti one hand axe - AQ soul/baium soul / wyrm ring -Talismans - 7s / Insanity or Logging
  2. Looking to buy the following : Character - WL / Titan - 81+ (with subs and certs learned) (with or without gear) Epics - Baium/AQ/Tezza/Antharas Dynasty Robe Set - x2 Dynasty Mace - x2 AM+Acumen x 2 1pc Draco set x2 pcs Adena Items that worth adena Let me know the price and we can discuss .
  3. This is the best L2 private server I've played for years . There is no corruption ! This is a big deal when it comes to private servers. Donation system is balanced and it's not affecting gameplay at all . The Blood Stones system is awesome , first I said that it might not be what I am looking for but to be honest , after I tried it , it's one of the best custom future that an L2 private server has to offer. GM's are very helpful and they are doing a great job in keeping the server updated and without bugs . I would encourage everyone that is looking for a nice private server to join and have fun .
  4. One of the best servers I've played . Small but great community and new people join everyday . The best thing is that there are no donations so this a a huge plus from me .
  5. I am looking to buy items/epics on L2 shrine . Only interested in item S80+ grades. Let me know what you got and we can discuss .
  6. I'm looking to buy l2shrine adena or items that can be easily sold for adena. Pm me and we can discuss on the price and how much you have . Thank you
  7. Set bought. Still looking for a weapon
  8. Looking to buy the following items on Naia: Eternal robe set , full atrib , +0...+6 Amaranthine retributer +acumen (or caster) Leave me a message if you have the items and we can discuss on the price
  9. Bought and was satisfied the only comment I will have is that you will need to be prepared to buy all exp buffs if you want to get the result he states in his post . Other then that trusted seller +1 .
  10. He is not answering that's why i posted.
  11. I'm looking to buy power level on Naia . I will pay by paypal only if you are an old member and have been recommended otherwise please do not contact me . At the moment I'm 65 and looking to get the char to 95 and maybe continue if the price is ok . Just drop me a message with a price and the time required to get it there. Thank you
  12. I'm looking to buy a Doom Cryer and a Titan account on Dex (Wrath server). I'm not interested in his equip but if you have a good price I will think about it . Only if you can provide all the detail of the account . Payment only through PayPal.
  13. Hello , I would like to buy the following items : -Dark/Bloody Eternal Light Set + 16 ++++ - Bought -Elemental Shirt +10 - Bought -Boss Jwl Set ( B. Antharas , Lindvior , B. Valakas , Earthwyrm , Tauti ) -Venir's Talisman lvl 24 -Dimensional Bracelet lvl 6 - Str. - Bought I would prefer if you have paypal and also recommendations from other trades . I can provide them if needed . Thank you
  14. *update Elegia robe +25 Bought Full boss+25 (valakas,antharas,zaken,baium,beleth) Sacredium+acumen+25 (or other equal weapon) Bought Tattoo wiz+25 Bought Still WTB: Elegia Light+25 (full atribute will be better) Dual Mamba +25 (full atribute will be better) Full boss+25 (valakas,antharas,zaken,baium,beleth)
  15. WTB THE FOLLOWING ITEMS: Elegia robe +25 Full boss+25 (valakas,antharas,zaken,baium,beleth) Sacredium+acumen+25 (or other equal weapon) Tattoo wiz+25 Don't expect to make a fortune on them , if you have crazy prices sell them but not to me . If you do not talk english please do not contact me .