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  1. Feeling sorry mate. I think more awareness about that piece of shit should be advertised. He goes smaller sums for which most of donators not care a lot until they are scammed. @Celestine
  2. I believe new system you introduced for Marketplace is a real game changer. Given the popularity of the market place and additional checks you provide and a list of verified Paypal accounts is a step forward in the services. Thank you for that! I see an extremely bright future for you. Also, fees should give additional revenue for the website. You have a low cost sellers and a good anti-scam system. Certainly a winner among Pufa (high prices, very basic scam list), FunPay (High fees for any deal) and others. Great work!
  3. Chill guys. I am okay. Was a temporary emotion after I got scammed but proved the scammer. I just say that reputation of providing evidence is more important for me. I am here for a good reason not to blame for $25. They are gone but the scammer hopefully is gone as well. Thank you for you service guys!
  4. I understand but he changed the paypal he sent me initially, the one in the scammer list and I had no proof. Reputation for me is worth $25. I will be better with a good one here and report or take the one for the team rather than allow him to scam someone else. +it is my second scam per month. So this guy is from Africa and he is operating with different accounts. He always reject middleman so by allowing middleman you can get rid of him.
  5. Really disappointed with Ugleethyn for making me check it myself and spending 25 USD. MC account: https://maxcheaters.com/profile/230345-krauterhumpen/ Skype: live:malyksiaze82 Paypals: owiTirose23@yahoo.com mzacharia233@gmail.com and other one he deleted from the chat, https://pix.my/Xi1g03
  6. WTS ADENA 0.55 from 400kkk+ ONLY, skype animeacc WTS PWLVL 1-80 PM DETAILS, ANY CHARACTER, YOUR CLEAN ACCOUNT.