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  1. WTS FULL NOBLESSE CHAR - SOULTAKER 80, MM 80, OVER 80 DC SET, TT SET+3, AM+3 acu passive mdef, homu active empower
  2. Noblesse Domi with BP,SPS,Necro subs DC set TT set Daimon + acu
  3. For now I have these things to offer : AM+11 DC set +9/8/8/6 TT SET +8/8/7/7/7 PM me here if u are interested
  4. i had valakas in my inventory, i saw the pvp better than u who rather go oly XDDD
  5. braindead nextwave moron, obvious XD
  6. just shut up delusional favela boy, stop sucking this zeus retards dick, full pvp server? OMEGALUL, GM is professional? he cannot fix basic issues cuz he is braindead 10 iq cripple who wants to milk it as much as he can. No pay to win? U can literally buy bews for fking donate, lag exist for 2-3 sec? u mean 20-30? you can keep waiting for your braidnead retard to update it, he had 5 weeks to do it and he didnt do a single thing. and no numbers dont grow, infact they decrease
  7. idk if u are being sarcastic or not. i played many servers where the amount of players were more than here and there was no lag from server side. which side are u from? or what is ur nick so i can verify what delusional person im talking to
  8. I think its important to note that during this pvp you spoke of, every skill had 30 sec delay, because Zeus is way too lazy to invest thousands of euros that he made on donates back into his server. The server is running for 3 weeks and the lag still has not been resolved. And im sure im not the only one who is getting disgusted by this approach, im sure you agree with me.
  9. Most of his work is necessary for l2 to be playable today. The fact that zeus does everything to prevent it is dumb. Im not even getting started on his protection, he halved the population of his server jsut due to his bullshit gameguard system that actually does more harm than good
  10. now i would give you my opinion. this server is utter dogshit with an admin who has no idea what he is doing, he bans people because they disagree with his trash opinions, he is unable to use proper files, he would rather use l2jfrozen files and cause lag on mass pvp because he is a retard who has no idea how to handle a server. if you speak out against these lags on VIP chat he will pm u saying ''this is your final warning, haters dont have a place on warland''. Highly suggest to refund all donations made here
  11. AM + ACU +10 DC SET +6 TTS SET +7/7/7/6/6