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Found 24 results

  1. I don't know if this is client or server bug, so I posted on both places (I know I shouldn't). So a title for any player should show up blue, but it only shows blue to the owner of that Character, to everyone else around him his title show's in black, as for everyone else but yourself. Only characters are affected, NPC's and others are not affected. I'm running Acis 370.
  2. WTB 2x 1x Feoh accounts on Core. Can be dualclass as well. Preferably without gear, but brooch jewels / shirt / talisman included. Budget is 180 EUR 300 EUR for both, price depends on the level / equipment. I am old member here and mostly doing private trades, so first the account -> then the money. In case you wish we can use official and known middleman. Thanks!
  3. Hello, i am currently selling this character on Innova's Ramona Server (4Game) Elf Yul Moonlight Sentinel Lv. 99 with 13 Ability Points Dual class: Lv. 93 Tyrr Titan And x 2 Subclass Lv. 80 (has chaos essence in wh) Kept pre-awakening skills: Rapid Shot & Rapid Fire Items: 5 slots brooch Ruby Lv. 3 & Obsidian Lv. 3 Exalted: Hellbound 8k quest done 80 days premium account left Price: 100 eur Also taking offers Payment method: Paypal For fastest/instant response add me on Skype: devling2 Or use this button: My reaction time to answer messages on this forum may take longe
  4. Hello Guys , As title saying i have a wind rider to sell on l2 era with vorpal leather set ,vesper dual daggers +6 300att,2kkk of adena,2 skills on +30 Price: 10EUR
  5. Im quitting server and selling everything i have (Adena , items , Spoiler lvl 50 +) , for more info pm me here or add me on skype : balcyre@hotmail.com
  6. Account: Tyrant female good name lvl 48 and 88% Great pata +3, Plated leather set +3, C jewelry partly top C, 2 divine blessing, lots of spell books including break durres, 122k blessed soulshots 4.5kk adena (bunch of other stuff) On the same account Overlord female good name lvl 49 and 68% Full plate set, d jewelry, pa'agrios rage. 60 days sub left. Even tho the characters are not that high level the account has a lot of stuff on it and 62 day sub also the tyrant has 2 divine blessing so it's actually about level 51. so I'm asking 100 euro for it and everything on it is yours. Payment
  7. Spectral dancer 84 all skills +10 (2nd class) / +7-10 (3rd class) - Noble - Subs 79/77/76 3rd class all - Moirai heavy 1080 att (breastplate 120x3 +6) - Dyna crusher rsk focus 150 - Forgotten blade 150 - Tallu blade*DLE 150 - Dynasty halberd critical stun 150 - Moirai jewels - Staff of evil spirits - Frintezza cloak - Infinity Global Rune + Infinity Crystal rune PM here offer, paypal only
  8. Server: L2Mid Rates: 15x Chronicle: Interlude Available Items: Character level 79/80: Account+email lvl 79/80 = 15 euro DC Robe Set Unsealed: 15 euro BULK SALE: Account+email (level 79/80) + DC Set = 25 euro Trusted, fast and flexible!
  9. WTB Bishop/Cardi 73+ Character account Add skype mil3k252
  10. WTS Aeore Cardinal lvl 100 99dual 16 ap in Innova core or trade for adena items any ncwest server or core or $ paypal skrill add my skype killuminatijr
  11. WTS geared Pheonix Knight lvl 85 with Nobless and cerifications + important skills +30 - 30 euro -Vesper Noble Heavy Foundation +6 / 1800 -Claw of Destruction Masterwork +5 + SA / 300 geared Moonlight Sentinel lvl 85 with Nobless and cericitaions + every important skill +30 - 30 euro -Skull Bow +8 + SA + 300 + passive pvp -Vorpal Light +6 / 1800 {PVP} geared Trickster lvl 85 with Nobless and ceritifactions + important skills +30 rest +20 - 15 euro -Vorpal Light +4 / 1800 -Vesper Crossbow +4 + SA / 300 {PVP} There is possibility of buying only items. for more detailed info or
  12. Quitting l2:) Add me on Skype: ~~~xxx ~~~ if interested (PM me here if you do...) I use Paypal:) The char: ST lvl 77. Noblesse. I have a 50+ BD sub. MJ set almost complete:) DLE common weapon:( --- 1 BEAS... 4 EAS...FB edges...1 TTS neck rec...many mats (I created buy shops to get mats for 2 X FB craft) ... --- probably 50kk++ adena (have many dwarfs...didnt count all adena) --- 6 BOGs. --- 1 BLUE SC lvl 12 :) --- 1 wolf lvl 53 (good for sub) The highest bid wins:). Any questions ask here. Thanks! Good luck!
  13. Lineage 2 Official - Megmeld WTS Aeore Cardinal - 85 lvl - Event Imortal Gear WTS Otell Adventure - 90 lvl - Event Imortal Gear (Dual Yul Ghost Sentinel) Pm me for more details
  14. Hello on our auction L2mid x25 interlude character lvling LEVELING CHARACTER OF YOUR CHOICE ON l2Mid x25 interlude 1-78 for 10euro! Like in the topic - adena in game Lineage 2 on L2mid interlude x25 (l2mid.com) For 10 euro You getting 1x character 78lvl(You choose class, gender, nickname, hairstyle etc) HOW TO ORDER LEVELING 1.Make an account on L2mid.com 2. Send us you login info on skype 3. in 6-24hour you enjoy your new character *An option, we can offer also make subclass+lvling, nobless and hero(more info skype) WARRANTY OF SECUIRITY -We are exeperienced t
  15. Adena: 1kkk - 2euros 50% - 1 euro - Have 15kkk in stack Equipment: Vesper Robe set 900+ attribute resist 4 euros Vesper Light set 120+ attribute resist 3 euros Dynasty Mace +3 Acumen 300 Fire 5 euros Dynasty Staff +3 Acumen 300 Water 5 euros Striped shirts +4 CP 1 euro Bracelet S grade 1 euro Vorpal/Vesper Jewlery depends what you need Any S weapon with SA 150 0,5 euro Any S84 Weapon depends which one you need N
  16. Hi I have to sell 1.1b adena on shilen server price 25 eur. or 2.5 eur per 100 milions Account with character: Main : Sigel Shillien Templar lvl 99 Dualclass: Wynn Elemental Master lvl 99 other sub lvl 80 Items on this account: Vesper Noble Heavy set Eternal heavy set +6 / Istina shirt +5 Jewels : 2x Ceremony of chaos earrings, Frintezza Necklace, Istina necklace, istina ring / 9 istina cristals Talisman Desire Wepons : Specter Cutter +5 Health+Haste 300 attrib. Specter Retributer +5 Acumen 300 attrib. Chaos Essence for change class Mail me offers marcinpaty63@gmail.
  17. Hello, I am no longer playing lineage 2 but i have a stock of adena and some crappy items from previous playing on Core server which i would like to sell. I can offer a 8,6 b stock of adena price is 37 euros for 1 billion or 3,7 euros for 100kk ( Im not selling less , im sorry) I Can also offer my main char Yul Ghost Sentinel 99, Sub shillen templar 99, other subs 80/80 - without gear only cloaks,bracelets and other untradable stuff left because i sold items for adenas. Price of the account is 50 euros. I am accepting only and only family gifts . Because i would like to
  18. 96yul close to 97 yul moonlight sentinel: death sting, rapid shot, rapid fire, detection kept 3 subs: 85othel wind rider and the other 2 subs are 80 goes with full event gear (with bow) all lv4 att active skills refresh, celestial, heal augments
  19. Π​​ριν από μερικές ημέρες, ένας φίλος από τα πολύ παλιά, ο Στρατής Στρατήγης μου έδωσε ένα κείμενο στα αγγλικά και ελληνικά, από την Encyclopedia Britannica, το οποίο περιγράφει τον χαρακτήρα των Ελλήνων. Το βρήκα εξαιρετικά ενδιαφέρον και επίκαιρο (λόγω των αποτελεσμάτων των εκλογών), το οποίο θέλω να μοιραστώ μαζί σας. Μια παράκληση μόνο. Εστω και αν σας φαίνονται κοινοτοπίες, διαβάστε μέχρι το τέλος γιατί εκεί σας περιμένει μια έκπληξη. «Παρά τη σύνθετη προέλευσή τους, την ευρεία γεωγραφική εξάπλωσή τους και τα κοσμοπολίτικα ένστικτά τους, οι σύγχρονοι Ελληνες είναι ένας αξιοσημείωτα ομ
  20. WTS Iss Doomcryer - Orc female Main Level 99 70% 14 SP points +85% +7 Chaos Symphony, Cancel, Angel's Touch, Polymorph +4 Quick Scape Fishing skills max level Dual Level 96 40% Old tank reflect kept Rudolph Agathion Tallisman - Hellfire 167 Energy of Destruction 132k Mentee's mark 135k Oly tokens 112k Fame Full infos, transfer avaliable, possibility to reroll it to Iss Dominator. The character is currently on Magmeld server. WTS for $ or negotiable for adena/items. Skype: fkdat92
  21. Selling characters on Lineage 2 Evoke x5 Interlude Every Character is on separate Accounts. After payment im givin login+password for character and login+password for their mail. ~ EE 70 lvl Sold ~ WC 60 lvl Sold ~ Craft 48 lvl ~ Spoil 44 lvl ~ Archer (PR) 68 lvl Paymant via Paypal Contact: Mail: Nevitan@hotmail.com Skype: xNilve
  22. WTS Items l2dex(Lineage.ro) Wrath x5 HF Skype Zintax4 Morai Leather set 900 = 10 Euro Sold Mithril Belt = 10 Euro Sold +3 Vesper Shooter(bow) with SA 155att = 40 Euro Sold Vorpal 2xEarring+ring = 10 Euro Sold WTS Trickster(Arbalester) 84(50%) +12 skills Hell knife LS Decreases skills reuse time Olymp Necklace+ring 3 sub-classes+79 inq Paypal PM or Skype Zintax4 Cheap
  23. WTS Trickster(Arbalester) 84(50%) +12 skills 3 sub-classes+79 inq +3 Vesper Shooter with SA 155att Morai Leather set 900 Olymp Necklace+ring Vorpal 2xEarring+ring Mithril Belt Hell knife LS Decreases skills reuse time A lot Olymp tokens WTS all in one, not just items. Paypal Offers PM or Skype Zintax4 Cheap