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  1. Server- innova core Class- Othell GH LVL- 103~104 Gear: Four lvl 4 brooches and few lvl 3 Pve Dual daggers +10 with 2SA and augu TW light set +11 full Jewels- AQ soul, tauti, Tezza soul, Blessed Zaken and Coc stun earing Tali hunter Tauti 2h axe 2 Augus- Giant critical weakness, and 15 % p critical damage (both very expensive augus) there are also 2 shirts +10 P.reflect, and a shiny elemental shirt +10 on the same account there are also many more chars 99 lvl for daily bosses etc. fore more info about quest etc pm me on forum or add me on skype: kubas92 Info for scammers and for people to be aware: allready 2 Belarussian guys tried to scam me with with the paypal invoice, they were very unpatient and angry, trying to convince me that they did send the money, both of them didn't know English, and then trying to tell me that im a scammer, dont even try to scam me, i know most of the tricks and its not my first time on the internet, cheers! here are their names on skype: Alexis-spelz229, the other one blocked me and i don't remember it.